• 9h 58m 24s
  • 33.87 miles
  • 17m 40s /Mi

Time: 9:58:32
Moving Time: 8:27:46
Elapsed Time: 9:58:53
Avg Pace: 19:15 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 16:20 min/mi
Best Pace: 5:55 min/mi

marking were terrible got lost so many one of the later aid stations had been with 3 other guys and the gal at the station asked if I wanted stretched I couldnt say no....course was toughElevation Gain: 6,178 ft
Elevation Loss: 6,362 ft
Min Elevation: 383 ft
Max Elevation: 967 ft.....but was more frustrating and drained you more getting lost so much....after the 5 min stretch the guys had pulled out and then we entered where the loose bull in field was to cut across there were no marking no flags and nobody around...I followed what looked like trail back and forth over fences back inside looking for footprints nothing no white flags after about 20 min I sat and cried there was no cell service i found one spot for a shot time and posted on FB hoping someone running it that was a mutual friend (they shoulda been close to being done by then!!!) would see it and send someone....then I decided to head back toward the aid station to see what to do or just quit at this point...i had already gone a couple miles off course earlier this didnt take a lot of miles as I just kept going up and down and around the damn pasture...finally as i headed back and saw the entry sign for the trail I thought well it look like a road at the very top of the hill but no trail nothing tracked down to look like people had gone but I thought maybe the property owner would be there and help? Of course they cant put signs in his pasture I found out because he doesnt approve but still allows us to cross his land and also the horses and bull have supposively eaten the flags at the top of the road Thank God was flags!! The others behind me all dropped which was only like 5. The bike sweeper was an ass....not possitive would tell me shit like they may have the next aid station closed....there was a 10 hour limit but last year they had 4 finish after 10...2 after 11 hours!! but this biker then would say you may not get to finish i said dude you better be finding out I have gotten lost so many fucking times sat in a horse and bull field full of shit crying because there were no markers and i didnt do all this to not finish when they allowed people to last year in huge time differences. So i got to the last aid station and with the asshat on the bike there I said to them...he told me you all would prolly be packed up they said oh no we wait for the last one unless its gonna be really late....and I said will they allow me to finish or will I DNF? They said you will be able to then i climbed another hill and here comes the asshat he says you made it up that one quick then says well the race started at 7:50 its now what ever time it was and said so you've been out here I said 9 hours and 51 minutes! he said well you better move those feet if you are gonna finish...i couldnt believe time i just stopped to stretch and he says...really hurtin now?? I said no just needed a stretch. Only issues were mental drainage which lead to physical tired...nothing too sore except my balls of my feet did blister. I came to the lake and I kicked its ass....ran my last 1/2 mile at a 9:23 pace just in spite of the asshat and i saw the clock I would rather have come in under 10 since that what the web site stated...even though I was over in mileage so were most everyone else. The RD is super nice...He knew there was big problems with the markings said last year they were everywhere...he apologized and I also told him about the bike sweeper i said you dont say those things to someone that been out there for almost 10 hours on what was suppose to be a 50K hell you dont say that to a runner thats out on a 10k!!!
Glad to be home and all in all it was a fun day gorgeous course....body feels good tonight except the balls of my feet

  • 2h 21m 22s
  • 10.01 miles
  • 14m 07s /Mi

gorgeous day low humidity cool temps....goal today was to be on my feet. yesterdays deep deep tissue massage and the bike have my muslces pretty tired...had a bruise on a spot we found a knot on but it feels better...still dealing with this right foot. Wanted to go 16 today but had Andi and she hasnt gone that far yet and my legs felt tired so we called it at 10

Bike #1
  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

spin class and circuit

Bike #2
  • 2h 22m 16s
  • 32.08 miles
  • 13.53 Mi/hr

had a super deep tissue again on the feet I think its gonna help! Gonna do one more next weds and thats 2.5 weeks out before attempting my accidental 100 I signed up with 42 days notice ha Good Stuff!! So I decided to bike for miles n munchies to let the massage work....Erin wanted to bike too since the 3rd she will be doing her first century ride as long as rain is not in the forecast...she is fair weather rider and thats ok :) So I took off and headed out the highway a bit till she let me know she was coming to town then we met and did 3 loops of the bridges while the other ran or walked...nice turn out tonight

  • 43m 27s
  • 4.05 miles
  • 10m 43s /Mi

bridges with erin

ran the bridges with erin came home and fixed lunch and planning on biking....Im still not 100%??? been 2 weeks now. Have crap coming up my throat and the lymph nodes on my neck are swollen again.....I try to just ignore it all. I finished the Zpak the doc changed me over to last friday. Now to decide if Im better off just relaxing or should I go ride? Tomorrow is spin class swim massage and run with miles n munchies in the evening.

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • -----

spin then circuit

  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

made it 45 min straight without getting bored to death!

  • 1h 03m 24s
  • 4.58 miles
  • 13m 50s /Mi

Andi to Lampblack...walked up the hill jogged back down felt pretty good still humid and lots of bugs!

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