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spin class

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dreadmill at incline at 12 for awhile then lower back started bothering me took it to 6 for awhile then just kept it at 3-4 for the remainder of the movie.

Very nervous and scardt right now....have to harden the fuck up for just 7 weeks and get thru this shoulder out of the tub and just pulling on my pants took me to my knees this evening. Maybe I made the mistake waiting till I couldnt wait any longer and have a ton of shit torn in there too...heck my other shoulder with the torn bicep and labrel tendon didnt feel this bad plus it had a bone spur and the ball and socket had a huge gap

Well I've put off this stupid right shoulder pain for a couple years knowing what the outcome was gonna be but now can barely put a shirt on and off and cant sleep on the right side and even running it is starting to bother me so I broke down and went to the Ortho. All that was needed was an xray and it showed an enormous bone spur...he offered a shot to help with the pain but the only way to fix it is to shave it off and hope when he gets in there where I have let it go and grow for so long that I havent tore any shit around it. I will suffer it out for another 7 ish weeks as i cant go have it done now and even think I would be able to do Zion 100 the first weekend of April...but I did tell him I had a marathon 3 weeks after the 100 and 6 in 7 days 6 ish weeks later....but I always have the Buts....the 6 in 7 days have no time limit and its the entire New England states and I HAVE to do even if he has to re attach anything I can speed walk those!! So I get back from Zion around midnight April 8th on the 9th i'll have the bloodwork done and then on the 10th at 6am go in for the surgery. I hate hate hate this cause shoulder surgery hurts so damn bad afterwards...I had my bicep and labrel reattached back in 05 as well as a bone spur and the ball and socket pulled back together and this is why i have been putting it off as long as I can...guess I always hope the shit will just go away. I didnt take the shot and I wouldnt take and pain meds now im questioning why i didnt go ahead and take the pain meds but i dont wanna start on them anyways...i have some strong ones in case my knee will need them for Zion so if i would start taking them now for my shoulder im afraid my body would get use to them and then if i got into too much pain at Zion and needed it it wouldnt be as effective?
Bike #1
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spin class

Bike #2
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sunday afternoon on expresso

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  • 12m /Mi

dreadmill - ran 2 walk 1 to try to keep myself entertained

  • 1h 00m
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  • 17m 08s /Mi

Slow walk on dreadmill at work...didnt want to get all sweay as I didnt bring any dry clothes and stuck working till 6

  • 30m

Upper body with Heather

  • AMT
  • 20m

EZ on AMT reading some study material, again didnt wanna get wet cause its cold in here when you are not moving around!

got the dogs this am, had to bank, ship a few items that sold, trained carolyn and finished my book. Little tender but thats expected. Tomorrow have to work 12-6 so will get a short dreadmill in, the EFX, 90 min of moping! then train carolyn and then heather and I will lift and prolly get a bike in there too
travel day home
  • 12h 18m 49s
  • 50.00 miles
  • 14m 46s /Mi

Time: 12:18:49
Moving Time: 11:26:00
not sure what I did for over 45 min....only went to potty 2-3 times and pretty much used that to lube up the ass and crotch damn it was chaffing!!! Had to go to my bag each loop too to get my vasoline. Tried to just grab and go at the aid stations on the course, had to stretch the hammie a couple times. I rolled both ankles and then had a hell of a trip towards the end in which something grabbed me and pulled me before I rolled into a wooden bridge or over in the swamp? Not bad for wanting to quit before mile 10 ha

  • RACE DAY: Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile

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