• 1h 05m 09s
  • 6.05 miles
  • 10m 46s /Mi

  • 50m 46s
  • 2.97 miles
  • 17m 05s /Mi
thought for sure the road to the fire tower woulda melted after yesterday getting close to 60 but was wrong! Andi and I headed that way (with no 4wheel drive) got to the road and the tire tracks from previous trucks etc had melted a path so I hoped it was like that all the way to the further out and nope totally ice,snow slush covered and deep but nowhere to turn around. Got almost to where the fireroad is and its a steep sharp turn on a hill and couldnt make the turn and kinda was stuck sideways for awhile. Had to figure out how to maneuver the car to get turned around in order to get off! That was fun....but I got off and didnt crash. Got back to town and grabbed a sandwich and took andi for just a walk since its so wet and slushy hard to run her in town in that. Heather and I r suppose to meet at 5 to do the bear run route

Run #1
  • 22m 11s
  • 1.04 miles
  • 21m 19s /Mi
Run #2
  • 1h 03m 31s
  • 6.07 miles
  • 10m 27s /Mi
run fail this morning...gorgeous outside and snow is gonna start to melt so thought Id take Andi to the forest...the forest road leading to the fire tower road which I like to do (8miles) it was still covered in ice and my car just couldnt make the climb so we headed to lampblack..last time it snowed they had that fire road open but it was due to hunting season so the fire road had been driven on by trucks and such so there was the tire path to run in, well now that hunting season is over that road is not open to traffic so there were no tracks at all. 6 inches left of pure snowy slush...we made it out just over half mile and turned back...walked/hiked and it was a workout on the legs for sure! Now home...made a sammie and hope to get my shit together and get atleast 5-6 in town this afternoon.

  • 5h 02m 07s
  • 26.07 miles
  • 11m 35s /Mi

  • RACE DAY: Mercedes Marathon
  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

spin class

  • -----
  • 6.00 miles
  • -----

dreadmill at incline at 12 for awhile then lower back started bothering me took it to 6 for awhile then just kept it at 3-4 for the remainder of the movie.

Very nervous and scardt right now....have to harden the fuck up for just 7 weeks and get thru this shoulder out of the tub and just pulling on my pants took me to my knees this evening. Maybe I made the mistake waiting till I couldnt wait any longer and have a ton of shit torn in there too...heck my other shoulder with the torn bicep and labrel tendon didnt feel this bad plus it had a bone spur and the ball and socket had a huge gap

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