flight delay then asked for volunteers had such a bad hangover and weather was bad not putting me into dayton till 9pm then 2.5 hour drive so I said yes! $300 voucher and free hotel room!
  • 4h 51m 10s
  • 26.46 miles
  • 11m /Mi

wow what a weekend!!! Had a super time with Haley and Kurt....drank 8 beers 2 martinis and 1 jelloshot on the course!

  • RACE DAY: Rock n Roll New Orleans
  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

spin class

  • 56m 13s
  • 4.45 miles
  • 12m 37s /Mi

Bike #1
  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

spin class

Bike #2
  • 27m 26s
  • 6.90 miles
  • 15.09 Mi/hr

Just finished riding Stump Puller on the Expresso bike. I rode 6.9 miles in 27:26 and burned 282 calories.

Bike #3
  • 03m 19s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 18.27 Mi/hr

Just set a personal best riding Rolling Thunder on the Expresso bike. I rode 1.0 miles in 3:19 and burned 47 calories.

Sport #1
  • AMT
  • 30m
Sport #2
  • Boot Camp Conditioning
  • 15m

  • 30m

lower body

got stuck working the whole day....well my choice. the boy that works was off saturday due to a basketball game...he played overseas some but i talked him into finishing his degree then going for it again...so we were closed saturday..i went and shoveled the snow that am.. but didnt do anything inside. we dont have staff sunday so yesterday he just sat the whole day, i was there training some folks and thought maybe he was just waiting to sweep and mop - were talking its mon and hadnt been done since friday and its been snowing muddy and salt tracking in everywhere...so this am i went in and its a disaster...he said he didnt feel good and was sore...im like dude tell me and i'll stay and work we cant not clean the floors or they wont come clean and im not paying you to sit the whole day. so this am i was mopping and cleaning and just told him to go ahead and take the day off as I couldnt leave the place looking like that till he got in at 1 and I wasnt gonna sweep and mop and clean for 2-3 hours and then pay him to sit for 5 so i just stayed the whole day. Got my legs done with heather when she came in but only cardio was 90 min of heavy mopping and 45 minutes cleaning and such.

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