• 25m
  • 3.10 miles
  • 08m 04s /Mi

Ran a quick 5k in the rain - back to a few hard workouts this week.

Taper starts friday!

  • 38m
  • 11.85 miles
  • 18.71 Mi/hr

Bike was hilly- lots of rolling up and down the same 30-40' hills over and over followed by a few gradual climbs and descents. I couldn't really get my legs going as well as I have been doing lately - I passed a single person, two people passed me. Later I found out I was the 12th person into T2!

  • 26m 26s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Into the run with rubber legs, I developed a really bad sidestitch at mile 1. This being a 'C' race, I walked for a minute and stopped until it went away. About 10 more people passed me, some shouted encouragement. I finally got rid of it after about 2 minutes and began to run the rest of the course.

About 200 yards from the finish line Matt passes me! He was running alot faster - I let him go for today =) Next time he won't get off so easy!

Total time: 1:21:46

About 20th overall
6th in AG (20-29)

Race report coming when I get all the info and official splits.

  • 14m 56s
  • 800.00 yards
  • 01m 52s /100 yards

Supposedly a half mile course - it was long, I was swimming hard and was the 10th person out of the water! I'm guessing it was closer to 1k.

  • 22m
  • 2.80 miles
  • 08m 09s /Mi

Went for a quick run in the rain from Jason's place. I'm not sure of the exact distance - Jason gave me a few quick running tips (he's a hella fast runner) so I now have some things to work on when I do my runs.

Race in 2 days! Hopefully I'll get a swim in tomorrow for 'feel'.

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  • 1h 20m
  • 25.56 miles
  • 19.17 Mi/hr

Took the bike from Jason's in Avon to the bear statue in Geneseo and back. It was a nice ride on the big shoulder of 39. Reminded me of my training back in 2003 for my first triathlon! I used to go from avon to geneseo and back - about 10 miles each way - in about an hour and twenty. Now on my new bike I can go much further in the same amount of time!

I'm getting excited for my race this weekend =)

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