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I kind of loved this ride. Minus the gigantic hill at mile 39. Rode with William. He had planned to do 20 but coach Ed convinced him to go 40 with me - his longest ride ever! Not sure I’d ever allow myself to be talked into DOUBLE my planned distance but it was nice having the company.

Wow I am so exhausted... between basement flooding and training and all the chaos yesterday I am just drained.  I considered doing a workout today to make up for yesterday but I really don't think I have it in me.  I can barely keep my eyes open and think I'll leave work early.  I am planning on doing the team ride tomorrow - 43 miles.  I know it will be hilly and I likely won't be in zone 2, but there are just so few flat options around here.  When I did IM everyone told me that training hills will make the flat race easier... so here's hoping that's still the advice!

Another day of training, except on my way in I got an email message from my best friend that she was in a minor accident and her phone was broken.  My training has no workstations, no phones, etc.  I tried calling her at break but it went straight to voicemail (as expected since the phone was broken).  I tried calling another one of her friends who works in the building.  Concierge gave me his numbers but they appeared to be wrong.  So I ended up leaving training and going over to her house to make sure she was ok.  She is... but the car pretty dinged up.  Helped her change the tire, drop off the car at the dealer (the only place that has her special tires - it was a donut we put on), and then verizon to get a new phone.  Apparently the phone and the car issues were unrelated but coincidental.  Then I literally had to race home again to let my dogs out because I had dinner plans with Dan and it was too late to cancel.  Exhausted!

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Training day.  So long and boring.  Got out around 4 and had to race home to let the dogs out. I like to give them about an hour if the plan is to go back out for awhile.  Joann and Sweeney met at my place and Sweeney helped me fix a storm drain that was broken.  That combined with a hole Sadie dug next to the house, my basement flooded in the storm last night.  I got up all the water (there was a LOT) and have fans going on it now.  I can see the spot the water is coming in (directly under Sadie's hole and where the drain was broken - the drain was not Sadie's fault) and ordered some sealant.  Looks like my weekend will be spent filling in the hole.  I read that putting some chicken wire under the soil may help prevent more digging in that area..... and/or I will get some larger rocks to put there.  Anyway, headed out around 6 for the Lenny Kravitz concert.

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solidcore. I seriously hate obliques.

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Not *quite* as bad as yesterday but still hot. Supposed to get nice by the weekend.

I called around and found a pool that's open (they close for maintenance next week) and it's right by the work training that I need to go to tomorrow and Thursday.  I am going to try my best to go before training tomorrow.  I have a concert in the evening tomorrow which means I probably won't want to wake up early on Thursday.  So if not tomorrow morning, Thursday after training for sure.

Not super excited about training.  It's 2 full days of lean agile training and they're making all the systems engineers (me), developers and PMs take the training.

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Treadmill. Stupidly I took the garmin off my wrist and set it on the ledge of the treadmill so I could see my HR w/o having to look down constantly. Well..... obviously that meant the garmin was no longer recording my steps which is how it calibrated my treadmill distance. D'oh! Luckily I thought to look at the distance on the treadmill when I was done.

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so hot!

So... Claude Moore pool (team swim) is closed until 9/2.  Herndon community pool (where I swim on my own) is closed until 9/9.  I called the Reson YMCA and their pool is open but requires a membership.  I can get a free 3-day pass, but since I have work training half of this week, I am going to hold of until next week so that I can use the pool twice on that pass.  Which means I still need a solution for this week.  I've already missed 2 weeks of swimming (one my fault, one not).

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