I hate that I can't visit this site from work anymore!  Most of the time I come home and want nothing to do with a computer.  Anyway... making some progress on my basement tile.  I will try to post pics soon.  Tomorrow I am heading into the city for a concert so I am dropping the dogs off at daycare in the morning... making it to a 9am meeting, rushing to an 11am meeting in a different location, then attempting to find a VTC at that location to attend a noon meeting, then going to be a touch late to my 1pm meeting back at my building.  To say I'm looking forward to a night of fun would be an understatement!

I am not sure if I will stay the night in the city or not (on my friend's sofa).  I have a meeting in McLean at 11am on Thursday so it almost makes more sense to go straight there than back out to Reston (15-20min further) to my normal location, or to pick up the dogs and drop them at home in Herndon (15 min past Reston).  Will see how the day goes.

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cycling class since I missed Thursday with Laura (trying to prevent myself from getting sick!). I don't love the Monday instructor - her teaching style is different than my preference - but she is super nice and turns out she is doing MiamiMan in November! She knew exactly what I was talking about when I said I qualified for worlds (she asked me if I was training for anything) and in fact, she may be in Ansterdam this summer! I didn't get a chance to ask her why... guessing she is part of a local team that has athletes competing? Or maybe she is a coach? Either way, it was fun to share that tidbit with someone who understands!

I get bored so easily!  I know it was the right think to cancel the shred class and take it easy and prevent myself from getting sick - 3 more friends have gone down with the flu in the last couple days.  Still, I am bored!  Looking forward to getting out of the house tomorrow.

Might have spoken too soon about avoiding the plague.... taking it easy and canceling shred class tomorrow.  My dogs are so bored with being inside all weekend but I am resting.  They will be fine.  They have a daycare overnight in the next week.  Also... they have dog door so they can come and go from my large backyard whenever they want.  But normally they are either in daycare or we go on at least one long walk on the weekends and they are missing that.

Still not feeling 100% though I think I am solidly on the edge of actually calling myself sick.  Going to rest today and tomorrow.  I have a shred415 class scheduled for Sunday.

Woke up with the beginnings of a cold so made the hard [financial penalty] decision to skip cycling with Laura.  Everybody seems to be coming down with something and I don't want to be part of it!

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