• 40m 46s
  • 1600.00 yards
  • 03m 28s /100 yards

It was abundantly clear I haven’t been in the pool since leading up to bay swim! Garmin stopped recording laps about 2/3 way through:
200 warm up
2x 200 (50 drill - 50 swim - 50 drill - 50 swim)
2x (200 swim - 2x 100 descending)
2x 100 cool down

  • Walking
  • 24m

So nice outside - near 60! Took each of the dogs for a walk (one at a time).

I went out to dinner last night to celebrate a friend's new job - it was SO HARD not drinking wine at a wine bar!!!  I did it though.  They even put my sparkling water and lime in a wine glass so it felt like I was just like everybody else (but not really).  It was a really long dinner - we got seated around 7:40 and didn't walk out of there until 10:30, maybe a few min later.  Kind of ridiculous.

Meeting Ingrid for a swim today.

  • 23m 01s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 13.06 Mi/hr

Set the trainer up in the basement and moved the guest room television down also. Had the dogs down there with me, trying to get them used to being in the basement (so far it's not been a typical living space for them).

I had a handyman scheduled for 5pm yesterday.  He arrived at 6:30 and told me the items I wanted done would take about 4 hours... umm, NOPE, not starting at 6:30!  He only got through 1.5 of the 7 items on the list, which is a little frustrating, and he still left late.  I was exhausted and canceled orangetheory this morning.  Plan is to set up the bike this afternoon and spin in the basement so the dogs get used to being down there.

Met with the potential new (alternate) dog walker yesterday and it turns out she's an au pair.  I don't think I'm allowed to have foreign nationals in my house unattended, so looks like I'm back to the starting point.  I feel bad, she seemed really nice. 

  • Walking
  • 30m

dog walking, training on leashes

That guy's insurance finally accepted liability for him hitting my car - yay!  I called the body shop to get parts ordered.  No idea how long it will take, but the repairs will be 9 days from when I can drop it off. 

Put the dogs in the basement this morning only for the time that I took a shower and got ready for work, and they STILL chewed up the edges of one of the area rugs (joke is gonna be on them though, I'm not getting new ones...duct tape it is!).  The vet is chatting with some of the other doctors today and going to give me a prescription for their anxiety.  She recommended starting them on something and then weaning them off versus trying other things and then going to meds.  I think tomorrow, they're going to have to go back in their crates while I'm at orangetheory.  I'll have to get up extra early to give them some time out, and then again when I get ready for work.  They were really good about not jumping this morning though... baby steps.

Nanny cam revealed that the dog walker never went upstairs yesterday.  There was one time that she randomly walked around my living room looking at stuff, but otherwise, the only time she was in living room was entering and exiting.  I am meeting with another potential dog walker today - not giving up on the first one, but it would be nice to have a couple different people I can call on in an emergency. 

  • 56m

orangetheory - tough first workout back but I made it! not sure how to log orangetheory. We spent about 20 min on the treadmill and did 600m row, but ultimately this is the only strength training I do (and I can sync my heart rate monitory from orangetheory with garmin and it automatically uploads under strength).

These dogs.  I'm pretty sure they have severe anxiety.  I let them outside and then put them in the basement while I went to orangetheory.  I was gone for exactly 2 hours, but came home to tons of chewing, on the area rugs I put down, and they got into the laundry room (might have to get lock for that door if they can open it with the handle) and there was poop!  There have been a few pee incidents but this is the first poop.. and I think it was both of them.  I've left them down there before for an hour-ish.  Clearly I need to do something to address the anxiety. 

They also chewed up my work badge (yesterday afternoon) after I accidently dropped it outside, and of course the badge guy (only one apparently) hasn't been around.  Super annoying having to ring the bell or wait for somebody everytime I want to get in/out of the suite.

I know, I know... I still have that 4 miles to get in that didn't get done over the weekend.  If either the water is back on later today (supposed to get above 32) or the community center is open (not sure if they follow schools, which are closed today), then I will get in the 4 miles today!  I am also signed up for Orangetheory tomorrow morning and am going to try my hardest to make it - I think I'm comfortable leaving the dogs in the basement for the hour or so I'm gone for that (and they have a shower if I still don't have water).

Made it through one week of whole30, and going out Saturday wasn't as bad as I thought.  It helped that my friends were super supportive and made it a healthy day for them also (but I was still jealous of their quesadilla and hot chocolate). 

Hoping to hear from the insurance company today about getting my car fixed. At least when there is dirt and salt smeared all over the car, it doesn't look so bad with the dent.

So I forgot to mention that on Friday, I also came home to no water... again.  Yesterday, I took a shower at Joann's house before heading out, and got jugs of water for drinking (me plus the animals) and for flushing the toilets, but I couldn't run and not have a shower afterward.  It's possible I can take a shower in my office, but I have never been to the office on the weekends and am not positive how accessible the building is, or if I need a special code or something - will investigate for next time.  But today is lazy day... luckily the dogs agreed :)

One small mishap... I decided to take the dogs one at a time out in the backyard to play.  They were already bonded when I brought them home and the trainer really emphasizes separation and individual relationships with each.  I took Sadie out to play fetch, and while we were out there, Mosley was jumping on the sliding glass door.... and managed to flip the latch into the locked position!  Locked out!  And of course since it was lazy day, both the front door and garage were closed/locked also.  And my phone was sitting inside.  Luckily, I remembered the kitchen window is broken (won't lock) and I had a small step stool on the front porch from changing the lightbulb, so I managed to shimmy my way through the window back inside.  I made sure to leave the door open a crack when I took Mosley out.  These dogs.... :)

Oh, and I got the nanny cam all set up.  It's not hidden, so it's possible she will notice it and think I don't trust her, which I suppose is kind of true, but it's all suspicious and nothing concrete.  I've decided the cabinet door *could* have opened from all the wind shaking the house, and if she had gone to the bathroom, it's possible the dogs could have been in that spot.  But the $50 is still really weird...

4 miles on the schedule for this weekend.  Thought about doing it this morning, but when I got home from work yesterday following dog walker's first visit, there were some disturbing things.  1) While I knew Sadie's tail was cut (from "happy tail"), there was SO much blood on the wall, right where the gate is between kitchen and living room.  The problem?  The only time dogs are in that spot is when they are excited somebody is coming into kitchen.  The dogs were crated when she arrived, and also when she left, so at no time during the visit should the dogs have been loose while a human was in the living room.  2)  There was a cabinet door open in my bedroom.  It's semi-broken and you have to play with the latch a little when closing it.  I know to do that but somebody else would probably just shut it and think it's closed.  It takes a min to reopen.  3)  There was a $50 bill crumbled in a ball on my bedroom floor.  My floors are pretty clean so I would have noticed it there in the morning.  Also, I have money in various places in my house but I don't think I have any $50's and definitely not crumbled in a ball.  All very suspicious.

After much debate, I called the dog walker and was like "hey, so couple of strange things, there was a cabinet door open and I found some money on the floor.. did the dogs give you a hard time today?  Trying to figure out who's money this is!".  She seemed really concerned that something was wrong and told me about the blood again... I hadn't mentioned the blood to her, and the presence of blood alone wasn't the issue.  It's the spot of the blood.  But she was very apologetic and concerned that not everything was ok, and insisted that she didn't lose any money (I didn't tell her the amount or where I found it).  So I am going to let her come back this week, but decided to go get a nanny cam just to make sure.  Really, with random people coming in and out of the house (cleaning crew, plus I plan to have a couple dog walkers in my list for emergencies), it's not a bad idea.

I took Sadie to the vet in the morning and the poor girl might have to have the tip of her tail amputated.  The vet gave me cream, and I insisted on a bandage and a cone because no way Sadie would leave the tail alone.  Of course she chewed right through that cone and the new one I bought her at pet smart.  She also took the bandage off pretty quickly, so we are back to just the cream anyway... I'll still love her without the tip of her tail, but I'd rather her not have to go through that!

Anyway, long story to say that after all the errands, I was exhausted and already running late to meet up with friends, so the run didn't happen... Sunday!

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