• 40m 11s
  • 1.62 miles
  • 24m 48s /Mi

Treadmill. Zone 2.

It's literally insane how slow I can actually "run". My dog walks are faster than this.... INCLUDING sniffing sessions and potty breaks!!

Super annoyed.  I got myself out to the pool last night only to find it drained, yet there had been no announcements that there was no workout.  It was too late to find another pool, so I went home to bed.

HH with my friend Jessie this afternoon.  I brought run stuff with me to work to try to get a workout in before meeting her.  I have a 2nd dog walk lined up today so don't need to go home first.

  • 20m 58s
  • 4.35 miles
  • 12.45 Mi/hr

Trainer. Easy.

I skipped swim last week - no reason, just lazy and didn't feel like going - so making it a priority tonight!  I do need to confirm the pool is open though.  There were signs that it's closing for maintenance and I *think* it starts 8/19 but not positive.

I've been doing keto since early May.  In the first 6 weeks, I lost 16 pounds but then nothing after that.  I don't believe I was cheating (though wasn't tracking religiously).  I didn't gain anything back, but didn't lose anymore either.  On Saturday, I felt pretty crappy on my bike ride so decided to stop keto.  Instead I signed up for Weight Watchers.  The problem is on keto there is a physical measurement that tells me if I'm doing OK, and after a cheat you can overcompensate to get right back in the game.  Not the same with WW, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.  I'll miss my keto starbucks drinks, but so happy to be able to eat fruit and the occasional cider again!

  • 50m

solidcore with Leslie and then dinner at coooper's hawk. It was such a nice evening to sit out on the patio with wine!

  • Walking
  • 22m

easy morning walk.

I'd been loosely looking at the Hershey Half marathon this fall but kind of let it slip from my mind.  My friend from RI who was also interested texted me about it.  I made the decision that my run training is not at all where it should be for 2 months out from a half marathon.  If she decides to do it, I will go cheer and hang out in Hershey, and probably even sign up for the 5K.  So now I don't have anything more than a 5K on my calendar, and getting faster on that is definitely attainable...... hopefully...... if I can keep up (pun intended) on this zone 2 nonsense.

  • 53m 01s
  • 3.07 miles
  • 17m 16s /Mi

Zone 3. But I don’t care. I wanted to run outside so I did. Tried to go slow but I was in zone 3 pretty much the whole time. 2/1 intervals.

  • Hiking
  • 47m

Took the dogs on a hike with Sarah and they got to play in some water which they love. She'd originally wanted to take her 2 young boys with us, and thank goodness she didn't. the dogs were awful pulling on their leashes and there were some steep banks. Good thing we did a preview so next time when the kids do come we'll choose a more open area where the kids wouldn't get pulled down a mountain.

  • 3h 07m 42s
  • 37.58 miles
  • 12.01 Mi/hr

About 15 miles in I felt myself going downhill except it was a struggle. I stopped and checked my tires... they both spun fine. My HR is zone 4. I was so confused. How is going downhill this hard?! My goal was 40 miles but the Hill seemed to go down forever and I didn’t want to get to the bottom just to turn around and go up. Esp with all the trouble I was having going DOWN. So I turned around around 18 miles and started FLYING!! OMG I had been going UPHILL all this time. How is this possible?! I have never been confused about up and down before yet I was CONVINCED I had been going downhill. Wow. Probably best I turned around cause my head was clearly not in the game. At least I got to enjoy a nice long downhill for a decent part of the return trip.

Zone 2 until that hill incident and never recovered.

  • 36m 04s
  • 1.54 miles
  • 23m 25s /Mi

found a treadmill at work. this is zone 2. I was going to do 40 min but no matter how slow I went (>30min/mi) my HR started creeping up. I. Hate. Running.

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