After all my talk about not riding my bike outside in case I end up in the ER...... well, I ended up in the ER anyway!  I sliced off part of my thumb on a mandarin trying to slice an onion.  I even took the extra piece of thumb in a jar with me.  I sliced through the epidermis and dermis, but doc still thinks 90% will grow back on its own so decided not to try to reattach.  I'm bandaged up pretty good and can't get it wet for 36 hours.  They also gave me a tetnus shot in the same arm, so expecting to be completely useless by tomorrow.  sigh.

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quick run... so sore from beach body yesterday! so obvious I've been out of the solidcore routine!

sounds like government has decided to pay federal contractors, even when we can't work due to forced quarantine (every other week) - hooray!  

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21 day fix

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Walked to Laura’s house(!!!) and back twice:)

Saw a note on Facebook that challenge Almere is still going on as planned (at least for now).... gulp! I am behind! It’s really nice out today and I thought about biking outside (we are allowed to use trails as long as we can get there from our house - no parking) but was thinking, what if something happens and I end up in an over-crowded ER taking up more resources. Maybe that’s over-thinking it? Stayed indoors today.

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