Got recalled into work as essential this week. Still doing week on/week off. But half paycheck is better than no paycheck!  Between all the flood work and now "normal" work, I came home EXHAUSTED every night, so no workouts... work-home-dinner-bed-repeat. Now week off.  But the good news is that I know I will be able to work the week after next.

I was told that I was submitted to be recalled as essential so waiting to see how that plays out.  Also, got called in for more hours today b/c they have a second contractor coming in to do more flood stuff and need additional people.  It pays to do a good job, regardless of the tasking, so your organization thinks of you in times like this!

Long day.  I actually was on the floor pulling up carpet tiles, climbing on furniture to assess damaged areas, moving equipment... manual labor!  So exhausted, but got in 11 hours!

More flood work.  It's a nice change from sitting at my desk all day, and happy for the opportunity for the hours!

Technically I should not be working this week, but since the building flooded and I was on-site during the first few days, I got called back in.  Allowed to work Mon-Wed and then my coworker who was also there gets Thu/Fri.  They have to abide by the week on/week off, so next week will be off regardless.  

  • 31m 39s
  • 7.09 miles
  • 13.44 Mi/hr

Trainer. Considered going outside for this but it was a LOT colder than the forecast has originally indicated.

  • 31m 55s
  • 1.65 miles
  • 19m 21s /Mi

Saw a couple people out in the neighborhood this morning despite the rainy gloomy weather. Guess I’m not the only one going stir crazy.

Vet appt this afternoon. Believe the process is to call and wait in parking lot and they will come get the dogs for their exam and vaccines.

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