Silver Spring,MD 
  • 43m 35s
  • 1508.76 meters
  • 02m 53s /100 meters

wu: 2 x 150, swim, back
main: 600, then 6 x 100.
cd: 2 x 125 easy
Did the 600 in 11:30.
Did the 6 x 100 at 1:50 pace. Felt very good overall.

  • 1h 30m
  • 25.54 miles
  • 17.03 Mi/hr

90 minutes with hills. Solid effort ranging from RPE 3 to RPE 7

Ugh.  I really need to split days up like this.  2 hours at the gym at one crack, in the middle of the week, is too much.  I think I have a long one on Thursday, so I'll see if I can split it up.  I went to the gym straight for work and started at 5:30 and I still didn't get done till almost 8.  I didn't eat dinner till almost 9.  That's just too late.  Not good for me either.

On a different note, went to the pub for the first time in a long time last night.  They had the Black Wolf Lager.  YUM!  I think we need to start going back again.  :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 3

Workout day off today.  And much needed.  Tired from the workout yesterday, I think.  And probably the combo of the time change isn't helping. 

Busy week ahead.  Not only with working out, but with work.  Annual review time, which doesn't bother me too much, but also tons of other things.  But that's ok.  Keeps me out of trouble.

Three more weeks till Shamrock Shuffle.  Will be my first real evaluation of how my run times are sitting.  I probably won't get really nervous about it till that week.  Looking forward to it though.

And last, but not least, it is supposed to hit 50 on Wendesday!!!  50!!!!!!!!!!!!  God, I can't wait!

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 5 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 00m
  • 16.00 miles
  • 16.00 Mi/hr
  • 50m
  • 5.56 miles
  • 08m 59s /Mi

Great transition practice today! The Columbus triathlon club did these great R-B-R workouts called Hicks, or Hilly Bricks. The run was performed on a long hill with a flat bike. You can also do this with a bike trainer. Do a complete transition each time. 6 x (R 4:00, B: 10:00, R 4:00 ) Be careful of run intensities…at only 4 minutes each it seems easy to do them fast, but 6 reps is a lot. Keep all efforts at RPE 3-4. Up the effort the last 2 if you've got anything left...


So this was a friggen awesome workout. I loved it. I started off slow and then really picked up the pace by the end. I did 7:30 pace on the last two runs. Glad I get tomorrow off because I'm going to need it, but seriously, it was awesome. I can't wait to actually do this on my bike and get some real transition practice in. That will be awesome. I think I have another one of these, possibly in the middle of the week, coming up in a week or two. I'll see if I can get that one done, outside, after work.

Looks like we are finally hitting the middle 40's this week!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 5
  • 1h 20m
  • 21.25 miles
  • 15.94 Mi/hr

Steady effort at RPE 3

  • 42m
  • 1737.36 meters
  • 02m 25s /100 meters

40 minutes: 10 minutes warm up, 2 minutes rest, then 30 minutes continuous at RPE 4, transitioning as soon as possible to bike

Swim-Bike brick.

Felt fairly good.  Just boring on the drainer.  Ugh.   Wishing tomorrow was going to be warmer, but doesn't look like I will get that pleasure so I will have to do tomorrow inside again as well.  Can't wait for warmth!!!!

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 4

Probably a good thing I have the day off today, from working out.  I had a horrible nights sleep.  Kept waking up all night long.  I blame it on the egg and chorizo burrito I had for dinner AND thinking about not getting the dog.  Still pretty bummed about that, but whatcha gonna do.  The village won't allow fences around the house, and truthfully I don't want one.  So we can't have the dog.  So it is to choice #2.  Which, in and of itself is not a bad choice. 

A Westie.  Cute as the dickens.  Will primarily be an indoor dog, which partly drives me crazy because every animal I've ever owned has lived outside 99% of the time, including Tom the cat.  But, without the fence, it will have to stay indoors.  And besides, from what I understand, they like it inside anyway.  So we will start down that road.  I'm hoping we have better luck with that.  I've been wanting an animal for so long now, it's driving me crazy.  And our options are slighly limited because of Beth's allergies.

Oh, I forgot to write a funny story about my swim last night.  So I'm in the farthest lane on the deep end, and there is an aqua aerobics class going on.  And it is FULL.  I'm guessing about 30-35 people in the class.  The instructor is quite popular.  So at one point, I'm swiming along and I realize that I'm not going to terribly fast even though I'm supposed to be hitting my T pace, if not a little lower.  I FINALLY hit the opposite wall and push off and I'm flying.  WTF??  My next rotation breate to my left and I see the entire class is walking in a HUGE circle.  They are creating one hell of a current.  And it actually affects me at both ends because when the current hits the wall it actually bounces back and creates more wake.  So for about 2-3 of my 100's, I'm really struggling.  Kind of funny.  Gave the instructor a hard time when I saw him in the locker room afterwards. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 8
  • 33m 13s
  • 1234.44 meters
  • 02m 41s /100 meters

Speed day
wu: 250 continuous.
main: 8 x 100 hard, then 2x 75 all out. (100s at T pace, 75s at Tpace -5seconds)
cd: 150 easy

Fantastic swim tonight.  Absolutely cool.  Able to keep, and maintain 1:50 pace for the 8x100 and then actually dropped to about 1:40-1:45 for the two 75's.  Two things made this happen.  First, and foremost, I was able to get my goggles to NOT leak.  Made a huge difference.  And because of this I was able to do the second thing, which was do some seriously hard push offs on my flip turns.  I was even able to get in 1-2 dolphin kicks with each kick off.  I think that made a huge difference.  Doing those paces I still wasn't that winded.  I'm really getting excited. 

On a personal note, I'm really disappointed.  We have been emailing with a breeder about getting a dog.  An Airedale.   Tonight was the call and it was a short one.  We can't have one.  We have to have a fence, and we don't have one.  They won't even accept an electric fence.  So now, we have to look at something different.  Maybe a Westie.  Very cute.  But probably won't be able to go on runs with me.  But that's ok.  I want a dog.  :(

  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Stress: 4 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8.5 Overall Workout: 4
  • 1h 00m
  • 5.35 miles
  • 11m 13s /Mi

60 minutes tempo
wu: 15minutes, rPE 3
main: 6 x (3t, 2r) 3t at RPE 7-8, 2r at RPE 2
cd: 15 RPE 2-3

Interval paces (run and recovery walk)

1 = 9:45
2 = 10:00
3 = 10:17
4 = 10:13
5 = 10:46
6 = 10:58

Had a blast with MR2tony last night. But man am I tired today. The workout tonight was quite good but seriously one of the harder workouts I've done on my own for a VERY long time. Forgot how hard tempo and interval work is. Haven't REALLY done that kind of work since College. Oof. Will be going to be SUPER early tonight.

  • Health data: Sleep: 1 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 6

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