Silver Spring,MD 
  • 28m 37s
  • 1005.84 meters
  • 02m 51s /100 meters

Form Swim
WU: Swim 4 laps (200 yds) warm up.
MS: The next set will be 10 x 50 on 30" rest. This means 50 yards sprint, 10x, each time with 30 seconds rest when you finish. Then swim 200 yards of drills (mix it up) and then swim 4x 25 yards fast with 15" rest.
CD: Then swim 100 yards easy cool down.

  • 1h 07m 45s
  • 18.54 miles
  • 16.42 Mi/hr

Bike Hill Repeats
WU: 15'
MS: Then 8x2' up a hill at 65-70 RPMS. Recover on the downhills. HR on the uphills can hit low Z4. Keep HR in Zone 1-2 otherwise.
CD: 15'

Didn't have any 2' minute hills so did 10x2' grinds with 1' recovery.

  • Yard Work
  • 3h 00m

Ok, so first. The swim. They gave 45 minutes to complete that thing. Ummm..... ok. Seems a bit long. Considering all the other workouts are normally based on 2:00/100 pace, not so much on this. Oh well.

Then with the bike. No 2' hills around here. At least none within biking distance from the house. So I had to improvise. Did 2' grinds in the hardest gear. Felt like I was going up hills at one point when I was going directly into a 20 mph head wind. Heh. ;)

Have a great weekend to all and safe training and racing!

Thank god for recovery days.  I need it.  I'm so tired today.  Need to get acclimated to the heat pretty quickly.  Went from the lows of 38 a few weeks ago to the high of over 90 yesterday.  Seriously.  Don't we get ANY Spring?  At all?

Anyway, since it is my recovery day, I thought I would wax a little philosophical today.  Specifically about racing.  And the mindset in racing. 

I wrote an article essay a few months ago, about seeing yourself, in your minds eye, doing what you are doing perfectly.  Seeing you accomplish your goals, beat your time, win the race, etc.  By actually "seeing" yourself do it right and do it well translates into a better performance, not only on race day, but during training.  I learned this kind of visualization fairly early.  Namely in HS when I was a high jumper, back in the late 80's.

Recently, I've added onto my race day thought process.  Not so much before the race, but specifically within the race and within each respective discipline.  And whether she knows it or not, and I doubt she does, I can thank KathyG for helping me reach this conclusion (I think I need to let her know, don't you?).  I was reading one of her RR's about a month ago and she talked about how she needs to become more comfortable at being uncomfortable during the run.  She knew she could have pushed herself harder on the run for one of her races, even though she set a PR (I think).

Well, that's what I found out when I did my LTHR tests recently, particularly in the run, and then followed it up with a 5k PR (by over 2 minutes) 2 days later.  Find out what level of discomfort you can put up with during the race.  Best time to find these out are during your LTHR or TT tests, not actually during the race day.  Push those tests to the limit.  Push yourself to the limit.  Find out what you are made of.  And the more often you do them, the better chance you have of really leaving it out on the course when you race.

You read RR's all the time of people saying they could have given more.  In hind sight, I could probably say that about almost all of my races over the last year.  Except for the recent 5k that I ran.  I was dead.  Wiped out.  And for the second time in 2 days, I found out what my body is truly capable of doing.  And I now know that feeling.  And I now know how to reach that feeling when I race.  It is all part of the race strategy, but for each person it is different.  You need to find out what discomfort you are willing to put up with, willing to suffer through, to reach your goal.  Your PR.  Your hardware.

So I challenge any of my friends who read my logs that the next time you have a high intesity workout.  Intervals, tempo runs, LTHR tests or TT's.  Push it.  I mean REALLY push it.  Leave it on the road, trail, pool.  Find what you are made of.  You just might surprise yourself.

Have a great weekend, train safe, and stay cool. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 8
  • 40m 32s
  • 1645.92 meters
  • 02m 28s /100 meters

WU: 300 easy. Then 'swim golf' = 6 x 50 on 15" rest & count strokes. What combination of time and strokes gives you the lowest 'score?' (Ex: 43 strokes + 45" = 88).

MS: Swim a moderate effort using the same stroke count in WU set. 8 x 100 (10") moderate. 4 x 50 kick (20") moderate.

CD: 200 easy alternating 50 pull, 50 swim.

  • 1h 00m 01s
  • 5.78 miles
  • 10m 23s /Mi

Did the run this morning and will do the swim tonight with Beth.

Note to self - any run over 40 minutes you have got to start bringing hydration with you! Hour run today and it really hit me. Only about 70 degrees but the RH was 100% and it just about killed me. Well, maybe not killed me, but I definitely felt it. It was tough. Just another learning experience.

Got back and started the coffee and as I was walking by the window, saw a momma and daddy duck in the back yard. They are so darn cute. Waddling around almost as if they were saying, "Where did the water go?" Heh.



Swam.  Felt good.  Going to look when I did it last time to see if there is any difference.   

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 1h 21m 27s
  • 21.20 miles
  • 15.62 Mi/hr

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 2 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 8
  • 46m 12s
  • 1828.80 meters
  • 02m 32s /100 meters

WU: 400 swim then 6x50 on 15" rest.
MS: 10x100 @T-pace +3". Your rest is 15".
CD: 300 easy.

Did the swim this morning, doing the run tonight after work.

I'll have to look this swim up to see how it compares to the last time I did it. I know, from an exertion perspective, it felt easier than I remember. Then again, it has been a month and I've slept since then. ;)

I'll fill in more later. Too much to do right now.


Edited next day:

I didn't run last night. Had to wait for the grocery delivery, and by the time it came it started to rain and I just didn't want to get wet.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6.5 Overall Workout: 3
  • 1h 02m 20s
  • 18.03 miles
  • 17.36 Mi/hr

Big Gear
Start in big ring, easiest gear. Spend 3' in each gear gradually working your way to hardest gear (total 27'). Leaving it in big ring, hardest gear, do 10 x (30" grind, 30" all out, 30" grind, 30" stand). Do 5' grind in big ring, hardest gear. Gradually work your back to your easiest gear by 1' for cool-down. Grind means sitting back on saddle, turning pedals over, not worrying about cadence.


Period AA
Sets 2-3
Reps 15-20
Speed Slow
Recovery 1-1.5'
AND Core #2 - 2x
Time 75

Ok, so there is something terribly weird about my HR data.  There is no way I got up to 234.  Per the graph, it was when I was doing my warm up.  I didn't do anything different.  A few track stands (getting quite good at those) but nothing hard.  Nothing draining.  I don't know why my HR shot up like that.  Curious. 

And then, during the actual workout, my HR dropped down to average about 160.  Huh.  I think I need to have someone take a closer look at my bike workouts.  Probably not for a while, but I will, one of these days.  

I liked this workout, though.  Hadn't done it before.  Like the feeling in the legs afterwards.   

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 5 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 9
  • 1h 20m 01s
  • 8.34 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi
  • 44m 44s
  • 9.30 miles
  • 12.47 Mi/hr

Very Easy
Easy spin for 30 minutes in small chain ring. No HRM, but keep the effort very easy.

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 10m

So we went out to a Korean Karaoke Restaurant/Bar last night. It was a friggen blast. It isn't one of those bars that you are in front of everyone. This is different. You have a room, as big as your party. They have them for as small as 2 people and as large as 30. You then get to perform in front of your friends. It was hilarious. And somehow, it also grades you on how well you sing the song. All automatic. The only bad thing is it was on the north side of town so we didn't get home till almost 2.

Made for a rough run this morning. Took a good 2 miles to get the rust blown off the legs from the beer and the lack of sleep. And then it wasn't till I was almost done, with 2-2.5 miles to go that I realized I had been in zone 2 too much and that I was starting to pay for it. Also happened to be my hottest run of the year so far. Glad I brought my hydration belt along. I needed it. Badly. It was only about 70 when I took off but heated up quickly. Kind of liked it, though. Better than being cold.

Did a reverse brick too. Biked after the run. Which made a big difference. Calves still super tight. Really need to stretch them more afterwards.

And when all of that was said and done, I mowed the lawn for a little over an hour. Now I have to go to the grocery and pick up fixin's for dinner and have that going by the time Beth gets home. I hate it when she has to work all weekend like this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Of course, it had to be the first beautiful weekend. HA! Oh well.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 5 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8 Overall Workout: 2

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