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Wow. I haven't taken this much time off of training since I was sick back in February. But I'm starting to get the itch again. Which is good. I obviously needed the time off. And I'll hit it full strength next week after we get back from Napa this weekend.

Leaving tomorrow and I can't wait. First true vacation since December, when we went to England. Will be much shorter, only Thursday to Monday, but still going to be worth it. I need the mental break.

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Wasn't really home improvement, but cleaning up the basement from the flooding we had. *sigh*.

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Changing my posting for the day.  The original is all the way at the bottom in italics.

In rememberance of someone on September 11th.

I always try and tell his story to anyone that will listen on this most solumn and somber anniversary.

His name was David Rice.  He was 2-3 years older than me when we went to HS (late 80's).  He also went to my elementary school.  Heck, our families went to the same church. 

Back then he was a jerk.  Self centered.  Drinking problem.  Lived like he was invincible.  From what we heard, he lived that way through college too.

But then he turned his life around.  Found the love of his life.  Basically, made the turn around that you hope for when you know people like that.  He became a solid citizen, a good man.

I don't remember which tower he was in, but he was on one of the top floors.  Miraculously, he was able to make a call out on his cell phone to his parents, and for some reason, actually got in touch with them.  He couldn't escape it and he knew it.  He knew this was his time.  But he was calm when he talked to them.  He told them how much he loved them.  How he was at peace with his life. 

I don't know how the call ended.  I don't know if he was cut off, or if they hung up and he tried again to escape.  I just know that he didn't make it.  But that call made the difference for his family.  They were able to say good bye.  They were the lucky ones, if you can call it that.

So today, if you want to put a name to your rememberance, make it David's and his family.  I know he is who I think of when this day rolls around each year.

RIP David


Going to be another missed day of training.  Which is fine.  Season is over for me, and will only be doing a few small 5k's for fun.  Winter maintenance time as well as getting ready for hunting season.

Also, leaving for Iowa today.  Going out there to celebrate Beth's Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.  They really are great people.  And this is such a huge milestone.  And since Beth doesn't have either parent left, they are, in many ways, like surrogate parents to her.  And to me.  :)

We will be bringing the bikes and Beth and I are going to take a 1-2 hour ride tomorrow, as long as the weather holds out.

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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