Run #1
  • 05m
  • 0.50 miles
  • -----

Easy warm up before race.

Run #2
  • 45m 02s
  • 6.21 miles
  • 07m 15s /Mi

Legs were tired and sore. See race report.

  • Walking
  • 30m

Walk back to car after race.

  • 32m 28s
  • 3.40 miles
  • 09m 33s /Mi

Easy trail run w/Buddy.

  • 1h 22m 49s
  • 29.51 miles
  • 21.38 Mi/hr

45F and light rain with a little hail. Calm wind. Comfortable effort.

Dressed well with my normal 55F long sleeve undershirt, then a poly T-shirt over that all under my Moots Jersey. On bottom I wore my compression tights over my bike shorts and some thicker warm-when- wet socks. Wore my rain coat in the rain and down the hills.

Need to buy some bigger thin waterproof mittens. The goretex ones I have are too tight to put on over my gloves while riding.

Timed it just right as it's now pouring down rain/hail with lots of ground strikes.

  • 33m
  • 2100.00 yards
  • -----

1x2000 in 30:37 (1:32/100y)
This is where the two beat kick has really helped me. I can maintain this pace comfortably pretty much forever even here in O2-less-land. With my old kick I couldn't swim this far at altitude because I'd just get too hypoxic and the last ~1000 was just a sufferfest no matter how hard I was pushing.

My 250y splits:
3:50, 3:52, 3:51, 3:52, 3:51, 3:52, 3:48, 3:41

I'm going to start working this distance on the clock pretty often and try to get under 28:30 with a comfortable pace by Boulder Peak.

2.47 hours of training on the day before a race. Tomorrow is just going to be a hard training run. If I break 44 minutes I'll be thrilled. ---------------------------------- OK so today will be the day I officially give up on posting a good BB 10k run race tomorrow. I just can't let this week end with the stupid low volume I've put in. Even though it's pretty nasty out, I'm going to do at least 2500y swim/30m bike/5k trail run.

  • 2h 53m 41s
  • 60.04 miles
  • 20.74 Mi/hr

Did the route above twice plus a little extra to/from Rec Center. 3340' climbing. Cloudy, windy, and 55F but never rained a drop. Comfortable effort the whole time. Legs are still sore but much improved.

Found the current weakness in this technology. Fri/Sat night when lots of people must have been watching movies the quality goes down signficantly to pretty much unwatchable for me. But that's just a minor negative for me. --------------------------- This Netflix/Roku/Wifi thing is just amazing. With my ~$15/mo Netflix subscription and the $139 Roku box I have access to 14,000 movies/TV series at any time that are in 720p resolution. Even though I never watch the show on broadcast TV, I really like CSI/Miami. I like the colors, ocean, real estate, and Calleigh. I was worried that the lower resolution would bother me but it doesn't at all. I don't know if the stupid fast internet I have here makes a difference with the streaming but it's amazing. I'm buying these Roku boxes for all my TVs. All the wiring I did in this house for a whole house movie server is now officially obsolete but I can probably use that wiring for something else down the road. For casual watching, DVDs (and probably cable/satelite TV) are soon to be history. I think this type of technology is how all video/audio broadcasts will eventually be delivered. I know that Apple has similar technology and my neighbor Mark Bauman who founded Starz told me four years ago that Starz was working on this and that it would soon occur. But I was still skeptical of the quality. I'm pretty much anti-Apple (no offense) so I knew nothing about their service. (The Vista computers I buy cost $370 and I can set them up for business in one hour so they're basically disposable. IMO, Vista with Norton is solid security unless you're really careless about web surfing.) I have to admit though that I will soon be developing some I-phone Apps that work with my existing products...

  • 45m
  • 3000.00 yards
  • -----

3x500 (?,6:56,?)
7x200 (2:44 on 3rd one)
100 (hardest that I think I can maintain for 300y, 1:16)

Felt fast. I can't believe how much I love the two-beat kick. I'm going for a sub 4:00 300y very soon.

I'm almost certain that my soreness is due to running down the steep asphalt 1.5 mile hill from my house at the start of the run. I haven't ever done it before and it fits with the skiing/Quandary soreness scenario. It could also be the reason I get so smoked on the downhills in trail run races. I do well on the uphills but get dropped on the descents. Whatever muscles my legs use running downhill must be really weak. -------------------------------- That 13.1 mile run did me wrong. I was so sore yesterday I could barely walk. Today isn't much better. I'm so sore that I feel ill. This is something I experienced back when I was in good tri shape when I was young. Even though I was in terrific physical condition, I'd come to Colorado to ski/hike and I would be so sore the next day I couldn't even walk. There's something that happens when I do extended but different motions from S/B/R that just trashes my muscles. The same thing happened before the Boulder Peak last summer when I ran up/down Quandary which I used to do weekly to train for climbing when I wasn't in nearly this level of physical condition. After Quandary, I was sore for a week afterwards including the day of the race. In this case, I think the constant six mile uphill may have worked my muscles slightly different as compared to the flat 10.8m Wash Park run that I've been doing easily at a harder effort with minimal next day effects. It's like once I go past some line my body just rejects it and this extreme soreness occurs afterwards. The worst part is that I have no warning. I felt fine during that run. There was never a point where I had any abnormal pain, thought I was doing damage, or going too far and that I should stop. The soreness is strange as it's every part of both legs from my foot arches to my beltline. So it's not any kind of injury. It's a full lower body rejection of that level of run workout. I've done the Wash Park 10.8 mile run at a harder effort many times and been fine the next day. So with this, the cold rainy weather pattern we're in, and the BB on Monday, there's no way I'll make any of my volume goals for this month. Today, a swim is about all I'll be able to do. Then, I'll regroup tomorrow. Hopefully this cold rain will go away and I can get a ride in. 40 degrees with icy rain is miserable to ride in. After the BB, I'm going to do this same run again to see if my body handles it better. I've got to work this out because before the 5430 HIM, I'm going to be in shape to do my HIM training ride/run at least twice as a brick. ----------------------

  • 1h 59m 38s
  • 13.08 miles
  • 09m 09s /Mi

This will be the run course that I'll be working this summer.

Legs were a little sore from yesterday's bike and were definitely heavy. Ran it all easy and was never out-of-breath. But my legs were hurting pretty badly at the end.

Went out well to 7.0m, split was 59:10 (8:27/m). But I was moving real slow for the last couple miles.

This course is much harder than the 5430 HIM run with the last six miles being a constant uphill at 9600' elevation. So if I can run this casually in 1:49, I think I can do the 5430 run leg in 1:49, which is my goal.
I'm going to run this very comfortably under 1:50 before August.

I think my legs will be pretty trashed after today's run so tomorrow I'll just swim.

  • 2h 53m 29s
  • 59.36 miles
  • 20.53 Mi/hr

Didn't intend to ride hard today and didn't push at PR attempt effort but was just strong today. I pushed the uphill and flats pretty hard, and the downhills comfortable.

Home to Vail Pass.
Down to Frisco Church.
Around Lake Dillon.
Over Swan Mountain.
Back up to Breck and home.

This will be my main HIM training route this summer (if I can handle it), so I took detailed splits.

Adding the Montezuma climb to this ride makes it, 77.81m/6138'. Just set a new goal to ride that at 20+ mph this summer. Probably impossible for me.

After adding up mileage and climbing that's the best long climbing effort I've ever done. 4,671' climbing. Strong west wind too.

Splits ------ Home 0:00 TT Start/end: 4:16 (4:16) 1.65m/0' (23.2 mph) Copper climb start: 20:34 (24:50) 9.15m/328' (22.1 mph) Top of Copper Climb: 15:28 (40:18) 4.12m/659' (16.0 mph) Copper Parking Lot: 3:47 (44:05) 1.36m/52' (21.6 mph) Stop Light: 1:07 (45:12) 0.36m/20' (19.3 mph) Start of Vail Pass Climb: 4:56 (50:07) 1.37m/128' (16.7 mph) Vail Pass Summit: 21:24 (1:11:31) 5.68m/1076' (15.9 mph) ----- 1:11:31 for 23.69m/2263' (19.9 mph) ----- Copper Climb Start: missed split 11.62m/243' Church Turn: 27:06 (1:38:37) 1.17m/20' (28.3 mph) Stop Light: 5:37 (1:44:14) 0.88m/16' (9.4 mph) Swan Mtn Turn: 26:20 (2:10:34) 9.62m/581' (21.9 mph) Swan Mtn summit: 14:06 (2:24:40), 3.17m/617' (13.5 mph) Hwy 9 Light: 3:30 (2:28:10) 1.85m/62' (31.7 mph) Main bike path: 0:50 (2:29:00) 0.31m/10' (22.3 mph) TT Start/end: 15:30 (2:44:30) 5.40m/459' (20.9 mph) Home: 8:59 (2:53:29) 1.65m/400' (11.1 mph) ----- 2:53:29 for 59.36m/4671' (20.53 mph) ETA on 05/20/08: ---------------- Still celebrating yesterday's ride... I set a PR from home to Vail Pass by 4 seconds without even trying hard and with a full flag west wind in my face up the entire climb. Last PR was on 06/26/08 and I know the wind was calm that day and I pushed VERY hard because I was trying to go sub-2 on my TT->VP RT split. (I never pushed that ride at that effort again all summer). Climb from Frisco to Vail Pass Summit (12.89m/1935') in 46:41 (16.6 mph), all into that wind is phenomenal for me. I never used my 39/25 on the entire ride. I'm almost positive that this is the first time I've never hit the 25T on this ride. It's important because I want to switch to my 11/23 for training very soon and I want to kill the Boulder Peak Stagecoach hill in 39/23 with heavier TTX/Zipps. Don't know exactly why I was so strong yesterday. Probably some of all the below: 1. Stronger than last year even with only riding the goofy stationary all winter. 2. ~50% more volume this winter vs. last winter on the stationary. 3. Constant resistance all winter differing greatly from my outdoor rides with all the climbing/descents. 4. "easy-week-->rest-day-->hard-short-race-->rest-day" sequence set me up for a good ride. 5. Random strong condition yesterday. OK Steve, time to move. Your buddy Scott summitted Everest yesterday and you went on a bike ride...

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