• 5h 02m 07s
  • 67.00 miles
  • 13.10 Mi/hr

El Tour De Tucson 67 mile

I had a fun ride. Someone told me Tucson was flat. I believed them at first but I now have knowledge that it is not true. I did well on the hills and felt pretty good for most of the ride. My quads started talking to me at about the 90 mile mark right after the last climb on the crappy road that had everything rattling around. I'm not sure what is worse the constant rattle or the thump thump thump from the road that had chip seals about every ten feet or so.

Thanks for everyone's support. This is the farthest I have ridden on a bike and did not train at all for this race. I purchased the bike in August and have Timex, Soma and one training ride on Usery under my belt prior to Tucson so I am pleased.

Special thanks to Cora's parents Harvey and Nan for allowing us to invade their home for the night. It is appreciated.

My plan is to leave work a little early and get in a run of 4-5 miles. Shh!

Tonight's plans include getting everything ready for the trip to the old pueblo. We also have Survivor to watch and a little Oregon vs Arizona football game.

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, philanthropist (1921 - )

  • Basketball
  • 45m

I had a nice plan for Tuesday. I thought I would run a few miles on the tready and follow with some strength training. Instead, I wandered onto the basketball court and played three games. I was simply looking in on the action when I was waved in. Most of you do not know this about me but I used to be a BB junkie. I would drop everything to play and play until I had no energy left.

Over the past few years my excitement for the game has dissipated. As I have focused on running and improving my fitness my game has deteriorated. I also get tired of playing with kids who think they are all-world caliber while playing in the Gilbert LTF. Go figure. The last few times I have walked out of the gym with some sort of injury. Last night was no different, some dude landed his elbow right on the top of my ear. Ouch! I found out later that I actually have a cut on my ear and this morning the ole noggin' has a bump on it.

So, If you hear me talk about playing a little BB, please talk me out of it.

I should have stuck to my original plan.

Hey, TDT is just a few days away. 



  • 1h 01m 09s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 09m 52s /Mi

ooh ooh ooh. I am so excited. I ran the Phoenix New Times 10k. I was able to set a PR at the 10k and finish with a pace just under 10 min per mile. This is one of my short term goals.

I really was torn between doing the training bike ride and the 10k. I chose the 10k because this was also my sister's first 5k race and I had some other friends who were running as well.

I hope everyone who rode is feeling good today (Monday).

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