I managed to get in 4 miles yesterday. It was not a good one though. I had a leg cramp that would not go away so I did some walking to try and loosen it up. I eventually decided to cut the run short. This was OK as I had a bunch of other errands to run.

Tonight I'll be at the gym. I will do the strength class with either a run or swim beforehand. Tommorow, I plan on running at TTL with the peeps. I also have to try on the new unis. I'm concerned as I certainly do not have a "tri" body...YET!

Today, I am going to lunch with a Canadian friend of mine that I have not seen in a few years.

  • 51m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 12m 45s /Mi

I did not do any training this weekend. Really, just too darn many things to do. I was off Friday with Emily. We took Shelley to lunch and went hunting for a special edition Nintendo DS for Emily. This was a challenge as she was with me.

Emily has officially reached the age where she knows what is going on. I ended up with two systems and have to return one of them.

Watched plenty of Football and got the Xmas tree up.

Today's goal is to get a good run of 8-10 miles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good luck to those traveling for the holiday. Be safe.

I am having a small dinner with my wife and daughter. Tomorrow evening is the ASU vs USC game. I will be there cheering for the Devils. Win and they should go to a major bowl.

I had thought about doing the Mesa turkey trot tomorrow but the spouses (Ken and mine) balked at paying $25 each for the race. So, it looks like we will create our own turkey trot on the canals of Chandler and Gilbert. The reality is none of us need another t-shirt.

With that said, I may try to get up early and watch Sally and Tanya comptete in Goodyear.

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