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I have to admit I have been struggling to get some consistent running in. The fall weather is usually hard for me as this time of year is when my asthma starts to bother me. Part of it is the pollution layer that builds around the valley.

I am working a different work schedule this week and last week. This has thrown off my workout schedule. The bed is sooo nice and snuggly in the morning that it has been hard to get up and get outside.

I got my behind into the gym this morning to run on the tready for 3 miles before work.

As many of you know, my anniversary is tomorrow. I tried to get her a men's tri bike and she balked. I have no gift at this late stage. Any suggestions?

My thoughts are a Coach bag and wallet or some 1/2 carat earrings.

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643 calories

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I completed a one hour spin class and a one hour strength class. Not too much to report.

Tomorrow will have some running.

Go Devils! 


So I woke up this morning thinking I would get a little 3-4 mile run in. All of a sudden I get this massive allergy attack. The kind that completely takes over your thinking. So no run for me. I'm working late tonight which means no exercise for Rick. That stinks.

Passed out the candy last night and like most years, my neighborhood had a lot of imports last night. Ms Hermione (Emily) looked adorable. I'll try to post a pic this evening. She went trick or treating with her best friend then came home and wanted to tour her own neigborhood. Nice. I knew she would eventually get the hang of this one of these years. The new rule this year was that we would not carry candy or props.

Hey, I have a Q for the expert BTers out there. Is it possible to import a training plan from outside the BT site? 

Happy Halloween!

I'll be at home passing out candy by myself. Ms Hermione (Emily) is going to another neighborhood to trick or treat. I guess the candy is better there. Actually, her best friend lives there. You know she can't go without her friends.

It is so nice to see that Dan has returned. I mean on the surface it seems that he was in Hawaii for like a month or so. I'm so jealous

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