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Spin class - Dist approximate

This process of obtaining a financial planner position is interesting. I had two appts yesterday.

1) Prudential-

Took a two and a half assessment that is a filter to weed out people. The first part was analytical with various word and math problems. I did not have a problem with them since I was able to use a calculator. The second part had 188 questions regarding my education, career, network and skill sets. I should get the next step which is an interview.

2) Ameriprise-

I went to a presentation about the firm and position. The nice thing is I would receive extensive training for the first year. The bad thing is that I would avg 55-60 hours a week on 20k per year and bonus. The avg salary at year 1 is 58k. Year 3 is 140k. The 60 hour work weeks and the commute to Paradise Valley are concerns. When would I train? I have their assessment tomorrow.

3) Charles Schwab-

I went to their presentation last week. I found out today that I did not pass their stupid assessment. It was timed and without a calculator. I did not get to all of the questions because of the time. Just stupid. I can still get hired as a C/S rep and take the series 7 exam on my own. I may consider this.


Hey, We leave for Boise in a week. The vacation and race should be fun. 


Too busy with job application process to train.

Race Report is up!

Today is a scheduled rest day. I had lots of errands to do. Car wash, oil change, going through my closet and research on jobs. check, check, check and check.

Tomorrow, I have three appointments scheduled for jobs. A second with Prudential and presentaions at ICM and Ameriprise.

I feel good today, not sore anywhere.

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Time est. Splits not up

I had a good time today. Sorry about making everyone wait for my slow a$$. It did'nt help that I was in one of the last waves to start. I do not know my official results but I know I beat my time for Soma. I was on a pace for about a 3:20 until my hammys got tight and my stomach was giving me issues. I slowed down to avoid injury.

You know what I love about us Cool Kids? We support each other regardless if we are racing. Harry brought out the new tent with some drinks. Jen & Zach were there the whole time cheering us on. This was great.

I'll get a RR up tomorrow. After the race, I went to lunch with my family and then came home to take a nap and chill. The heat today kind of wiped me out. I also had some stomach issues on the bike and run. I hope this is not some ominous sign for Boise. I probably will need all of the 8 hours given to complete the race.

Not doing much today. Spending some time with my family and hydrating for tomorrows race. It's going to be hot. I will also get my gear together so that the morning goes nice and smooth.
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A little warm up prior to yoga

  • Yoga
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You would think that Yoga would be easy after all of the various training we do. It has gotten better but I swear I have the tightest muscles around.

Some info on the job orientations yesterday.


Sales position. I would basically get a small salary for 3 months during training and then go straight to commission only (with some bonus). I will have to network and build leads continuousy. I would get to do financial planning and would basically control my business. I dunno. I have always had a fixed salary. I have an assessment on Tuesday.

Charles Schwab-

Well, I went to talk to Chuck yesterday. I like the location right under Squaw Peak at 24th and Lincoln. This is a call center job. I would service customers and make trades. I would get a salary plus some qtr bonus. What I really like is the training is for a series 7 license. Most other firms are training for a series 6. One can sell mutual funds with a 6 and trade indvidual stocks and sell everything with a 7. I'm not sure if I want to sit on the phones with a inflexible schedule in a call center again. Heck, it may not matter. I took their two part assessment last night that was timed and it was hard. No calculators could be used. So there was a bunch of long division and multiplication problems. I mean seriously, I have not done those problems w/o a calc since junior high. I should hear about this on Monday. 

The job fair was successful. I came away with three information/interview sessions. Two of them are today. I also was told to expect a few more phone calls. So that was nice. I focused on Ameriprise, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, Prudential and Principal.

My resume was reviewed for feedback and the guy said it looked very good. He mentioned that I could take off my military exp. I mentioned that I wanted to highlight the military. He stated that was good and could be brought up in interviews but on the resume it could place an age on me. Ahh! good point. Considering the agony, I went through to write it, the positive feedback was welcomed.

Today, I am meeting with Prudential and Charles Schwab. This will take up most of the day and evening. I have to get dressed up in a monkey suit. I need to find a tie that will work or go buy one quickly. Ties can look pretty dated fairly quickly.

I got my results from the CFP exam. I did not pass. The pass rate was 57% I was not surprised but disappointed none the less. It may have been premature to take the exam prior to getting into the field. With that said, several people were impressed yesterday that I had taken it.

No training today. I can get some in tomorrow. I picked up my race packet for Tempe Int'l yesterday. Taper will begin for Boise starting next week.

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