• 40m
  • 3.25 miles
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  • 1h 00m
  • 16.00 miles
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  • 15m
  • 300.00 yards
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A little spinny and swimmy today. I was just not feelin it in the water so I shut it down. I had no real agenda. I just wanted to get in the water a little bit.


I rarely get sore after workouts. Angel must have kicked my behind the other day as My glutes and hammys are a wee bit tender.

Studying just takes the joy out of life. Hopefully, the big test will be over soon.

  • 1h 15m

Total Conditioning with Angel

Tough day for the family yesterday. We had to put down one of Emmy's guinea pigs. Pretty sad even for a tough guy triathlete.  She got sick last week and the vet said it could be a spinal issue or bacterial infection. This was after looking at an x-ray. So, we gave her the meds prescribed and watched over her. Well turns out it was a spinal injury of some sort. Not sure how it happened or what caused it but she essentially ended up paralized at her rear. She could not feel her feet. She also could not relieve herself.

We did our best to save her because she was one of Emmy's first pets. I placed a picture of her in my album. She is the black and white one.

I may get in a run tonight. We'll see.

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