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Just some easy spinning

I am going to try to get some spin class this evening. I decided yesterday afternoon that I should clean up my gear bags and rinse out my wetsuit that was in one of them. Hey, it has only been a week. Shelley was worried that my wetsuit would be ruined from sitting crumpled in a bag for a week. If it was the middle of summer, I would have been worried too. To my defense, this stuff was at Ken's house all week not mine. Other than that it is quiet around here. Back to work today.

I went to the gym for some Total Conditioning. Got there and was all excited until I saw the sub teacher walk in. Of all the choices for a sub, she is just about at the bottom. So, I walked out and went to RunAZ and talked to Dan about my IM. Sounds good right? I will start back up next week. This holiday has been a wrinkle in my plans.
Went on a hot date with Shell. We went and saw the Michael Jackson Movie "This is it." He looked healthy but thin and certainly was ready to go. The movie did not really touch on his death except for some words on the screen. There also was no interview with him. Most of the movie was rehearsal footage of each song. Some of them had opening video sequences which looked very good. Thriller for instance.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Race Report is up! I will try to post a link.
It is just now starting to sink in that I am an Ironman. There are so many memories of the training and the race. Going in I thought I would just be beat up after the race, however I am no more sore than a half marathon. I was actually able to run slowly a bit on Monday. I am not quite sure what to do with myself now that this goal has been reached. I'll take a few more days off from running and start to ramp up for PF Chang's. I'll start swimming again in a few weeks. I'm not sure when I will see the bike on the raod. With that said, I felt very comfortable on the bike and did not want to throw it when done. So, I could go for some easy rides here and there. I will work on RR today.

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