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3:19 PM

Today I have a 5 miel run scheduled and unfortunately it looks like it is going to be a dread mill run. One thing I want to focus on is my run cadence I have never even looked at this before, but I was talking to a friend of mine today and he asked me about it. We discussed it awhile and I figure that I should take a look and see what my cadence is while running. I am hoping for a cadence of 90, but I doubt it will be that high.

So I figured out that my run cadence now is approximately 86 and my HR stays around 154. When I did focus on my cadence, it made my run seem easier, I do not know if that was because I was focusing on something besides the miles or what, but this is something I need to look into more.

I am really starting to get nervous about this marathon, I have been in such a funk these past 2 weeks that I really am starting to wonder if I can even finish it. I had a goal time set, but now I am questioning that as well. everything is up in the air for some reason... I don't like feeling like this.
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very windy run

It was a pretty uneventful run, lots of wind that day. Only thing to say was that my hip flexors really bothered me, so much that I had to stop and try and stretch it out as best I could.  Still not 100% confident on the full 26.2 miles, but having done at least one 20 miler and a couple of 16 milers gives me a little confidence.

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At the hotel treadmill

It was tough, but I actually got out of the hotel bed and went downstairs to run on the treadmill. This is not the best part of town to launch out on the streets it doesn;t seem, but I am happy with myself for going downstairs and hitting the mill. Normally I make an excuse and I have had a hard time getting up for runs lately, so I hope this spring boards me back into looking forward to my runs instead of dreading them.

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