• 1h 10m 47s
  • 9.35 miles
  • 07m 34s /Mi

Kings Park 15k
Mile Splits: 6:53, 7:39, 8:47, 7:27, 6:43, 7:34, 8:38, 7:19, 7:07, 7:27

Woke up to howling winds, like 30mph gusts and a real feel temp of 22 degrees. BUT... it's KP 15k. A runners race on a runners hilly course. And it'll be my 9th time running it. And I'll be in a super-cranky mood all weekend if I don't go. It's my benchmark race. It's a hard course that makes most all other courses (except Harryman or Quassy) feel easy.

Long story short, I went out pretty hard and held it and felt strong from start to finish. I felt exceptionally strong at the end. I did slow considerably on the tougher climbs and, as always, it simply comes down to my weight -- which I am working on. But overall, this tied for my 3rd fastest time OA.

I need to lose another 10lbs to go 7:00 flat or under on this course. That's the goal for next year!

Day 2 of Smoothie Shred and I'm Luvin' It!   Super yummy and super healthy.  Went to BJ's and got a bunch of big bags of spinach leaves and kale; and a bunch of bags of frozen fruit: mango, strawberry's, blueberry's and even frozen avocado.  Add a few super ripe bananas -- and BAM!!  Yummy nutritious, low cal green smoothie.  

  • 39m 09s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 09m 45s /Mi

super easy. Got a race tomorrow :-)

  • 26m 15s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 01m 45s /100 meters

500 WU @ 9:15
50 KB - not timed
500 Mod
50 KB - not timed
3 X 100 @ 1:40
200 CD

Wait, let me check something... yep, my first Zwift Race podium glow is still there  .  

11 days at 181 pounds... guessing this is what you call a plateau!!  Still counting every calorie; even on the occasional bad days!!  Obviously I have to go slightly more aggressive with the caloric deficit.  And I know I have plenty of junk calories to cut out, and should replace them with veggies -- which will provide 100% more nutrition and 90% less calories.  I'm working on it!  Little by slow .  Making my first green smoothie shake today and using a recipe KIMMAX/Marcia gave me.  

Another Recovery Run today, followed by a medium long but EZ swim.  Then tomorrow will be my 9th time running the Kings Park 15k.  It's a hilly beast!  

Run #1
  • 31m 15s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 10m 05s /Mi

Recovery - jogging around Zwift.
100 HR! HA!!

Run #2
  • 31m 03s
  • 3.09 miles
  • 10m 03s /Mi

Recovery Run #2
108 AVG HR
76/94 ST Runs. Just need 4 Runs by Sunday to Hit 80/100 Runs. I'll be thrilled with that! Especially considering my original 90/100 goal got derailed by some carpet nails a month back.

Still enjoying my afterglow from my first Zwift Podium 

Now to focus on some Running and Swimming!

Bike #1
  • 18m 13s
  • 3.99 miles
  • 13.14 Mi/hr

Innsbruck Pre-Race WU

Bike #2
  • 41m 36s
  • 16.72 miles
  • 24.12 Mi/hr

3rd Place (C Group) - FIRST PODIUM!!! Innsbruckring - 3 Laps (26.4km/16.4mi 231m) (C)
First time racing with the TRON BIKE and I gabbed my first ZwiftPower Podium!!!

Strava link:

3.1 w/kg AVG - PR!!
258W AVG
Speed 24.1mi/h 41.8mi/h
Heart Rate 148bpm 162bpm
Cadence 86 106
Power 253W 707W
Calories 653
Elapsed Time 41:36

First race with the Tron bike, and  got my first Podium!!  3rd Place C group.  I stayed with the same group the entire 3 laps.  Amazingly I out-sprinted every racer in my group, which was 7+ cyclists.  What a feeling!  

I utilized every preparatory technique and every Zwift racing tactic I've learned to date.  Meaning:  Yesterday was an EZ bike, capped at 190 watts.  I didn't run, swim or exercise at all before the race.  I had a proper 20+ minute warm up.  I ate well and just enough.  I wore my Zoot recovery tights all day.  My basement was 56 degrees, with two fans going.  I was as well prepared as I could be.     

For the race itself, I lined up early so I was near the front.  I went very hard for the first minute; just above 300 watts.  But as soon as my HR went over 140 I started scaling it back.  I quickly settled into the second main group.  I didn't lead much, but purposefully stayed toward the front.  The few times I ended up at the back, when the climb approached I made certain to get to the front before the climb!  I needed to make sure I gauged my climb effort and kept the front cyclists of the group in my sight.  First time up the climb I had an Aero Helmet power-up that I saved.  I just focused on hitting 300W+ for that first climb and it worked well.    

I almost did get gapped off the back after that first climb on the downhill and then straightaway for the first sprint, so I had to use my Aero Helmet and hope I'd get another later on (which I did!).  On the climb I aimed to hit 300+ and that was my goal.  Used a Feather power-up on the second climb halfway up.  Made sure to put in power on the downhill as well.  

The group settled in on the flats between hills and I concentrated on belly breathing, relaxing my upper body and all muscles that weren't required for cycling so I could lower my HR.   We caught a ton of C Riders that fell of the front main pack throughout the race.

On the final climb with approx 3 miles to go (see the picture below, which I might frame - seriously!)  I gave it my ALL.  I actually led the group up the climb, on the downhill, and had a little gap when it flattened out.  My HR was in Zone 5 (150's for me) and I was suffering; but I was laser-focused and felt strong!  Admittedly the TRON Bike did give me confidence! 

With under a mile to go on the flats the pace kicked up and I was holding around 280+ watts to stay top 3.  When the mileage counter read: .3 of a mile to go, I counted to 10 slowly and then had my son hit the space bar to activate my Aero Helmet power-up.  Nobody else had started their sprint or activated a power-up and I caught them ALL napping!!!  I clicked down 1 gear, closed my eyes, sucked in and out and cycled as HARD AS I COULD!!  My son was screaming, "Go Dad, Go!  Don't let up!!  Push Push Push!!"  After :20 seconds of agonizing suffering, I looked up and saw I was about to catch a rider from ahead, and NO ONE from my group was near me.  They were all 10+ meters back.  I sat up, gave one last :05 second kick and spun across the Finish Line victorious!! 

I've been training and racing on Zwift consistently since November, and after 25 races finally a Podium!!  Huge Props to my son Brandon who roots me on in person; and my BFF Dale Toce who races alongside me (most always in front actually).  It takes a Village.    

  • 1h 57m 10s
  • 15.90 miles
  • 8.14 Mi/hr

SST Long Z1/ Low Z2
173W Avg
AVH HR 111

After five long months of consistent Zwifting -- I finally un-locked the TRON BIKE last night!!

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