• 28m 52s
  • 1828.80 meters
  • 01m 35s /100 meters

I'll never complain about being 170 lbs, because it's a great weight.  But I feel doomed to be stuck here!  Brutally hard to go below 170 for me... good problem to have though.  I think as temps trend up, and I hit these last two Training Blocks with high volume and RP intensity, it'll happen on its own.  I know.. it's a process.... 

Swim tonight with my friend Matt.  

And oh yeah... IT'S RACE WEEK!  It's only a pool sprint Tri this Sunday, but it's the first Tri I ever did.  And I'm just excited to race :-)

  • 1h 59m 16s
  • 15.05 miles
  • 07m 56s /Mi

Long Run - 10' WU, 80' Z2, 30' Z3
AVG HR 125 (dead center Z2)

Mile 12 @ 7:41
Mile 13 @ 7:41
Mile 14 @ 7:25
Mile 15 @ 7:33

Super duper stoked with those splits after 10+ miles. Once again showing me the 100/100 is paying huge dividends. And I finished the Run w/ a decent amount left in the tank. So happy.

Bike #1
  • 2h 30m 13s
  • 64.05 miles
  • 25.58 Mi/hr

3R Endurance Ride
AVG HR 119

Felt pretty good the whole ride. Glad my bike endurance is OK!

  • 50m 51s
  • 6.22 miles
  • 08m 11s /Mi
Bike #2
  • 05m 50s
  • 1.49 miles
  • 15.33 Mi/hr

  • 31m 01s
  • 1828.80 meters
  • 01m 42s /100 meters

  • 31m 52s
  • 1.26 miles
  • 25m 17s /Mi

I slept a good 12 hours.  Woke up every time I rolled over on my arm.  My arm at injection site is sore!  Like Mike Tyson punched me in the arm sore.  Supposedly it won't last much longer.  I may try a super EZ Bike tonight.  Like 60% intensity.  Can't see myself swimming until tomorrow night the earliest.  Although, I heard when the arm pain disappears it just *poof* vanishes.  

This 3-week training Block has been blah at best. My run fitness from the 100/100 is the bright spot.  But my Bike has certainly plateaued (albeit at the highest FTP I've ever had).  And my swim is actually really good too despite only being back swimming a short time.  I guess I'm in a lot better spot then I've ever been 10-weeks out from a 70.3 .... but I was trending to be a lot stronger and faster.  And last week I couldn't hit my Bike workouts at all. And this week the vaccine shot is derailing my training.  

I'm already dreading my second shot on April 28th... which will be in the dead-center of my next 3-week training block.  I'm going to make sure and get some extra Swims in right before the second shot!

  • 06m 50s
  • 0.77 miles
  • 08m 52s /Mi

Got the Pfizer cover-19 vaccination and my HR is a good 20 beats higher then it should be. I also feel some high fatigue. Glad I didn't get vaccinated during my 100/100 !!!

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