• 35m 06s
  • 4.06 miles
  • 08m 39s /Mi

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.83 miles
  • 17.83 Mi/hr

Watopia/ TR: Spencer
170W Avg
5 X 3 minute VO2 Max repeats @ 120% FTP. OUCHIE!!!

  • 54m 19s
  • 6.23 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi

Brick Run around the lake, nice and easy pace. Loving the cool weather. Bout time!

Only got in only 7 hours last week of Run/Bike training but I had a lot of high-end, quality intensity.  Based off my 40k TT Bike PR a few weeks ago, and I'm just 58 miles from 4,000 miles for the year, I'm at peak Bike fitness -- for now.  I can still improve but need to work on improving my power-to-weight ratio, which includes dropping some serious KG's.  And I also need to start incorporating a weekly strength routine specific to building Bike strength.  I plan to do both things over the course of the Winter and the next 5 months.  But I want to turn my immediate focus to getting my Running on par with my Cycling.  My Running endurance is decent, but I'd like to get some Run speed back.  From my experience strides and track work alone only gets me a small bump in speed.  I need to greatly increase and maintain volume to see any sizable increase in speed.  With the 100/100 coming in 19 days, I'm looking to build my weekly 26 mile Run avg up to around 40 miles per week.  I'd also reeeeally like to hit 100 Runs I00 days, or at least 90.  We'll see what the body allows.   

Run #1
  • 20m 59s
  • 2.59 miles
  • 08m 06s /Mi

WU and attempt #2 at Smithtown Mile. Stopped about 1k into the effort cause I was feeling herring and off 5:5X pace. Limped back to the start of the segment.

Run #2
  • 06m 23s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 06m 19s /Mi

Decided to start my Garmin fresh for the 1 mile segment so my pace and time were pure. I paced better then attempt #1 and #2... but I still ended a second slower than attempt #1 on Thursday. Reality is I am not in 5:5X mile shape. oh well.

Run #3
  • 55m 28s
  • 6.39 miles
  • 08m 41s /Mi

Left my car in Smithtown and ran home on the bypass bike/run path. It was splendid!

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