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EZ Aerobic

The Evil Empire bought themselves another Championship.  Whoopty-doo.  Today is one of those days that feels like "Groundhog's Day".  Really.  It feels like yesterday, and the yesterday before that, and... well, you get the picture   I may venture to the YMCA 30 minutes west, or more-likely I'll just run a very EZ 50 minutes.  I have a 10k race this Sunday morning; no need to do any Tempo until Race morning. 

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I'm thinking it, but I'm not going to say it.

84.2 RPM

Ugh.  The YMCA is not going to reopen until December 1st.  It's politics and it's nonsense.  I'm going to have to drive further to the other Y which is older, little dirty, and always crowded.  I'm going to shoot for just one Swim per week, and then once my Y reopens in December, I'm going to try and hit the pool 3 X a week.

Drainer later.  So excited ;)

  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
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  • 07m 46s /Mi

Negative Splits. Started EZ and built to Moderate Effort.

Watched a huge, red full moon slowly rise.

My son has off for Election Day.  So it's me, the boy, and the dog today.  Yeah, I'm gonna get a lot of work done.  Will Run when wife gets home :)

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84.0 RPM

Just for the record, I'm going to say this once and just get it out of the way, and I promise not to say it again or be negative all Winter long, but I really need to say this just once: I HATE the Trainer.

Watched the end of 'Killing Zoe'. Eric Stoltz best movie, next to his bit part on Pulp Fiction, by a long shot.

It was a pretty good weekend.  Kids had a blast on Halloween.  The NYC Marathon rocked yesterday.  And my Ranger's won.  It was also a damn good October.  A half Ironmnan, a Marathon, huge focus on Recovery, Reverse-tapered nicely, got the running base safely back to 25-miles per week.  The Focus for November and December will be to Build fitness on the Bike, maintain the Run base of 25-miles per week (no need to bump it up higher than that during the Winter) and try to get to the pool 2 or 3 X a week. 

Goals by year end are 3300 miles on the Bike, 1,000 miles Running, and the Swim is up in the air because my YMCA is still closed due to heater problems. 

Starting Jorge's Winter Bike Maintenance today.

  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3
  • 1h 18m 36s
  • 10.33 miles
  • 07m 37s /Mi

I so want to sign up for the SOS Triathlon... it's open right now.  Race day is September 12th, 2010 and only 150 people can enter!! Survival of the Shawangunks is an eight part wilderness adventure race that includes one cycling segment, four trail running segments, and three open water lake swims.  The lakes are fresh, very drinkable, mountain water.  The mountain views throughout the race are breathtakingly amazing. For each swim leg you have to tuck your shoes into your tri suit or come up with a "system" to keep them, dry -- some people put them in a dry sack and pull them.  It's definitely a "Bucket List" triathlon race, but the "Boston Marathon" is also on my bucket lis, so I wanna try to Qualify for that first :) 

Not since 1982 has an American won the NYC Marathon.  Giddy up!SOS

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    • 20.01 Mi/hr


    Getting cold out there! Caught up to my son's bus and chased it for a 1/2 mile and met him when he got off. Lots of fun :)

    • 31m 39s
    • 4.07 miles
    • 07m 47s /Mi


    RPE 4 First 3, RPE 5 Last Mile.

    Was going to do 10k but I was fatigued from staying up late last night and watching the Yankees, getting up at 5:45 AM to give blood, and then a very busy work day.

    Halloween and the NYC Marathon, all in one weekend.  How often does that happen?  Very cool.  Might take the P2 out today for one last ride of 2008. 

    I can't get enough of this video.  She reminds me a little of Madonna circa 1986. 

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