We got 22 inches of snow.  Kids are going beserk.  Our cars are completely covered in snow drifts.  Looks like I'll be riding the trainer again.

  • 55m 01s
  • 6.52 miles
  • 08m 26s /Mi

Z1-Z2 Run in the Snow. Need to slow down and run this pace more often if I want to increase my weekly run volume to 30+. Also need to keep my legs fresh for my Bike Intervals.

  • 1h 15m 05s
  • 24.31 miles
  • 19.43 Mi/hr


Week 5, Q3 later today while watching Kona on NBC.

  • 40m 38s
  • 2050.00 meters
  • 01m 59s /100 meters

1 X 450 WU
1 X 500 Moderate
1 X 900 Mod/Tempo
1 X 150 CD
1 X 50 @ :46

Today's swim was tough. I was fatigued but I pushed through. My lats were throbbing afterwards, so I'm doing something right :)

I think I'm joining the gym.  Like today.  There is -- as the weatherman said it -- a potent winter storm headed my way.  There is a blizzard warning for Long Island.  Despite the snow, it's 20 freaking degrees outside!  20 degrees is just too cold to train outside.  Swim today?


  • 1h 03m 07s
  • 7.71 miles
  • 08m 11s /Mi

29 Degrees - Real Feel Temp 18. Yup, it's time to join the gym.

Legs felt fine this afternoon so I ran. Legs felt really good throughout.

Slept like a rock last night :)  Legs are feeling a little banged up today.  So I'm not sure, but I may Swim again; or if it warms up a little, I may go Mountain Biking and just do a short EZ run after.  We'll see.  It's freeezing out again! 

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 8
  • 52m 23s
  • 2650.00 meters
  • 01m 59s /100 meters

1 X 2000 (40 min straight swim)
1 X 500
100m @ 1:43
50m @ :40 (was pretty tired by this point)

I feel like Michael Phelps at the Holtsville YMCA. The average age, no joke, has to be 75 yrs old. And it's packed in this place. I think I was the only person under 60 there today.

  • 1h 04m 21s
  • 20.35 miles
  • 18.97 Mi/hr

WK 5, Q2
89 RPM

My Rangers suck. They just look terrible.

Glad I got my LR in outside yesterday; it's brutally cold out today.  Stinging to the skin cold.  With my daughter back in school, I'm finally starting to catch up on stuff.  10 Days Till Christmas!

Swim at Lunch.  Jorge WK 5, Q2 tonight while watching Rangers vs. Islanders. ... oh yeah!

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 1h 47m 15s
  • 13.67 miles
  • 07m 51s /Mi

Aerobic Long Run

Trained heavy with my fuel belt full and my trainers on, and more clothing than I needed. I really wanted to do 14 or 15 miles, but my legs felt like lead toward the end. I'm going to attribute this to accumulated training fatigue (intervals on the bike and running 8 miles the other day.) So I had plenty of energy, perfect weather (upper 40's, light breeze, mostly overcast) but the legs weren't letting me go any longer.

I'm thinking also my Asics 1130's have seen better days. I think quite a few runs in the rain have accelerated their lifespan and I'm going to declare this there 'last official Long Run'. Damn I got my 60 bucks worth outta those kicks!

  • Stretching
  • 15m

Yoga, foam rolling, tennis ball on the piriformis.

My little girl went back to school today.  She gave me so many hugs and kisses before she left in the van with my wife.  She breaks my heart, in a good way of course.  I feel a Long Run coming on today :)

Santa is bringing me new trainers.  Check out these bad boys!   Asics Gel-DS Trainer 14 -- 9.4 oz of speeeeed :)


  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
  • 55m 36s
  • 17.73 miles
  • 19.13 Mi/hr

Week 5, Q1
88.2 RPM

I looked at the session - 5 X 3' - and thought, "Ah, Jorge is giving us an easy session to start this week. WRONG!" 5 X 3' looks so easy on paper :)

My mind and spirit is craving a Long Run badly.  Between the fiasco in the woods, and the freezing rain, it just wasn't happening yesterday.  (Plus my in-laws were over so I didn't want to be too rude.)  I'd run Long today, but I kept my daughter home.  Her breathing was horrible last night.  Her asthma acts up terribly when the temperatures plunge.  I'll go Long sometime this week.  :) 

Drainer tonight.  Week 5, Q1. 

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 4

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