Going crazy trying to get everything ready and head up with the family to Rhode Island.  My back spoke broke on my Eastons (that I was going to use to race) and after driving to two different Bike/ Tri shops neither had an Easton sapim bladed pull back drive-side spoke.  Seriously, it's called something like that -- and bottomine is: it's special order from Easton.  SO A BIG THANKS TO CHARLIE LUNCHBOX FOR LENDING ME HIS FELT TIRES!! Thanks Charlie ;)

I'll catch up on inspires when I get back.  If anyone wants to track me on ironman.com's live tracker, and my 4th attempt at a sub 5 HIM ;)  my full name is Robert MacDowell.   ...will I get the Sub 5, probably not.  By I picked my username for a reason.  And if it takes me the 4th time or the 14th, I will keep chasing it.  :) 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 5
  • 14m 22s
  • 3.41 miles
  • 14.24 Mi/hr

EZ Taper Effort/ All Small Ring

BROKE A SPOKE! 5 mins prior to breaking my back spoke, I hit 27.4 mph on a downhill (without pedalling). Thank God it broke when I was on a flat section, and Thank God it broke today and not on Sunday!!

Looks like I'm off to the Tri shop!!

  • 17m 58s
  • 804.67 meters
  • 02m 14s /100 meters

OWS Cedar Beach

Super Choppy Water!! First half was with the current - 6:27!

Against the current going back was tough but a lot of fun!!

  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
  • 1h 19m 22s
  • 26.77 miles
  • 20.24 Mi/hr

Aerobic Bike
RPE 4-5
spun EZ up all the Hills
Lots of headwinds, def more headwind than tailwinds so considering the conditions and the RPE I am very pleased with the overall results.

  • 31m 51s
  • 3.95 miles
  • 08m 04s /Mi

BRICK / Aerobic Run
RPE 3-4
3 X EZ Hill Repeats
Very pleased with the average HR and effort.

Overall I am digging the Advanced HIM Taper much more than the Beginner HIM Taper - which was just too much Taper for too long. This Taper is feeling much better, for me.

Loving the Tour de France.  The Time Trial last night was amazing.  Can't believe Lance missed Yellow by 100th's of a second.

EZ Brick at lunchtime.

For the Record, the Garmin Co.  ROCKS!  I mailed my broken watch less than 10 days ago and I got a brand new one back via FedEx yesterday.  WoW!

Sport #1
  • Massage
  • 45m

Sports massage, followed by half A.R.T half Race Prep Stretching Session. Got a little beat up, feel a little sleepy.

Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 20m

Sports massage, followed by half A.R.T half Race Prep Stretching Session. Got a little beat up, feel a little sleepy.

I feel good this morning.  A little tired, but the body (legs especially) feel reasonably good.  Starting to get my agenda together for my trip.  Not sure if today is going to be a Rest Day or not.  Either today or tomorrow will be one. 

Sports Massage this afternoon, followed by A.R.T stretching. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3
  • 32m 49s
  • 1600.00 meters
  • 02m 03s /100 meters

Half Recovery, Half Tempo

WU: 300m, then 6 X 50 on 10" Rest
MS: 6 X 100 on 20" Rest

50m Kickboard
CD: 300m
50m Kickboard

Man I suck with a kickboard - super-slow. One thing I vowed to work on, since last years RI race that I haven't, was my kickboard drills.

Lots of great sports on TV this weekend.  Hyvee Triathlon was awesome yesterday, and I am really enjoying watching the Tour de France.  All good stuff.  Great weather this weekend, too.  80 degrees and crystal blue skies.  What a weekend.

Body is still tired and sore.  Need to focus on eating well this week and resting. 

EZ/ slow Swim this afternoon.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • 2h 31m 04s
  • 45.80 miles
  • 18.19 Mi/hr

EZ ride with some Sprint Intervals

Rode with Mike, who had his road bike, so for whatever weird reason I kept riding my P2 like a road bike, up on the hoods. Go figure.

Took one 3mph embaressing fall. Recovered well though and the bike is fine.

Now... now it's Taper time.

My body is tired.  10 hours last week and 9 hours this week, with plenty of Aerobic and Tempo work -- and my two week build for Rhode Island is finally done.  This week, this week will be a very easy week.  Lots of slow swimming, some slow biking, and a little of some VERY slow running.  Lots of Rest this week too.  A focus on nutrition and some Yoga.  Once I am 90% plus recovered, around Wednesday or Thursday, I'll do some super short intensity of all three disciplines, then a few more days of Rest... and then it's time to see what I'm made of.  Time to see if I can finally put together the 70.3 half-marathon run I am capable of.  Tick tock... tick tock...  tick.... tock.

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