• 53m 36s
  • 2800.00 meters
  • 01m 55s /100 meters

Swim: WU: 2 X 300
MS: 8x100 @75% effort. Rest is 20".
Then 8x100 Rest is 15"
400 pull
CD: 200

Today's swim was so much easier than Monday's!

  • 51m 08s
  • 6.26 miles
  • 08m 10s /Mi

Paced my friend Bill. Was supposed to be an 8:32 pace, but we ended up going a little faster. I stormed up the James St. Hill!

*Strongly considering doing the Philadelphia Marathon.  Figuring I can comfortably build my running base to 30 mi per week between now and my HIM on October 4th, while still focusing on Swimming and Biking.  One week Recovery after my HIM.  Then 5 weeks of Build and 75% Running Focus, Biking and Swimming for Recovery ; One week taper ; then the Marathon Nov. 22nd ; then "shutting it ALL down" for the month of December and the Holidays (very light s/b/r only) ; then slow build in January and Ironman training beginning in February.  Perhaps I'd be better served to (for Ironman purposes) to do a Swim and Bike trainer focus in late Oct thru November ... but I really think I want to run another Marathon, and I really don't want to wait from October 4th till May for a race.  Just me rambling aloud.  I'll sleep on this idea and see how it sounds tomorrow. 

FINALLY a good night's sleep.  Kiddies are going school shopping today.  Can't believe my oldest starts Kindergarten in just a few weeks.  I'm too young to have a child in elementary school!!  ;) 

Swim at Lunch.  Cow Harbor 10k training run tonight. 

  • 46m 49s
  • 15.56 miles
  • 19.94 Mi/hr

Lunchtime bike got pushed back due to work and dentist, and then bike got cut short due to lack of sunlight. First 30 mins EZ, pushed a little at the end.

  • 22m 35s
  • 3.16 miles
  • 07m 09s /Mi

Mini Brick (Dusk)
The last 2 miles HURT. PUSHED THROUGH THE PAIN. Legs and glutes are 100% healed. No more Tempo this week all Aerobic and EZ.

*My Sub 5 HIM Diet Starts right now 11:07 AM, today, August 11th.  I just ate my last snack: a small black & white cookie :).  I know if I want a legit shot at going Sub 5 and placing in my AG in the only HIM on Long Island, I have to lose roughly 10 lbs between now and Oct. 4th.  Due to my volume of training, I am not going to deny myself food; I am just going to deny myself junk food and severely limit processed food.  I can eat all the fresh fruits, veggies and meats I want ; but no Junk Food.  Seven and a half measley weeks of strict clean eating is worth it, to me, for the chance at a goal that is beyond my wildest dreams and will last a lifetime. :)

Last night I had yet another "Race Day and I'm not prepared and forget all my stuff at home" dream.  And when I mean I forgot all my stuff, I didn't bring anything but a bike and jogging pants.  Weird, I know.  Kids kept waking me up last night, too.  My sleep sucks lately and it's driving me crazy.  I cannot wait till school starts and we can get back on a solid schedule.

Bike at Lunch.

  • Health data: Sick: 1
  • 54m 20s
  • 2800.00 meters
  • 01m 56s /100 meters

Swim: WU: 300 & 6x50 on 10" rest.
MS: 20x100 on 20" rest
CD: 200

The main set was HARD. Every 5th set I took a minute Rest. I was fatigued from yesterdays BRICK and I figured it was better to take a little extra rest so I could maintain better form, thus getting better work done in the long run. If I don't have a sick swim time my next HIM, after all this work in the pool, there's gonna be hell to pay! ;)

Wore my CompressRX Recovery tights to bed.  They were a little hot for this time of year, but they did the trick.   

Swim at Lunch and maybe a short EZ run tonight.

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 4 Sick: 1
  • 2h 49m 07s
  • 56.13 miles
  • 19.91 Mi/hr

RPE 4-5
New bike fit is AWESOME! Cloud cover was nice too. Was supposed to do 4 hours, and since it was cloudy I figured I didn't need that much nutrition... turns out I was wrong. At mile 43 I had 1 gel and only half a water bottle left... experience has taught me, live to fight another day. So I did and cut the ride short. There is always next weekend :)

I'm very happy with my bike speed due to my new fit, considering my first 5 mile avg was 17.9 mph and pure warm up, I had a great OA Avg and felt my strongest in the latter miles.

  • 54m 34s
  • 7.08 miles
  • 07m 43s /Mi

Aerobic BRICK
First 6 miles easy pace, started suffering bad the last mile. Maintained strong form throughout.

A mean, PAINFUL golf ball session (thanks Ronen!) on Friday night seemed to 'once and for all' take care of my left glute issue. Zero pain!

Today's BRICK is a testament to how far I've come in this sport.  I started the week with knee pain on the bike, and a painful left HIP Flexor/ Glute issue.  I ended up with one of my best training weeks ever.  This was not accomplished by my own means or knowledge at all.  It was accomplished by taking suggestions from other triathletes, and other people in the triathlon world.  I am so thankful for the BT and triahlon community in general and could not be the athlete I am today without the help, guidance and inspiration from everyone.  Thanks everyone :)

    So yesterday was supposed to be a Rest Day, and instead I got all three disciplines in.  Everyone keeps telling me after doing back-to-back HIM's I shouldn't follow a plan and just do what I feel like -- so I did :) 

    Tomorrow morning is the four-hour bike.  Yikes!

    • 1h 18m 52s
    • 26.72 miles
    • 20.33 Mi/hr

    Diggin' the new bike fit. I am sitting back further on the bike than ever before. And suddenly I am thinking maybe the Adamo is an option I should try ;)

    • 20m 36s
    • 805.00 meters
    • 02m 34s /100 meters

    OWS no Wetsuit

    Family day at Cedar Beach. Dad went for a swim :)
    First 1/4 mile was against the current: 13 mins. Swimming back 1/4 mile with the current: just 7 mins.

    Was cool OWS without a wetsuit. And No Sign of any Jellies!!

    • 23m 29s
    • 3.13 miles
    • 07m 30s /Mi

    1 mile WU
    1 mile Tempo
    1 mile RACE PACE

    No left glute pain :)

    Got the TRIPLE in today :)  Got work done today; got lots of family time in; got lots of training in; enjoyed the beautiful weather; PERFECT DAY!

    My sleeping pattern stinks right now.  Up at midnight, then up again from 3 AM to 4 AM, and the kids slept in their own beds the entire night - so I have no one to blame this time.  Hmmm...  Perhaps I'm not training hard enough? 

    Today's supposed to be a Rest day, according to my plan.  And tomorrow is a 4 hour bike.  I've never spent 4 hours on a bike.  This should be interesting. 

    • Health data: Sick: 2
    Swim #1
    • 18m 48s
    • 1000.00 meters
    • 01m 53s /100 meters

    1000m Time Trial

    This is my first 1,000m time trial ever... why, I don't know. At the very end I came to the conclusion that a 1,000m swim TT is like a 5k road race; painful. I wanted to go really hard the last few laps, but the pepperioni and olives from the two slices of Chuck E. Cheeses pizza I had at a kids birthday party just prior kept threatening to come up. And if it did, I'm not sure they'd let me come back to the Y :)

    • 39m 58s
    • 4.64 miles
    • 08m 37s /Mi

    EZ Run

    Just slowly building some mileage. EZ does it. Wanted to bike but it was raining. Came this || close to pulling out the trainer... but didn't. Wanted to then jump on the bike later in the afternoon but I had to take the kids to a Chuck E. Cheeses birthday party, yay! Actually had fun though ;)

    Swim #2
    • 13m 20s
    • 650.00 meters
    • 02m 03s /100 meters

    400m WU
    250 CD, Backstroke and free

    Kids are in terrible summertime schedule of staying up late, sleeping late.  They had us up all night and both ended up in our bed.  Despite having a king-sized bed it's not big enough for four people across that all like to sleep stretched out!!

    Not sure what's on the agenda today... bike, swim, maybe both.  I'm tired ...yaaaaawn. 

    • Health data: Sick: 2

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