• 1h 14m 29s
  • 10.06 miles
  • 07m 24s /Mi

Aerobic Medium-Long Run @ Marathon Pace
-.02 seconds BQ Pace!

Weather was trememdous - 60 degrees and overcast; legs felt pretty light and fresh, turning over easy; head was tired and fatigued. Hopefully 6 days of EZ short runs and a few more naps will remedy that.

  • Stretching
  • 20m

yoga, it band, foam, ice

Yesterday we had a blast at Fink's Farm Fall Festival.  I led two 4-yr-olds, two six-yr-olds a 7-yr old, and 12-yr old through the six-acre Fink's Corn Maze in 23 minutes flat.  I RULE!  We took a hay ride, shot corn cobs from air guns, ate corn cobs & hot dogs, watched a pig race, picked pumpkins, and then we came home and I took a 2 hour nap. :)  I'll post pics tomorrow.

Going Pumpkin Picking with the family today.  Great thing about living way out in Eastern Long Island is, the pumpking patch is literally down the block from me! 

Pfitz has me resting today.  So maybe a super-EZ spin later.  I have to start letting the legs Recover.   


  • 38m 21s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 07m 39s /Mi

Ran in a rain storm. Downpouring rain, driving winds, good times :) Was supposed to run Recovery pace but I wasn't about to lolly-gag out there. Broke out the under armour long sleeve for the first time since Winter.

  • Chiropractic
  • 30m

E-stim right piriformis, back adjustment, A.R.T on right piriformis (DAMN THAT EFFING HURT), stretched hips, it bands and tfl's.

Wow, it's October.  Lots of cool things going on this month!! I really need to learn some discipline during my taper, and stop stuffing cookies into my face.  I CRAVE DISCIPLINE!!!   

5-mile Recovery Run and A.R.T today.


  • 28m 10s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 01m 53s /100 meters

1 X 500 Mod
1 X 500 Mod w/ PB
5 X 100 ever 2'
100m kickboard (not timed)

Legs feel really good this morning.  May go for a swim today and have lunch with Mom.  God Bless my Mother for raising me right.  As a youngster she always taught me to be aggressive, but she also taught me to play fair and never cheat.  The reason I say this is because I was just reading about some marathon history and came across a story about Rosie Ruiz. In 1980, Rosie Ruiz Vivas crossed the Boston Marathon finish line before all other women and was initially credited with the win, but was later stripped of her title when it was found that she had not run the entire course.  She was found out at first by her fellow competitors.   What makes someone like this tick, I never want to know.  What makes people empathize with people like Rosie, again - I never want to know.   

Run #1
  • 1h 14m 53s
  • 9.54 miles
  • 07m 51s /Mi

1st Part of Long Run.
Shoreham Hills
Garmin database filled up and I had to delete workouts before I continued.

I had the Magic on my Long Run. Thank You God! :)

Run #2
  • 43m 15s
  • 5.73 miles
  • 07m 33s /Mi

2nd Part of Long Run.
Total Time: 1:58:08
15.27 miles, 7:44 AVG

All Flat - legs and form felt very smooth the last 10k. Last Long Run before Steamtown is DONE! Now... 11 Day Taper commences.

I wore my *magic* zoot compressRX tights last night.  Everybody wants some presto magic, magic, magic  It's gonna rain biblically tomorrow, so I'm gonna give it a go today and see what happens...  maybe I'll have the magic in me.

Steamtown.  Somewhere around Mile 8.

Running is my drug.  I've been doing lots of it the past two months, but not-so-much the last week and as a result I am going through withdrawal.  As crazy as it sounds, inside I am jammed up and strung out

The first part of the Cow Harbor 10k is a screaming half mile-long downhill and the last .2 of a mile is dowhill.  I creamed the first mile with a 6:08 pace and the final finish line stretch was an astounding 5:40 pace.  Now, 3 days later, my quads are still smashed.  I'll try and spin it out tonight.  I need to remember and be grateful that I'll be arriving at the Marathon start injury free; I need to be grateful I had an amazing string of beautfiul weather for my marathon training, and coincidentally now that I can't run, it's been pouring out the last few days. 

Spin tonight.  Swim tomorrow.  I should be running again by Thursday. 

*To make myself feel better about my 10k race I checked the numbers from last year to this year.  In 2009 22% of the field ran sub 8:00 avg.  This year, only 15%.  Just trying to use numbers to help scrape together some confidence for my marathon. ;) 

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 4
  • 20m 58s
  • 2.41 miles
  • 08m 42s /Mi


Originally planned to run 10 miles, but my quads HURT so I stopped.

  • Stretching
  • 30m

it band, foam roller, the-stick, yoga, ICE BATH

My little girl is sick so it looks like all other appointments and training will be on hold today.  Off to the pediatrican. . .

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 3

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