• 48m 43s
  • 2500.00 meters
  • 01m 57s /100 meters

1 X 1500 (28:46 - 1:55 avg)
100m kickboard (not timed)
1 X 500 w/ Pull Buoy
100m kickboard (not timed)
1 X 500 EZ
50m kickboard (not timed)

My lats were sore and stinging after that 1500m straight swim. Some of today's Swim HURT. Good Times :)

I had to open my big, fat mouth yesterday and whine about not having an 'Off Button'.  Sure enough, out of nowhere after yesterdays Run, I feel a bruise on my middle, outer left foot.  Oy vey.  Siiiiiigh.  I may not have an 'Off Button' but I certainly have an 'Injury Switch'.  I'm sure this is just a minor injury and it will be fine in a day or two, but it's a sobering reminder that I am just a mortal idiot. :)

Good news is: I'm on Day 2 of my Diet.  Day 1 is succesfully in the books.

Swim again today.  Yippey.

  • 39m 12s
  • 2000.00 meters
  • 01m 58s /100 meters

1 X 500 WU
100 kickboard (not timed)
1 X 500 w/ Pull Buoy
100 kickboard (not timed)
1 X 500 Moderate
100 kickboard (not timed)
1 X 500 CD

Wow, feel awesome after this swim. Had a nice long stroke. Pull Buoy is really teaching me to keep hips high and glide across top of water.

  • 39m 32s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 07m 55s /Mi


Killer sunset.

We'll try this again - Swim today. 

Oh, and today I start my Diet.  It's a combination Frutarian/ Neanderthal-Man/ Paleo/ No Processed Sugar Diet.  In other words: I will be a miserable cranky prick for the next 4 or 5 days :) 

WHERE THE HECK DID EVERYONE GO?  I came to this site because I found 'my kind of people'.  People addicted to endurance sport, speed, competition, adventure.  But the last few weeks everyone is all about "the Off Season".  For me, I can't turn this switch off.  I've looked all over my body - inside and out - and I cannot find the OFF Button.  I'm hoping between Philly and then my first 'Baby Ultra' in 2 months, I'll find it for January/ February.  More than likely, I'll just simply focus on trainer Cycling and Swimming.

1:00 -  Soooo... I'm standing in my undies at the YMCA locker room, digging through my knapsack looking for my swim suit.  Insert the scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie looses all the lug nuts on the side of the road ... Fuuuuuuudge  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgx1sSfriIA&feature=related .  Forgot my suit at home.  So I went to Borders books and bought Triathlete's World Magazine (UK magazine) and the book Running Through the Wall - Personal Encounters With the Ultramarathon  http://www.amazon.com/Running-Through-Wall-Encounters-Ultramarathon/dp/1891369377/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1289243849&sr=8-1 .  Can't wait to read it :) 

Crazy weather here on Long Island this morning.  Brutal winds and freezing rain just became snow.  A blizzard in early November.  The ground is still too warm to allow accumulations, but I can't help but wonder if this is a preview for the winter we are about to endure. 

I watched the NYC Marathon yesterday and was really pulling for Shalane Flanagan, as I think every American watching was.  It would have been so great to have a US woman take first, but second will do - I guess. 

Wore my Zoot compressRX tights all day until 10 o'clock at night, and my legs feel perfect this morning.  It's gotta be them magic tights. ;):)  Swim today.


  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 4
  • 2h 18m 13s
  • 16.73 miles
  • 08m 16s /Mi

Long Run w/ Bill

38 degrees and windy out to start, brrrrrr!. Hills felt super-EZ today. I am looking forward to the taper over the next few weeks. Body is strong, but the body is tired.

Didn't work out yesterday.  Took a nap at 4PM instead :)

Housework today -- yippey.  Maybe 45 mins on the drainer, or 45 min EZ run.  Gotta do something.  Tomorrow will be a 6:15 AM, 36 degree, head-lamp start for a 17-mile Run with Bill.  I am so glad I made the decision to Run with Bill at Philly and be his 'domestique' - I'll hold his gels, some extra drinks, worry about the splits, and have the motivational slogans ready to roll at a moments notice; it truly takes the pressure off of me.  Aside from a 5k on December 4th and a Half Mary in the early Spring, I don't have to worry about 'time goals' for any long course events for a long time -  really, until Boston 2012.  For my HIM's, IMUSA, and the the 50k and 50-miler I have planned in 2011, it's all going to be about an even, aerobic but honest and consistent effort.  Whatever time the clock reads when I cross that white line will be just fine with me.  :)

  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
  • 31m 16s
  • 1700.00 meters
  • 01m 50s /100 meters

1 X 300 WU
3 X 100 every 2'
50 kick (not timed)
200 Pull w/ Pull Buoy
100 kick (not timed)
1 X 300 every 2'
200 w/ Pull Buoy
1 X 300 Hard
1 X 100 CD

It's finally Friday.  In my 13 years of working as a salesman for the same company, Friday has never - never lost it's luster.  It has always been a glorious day.  Thank God it's Friday. 

Swim at lunch.

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • 1h 04m 27s
  • 8.01 miles
  • 08m 03s /Mi

Aerobic Relaxed Pace in the mist.

  • Stretching
  • 20m

I've been thinking.  And I've made a decision to Run with my friend Bill at Philadelphia.  I got a PR at the Marathon this year and qualified for Boston.  If I run Philly and do a 3:15 again, or even go 3:10 - what's the point?  For me, my next Marathon goal is sub 3 hours and I need about 20 more weeks of training and to shed 10 to 15 lbs before I can even attempt that 'Dream Chaser/ Bucket List Goal'.  So nothing right now could give me greater joy than helping my buddy, whom I consistently do Long Runs with, to help him get a PR.  I mean, he doesn't need me to PR, but I'm sure he'll enjoy the company and some extra motivation during that last 10k. 

If it lets up raining later, I think I'll go for a Run.   

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