• 1h 05m 29s
  • 3600.00 meters
  • 01m 49s /100 meters

500 WU
400 w/ PB
5 X 400 @ :45 sec rest
(1:47 1:46 1:48 1:49 1:50)
400 w/ PB
300 CD

Focus on long reach, fully extending shoulders, pulling with lats, rotating on side (rolling hips and reaching; not just laying flat on stomach and chest) Started getting fatigued the last two 400's and my form started falling apart, resulting in the slower times.

The mode button and power button fell off my Garmin Forerunner 305.  I've had this happen to three forerunners in the last 4 years, and had one repaired.  I called Garmin and explained this to them and they are sending me a new one for free!!  May Rest today or may Swim tonight.  Slept till 10:30 AM this morning - yeah baby! 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 11
  • 1h 12m 24s
  • 4103.00 meters
  • 01m 46s /100 meters

2 Loops of WildWood Lake, front and back. One out & back across. Here's the route Derrick and I swam:


I haven't swam since last Thursday and the first mile my shoulders and lats were hating me! I was sore, tight, it was awful. Then after 30 minutes everything loosened up and swimming felt easy and I was getting some wicked speed. I really feel my stroke lengthening with the all the lake swimming.

  • 1h 01m 23s
  • 7.86 miles
  • 07m 49s /Mi

Z2 Aerobic. That hurt. Pretty darn hot and humid out. No shade. Felt more like a 2-hour run. Wanted to stop and walk a dozen times.

So nice to feel normal this morning.  Got up at 5 AM and most of the fatigue from the weekend is gone.  Normally weekend training fatigue only lasts Monday, sometimes into Tuesday.  Now, thanks to Ironman training, it's been lasting till Wednesday night!

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • 1h 17m 42s
  • 25.18 miles
  • 19.44 Mi/hr

Z2. Same exact route as yesterday. Legs are more tired today and it's hotter and windier out today.

I'm tired.

Damn I've been neglecting my swim. Will get to the pool tonight and OPW lake swim with Derrick tomorrow. I need to get a lot more swims in.

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 16m 15s
  • 25.18 miles
  • 19.81 Mi/hr

Z2/Z3 Felt pretty good. First ride since Mike's accident. 88 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Simply marvelous.

  • 37m 40s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 07m 31s /Mi

Transition Run. Started in Z1, went up to Z2, then Z3 and finished off Z4. Went through all the gears :) Felt good to have some speed today after all the long, slow workouts.

FYI: I'm done whining and crying about Ironman Training.  Note to self:  Of course this is fucking hard.  DUH!  I think doing most of my workouts during the hottest part of the day, and doing a lot of work outside during the hottest part of the day took a toll on me.  In fact, I missed the first two hours of my own BBQ yesterday.  My BIL and Dad had to man my grill while 24 guests were here, and I was upstairs in bed passed out for two hours. 

Bottom-line is, it's a privlege to be able to train almost every afternoon.  Heck, it's a privilege to be able to afford (monetarily and physically) to be able to do an Ironman.  I'm doing this Ironman because the vast majority of my friends and family cannot.  I am doing this Ironman to test myself.  To dig deeper than I've ever dug before.  To explore my soul, to face adversity, to grow as an individual.   

  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 12
  • 07m 58s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 07m 58s /Mi

4th of July 1-mile Kid Race

I paced my son. He took 17th OA, 1st in his AG Male 8 & Under. My daughter also ran her first race and finished 6th in her AG.

Yeah, not sure what got into me yesterday.  I had a weird Jerry Maguire moment.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Iq6lOSoPM&feature=related
But I'm good now.  In fact, I'm great!  I am doing the Ironman for the adventure of it.  The excitement.  The sense of accomplishment.  So my family can be proud of me.  I am doing it because it will inspire my kids and hopefully inspire others.  I am doing this because like Fred says: it's really, really, really hard!!  And the harder something is, the more satisfaction I feel when I complete it. 

I am doing the Ironman for the simple reason that I CAN.  I CAN do this.  I WILL do this.  

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 1
  • 2h 48m 06s
  • 20.28 miles
  • 08m 17s /Mi

Lap 1 - 10.03 mi @ 8:16 avg
Lap 2 - 10.25 mi @ 8:18 avg

Holy humidity Batman. Good thing was it was mostly cloudy, but pretty muggy. Went through about a half gallon of gatorade. Took a a quick break between laps and refueled and changed into 2nd dry outfit. First 3 miles of this run were just awful. Then the body and legs cames around.

Oh, and I'm practicing what I preach. I ran at the hottest most humid point of the day. I know if I had run this early in the morning, or the evening, I probably would have ran around 8:00 flat avg or just under. And I would have suffered A LOT less. But that's not going to prepare me as well for the true TEST on July 24th.

  • Stretching
  • 30m

ice bath, yoga, foam roller, stick


DAMMIT, I can't get a 100-mile bike ride in
.  Fudge.  Somehow my biggest volume week ever culminated with needing to fiinish the landscaping around my pool, digging a trench around said pool, weeding, and moving 3 yards of rocks to prepare for 20+ people coming over for 4th of July tomorrow night.  I'm beyond wiped out.  I am toast.  Stick a fork in me.  And I'm out of caffeine gels.  WTF.  Four plus years of training and I've never, ever been without my caffeine gels for Long Workouts.  But shit, this all pales in comparison to the fact my buddy and Ironman Lake Placid training partner Mike is walking around with his left arm in a sling.  Sigh...  breaks my heart to see him like this...  wondering if all his training over the last six months was for naught.  I know the feeling all too well.  And I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I always believed people when they said "Making it to the start of an Ironman healthy is the toughest battle."  I really did believe them.  After an injury and DNS for myself last year.  After my buddy Sean went over his handle-bars last year during his last Long Ride for LP.  After seeing Mike hit the pavement yesterday. After hearing of the carnage in my own Tri Team.  The surgery our local Kona hero has scheduled.  Seeing all the people DNS from last years thread and this years thread.  Yeah... it's truly sunk in. 

I met a coach at one of the OPWS and she admitted to training on avg 15 to 17 hours a week.  She did Rev3 half, and just chicked me!  But she also admitted she has zero desire to do an Ironman.  I met another gent just this week at another OPWS.  He's been swimming at this lake for 4 years.  He kept swimming after we finished our 2-miles.  Yet... he too admitted, he has no desire to do an Ironman.  I know a handful of coaches who have admitted, the true motivation behind them doing an Ironman was just to get it on their resume. Which I see nothing wrong with but truth is, if not for their coaching business, many would stay at the 70.3 distance.  Even at the scene of my friend Mike's accident, the girl was in the middle of an 18-mile long run.  And she kept asking me about our training and the Ironman distances.  And she couldn't conceive running a marathon after all that swimming and biking.  

Yeah, it's starting to sink in how crazy this Ironman stuff is.  Other endurance athletes think it's crazy.  Even athletes entirely capable of completing and even 'competing' in an Ironman don't want any part of it.  I'm beginning to question the Ironman.  Is it healthy?  Is it gluttony?  Is it too much?  Is this too punishing to the body and soul? 


  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 12
  • 3h 21m 30s
  • 62.80 miles
  • 18.70 Mi/hr

My friend Mike went over the handle-bars and wiped out pretty good. He was turning to say hi to a girl he knew running. We helped him to the side of the road and he introduced me to the girl. A minute later he introduced us again, and then again, and then again. He then asked me ten times if his bike was okay. His short term memory was gone. I took a look at his helmet and the foam was cracked straight through on the side toward the front. I called his wife to take him to the hospital. And I called my wife to come get me cause I was not in the state of mind to keep riding. His shoulder was also pretty banged up. Going to the hospital shortly to check up on him.

Please feel free to send him some get well wishes. Mike trains as hard and consistent as anyone I know, and hopefully his head and shoulder are okay and he can still toe the line in three weeks. http://beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/training/index-weekly.asp?...

  • Stretching
  • 20m

ice bath, foam roller, yoga, stick

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2

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