• 1h 30m 49s
  • 30.24 miles
  • 19.98 Mi/hr

Race Specific Prep

Flower Hill to Mill Rd out & back. Tried to keep it around 85% of Threshold, only I don't have a powertap (and I couldn't find my HR strap) so just did my best with RPE. Took rests at lights and on a few short sections.

If anyone as an *extra* powertap back wheel they want to sell for cheap - send me a PM.

  • 20m 23s
  • 2.92 miles
  • 06m 59s /Mi

Race Specific Prep. Quick change Transition Run. Focus on Form. Deep rythmic relaxed breathing. Quick cadence.

CRAP! VET just wieghed him at 75 Pounds~~!!


Remember those stuffed animals called Pound Puppies.  Yeah, that's what I have - only Roscoe is a sixty-pound puppy. :)  What a day I had with him yesterday.  He came in from outside and me and my daughter, while eating breakfast, were overcome with the most rotten, disgusting smell.  Turns out Roscoe rolled around on a dead bird in the backyard.  Giving him a bath was an adventure.  Later he chewed an expensive area rug, and then later when I came home from running errands, he was so happy to see me he jumped up and peed all over my arm.  I love the dog cause he's just so grateful to have a home and be alive; cause the next stop for him was back to the kill shelter - but nevertheless, a sixty-pound puppy that acts a puppy, is a lot of work.  :)  Today's adventure is our first visit to the vet...


  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • 29m 24s
  • 1690.00 meters
  • 01m 44s /100 meters

Wildwood Lake w/ Derrick. Once again, focusing on the new stroke. Lake was actually choppy with some waves.

  • 58m 05s
  • 7.79 miles
  • 07m 28s /Mi

Focus on Form and Speed
5' Dynamic Stretching WU
Aerobic w/ 6 X 50 yard strides @ 6:45 - 6:50 pace.

  • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • 2h 15m 12s
  • 46.13 miles
  • 20.47 Mi/hr

Bike with Wynn. 6 X 10'@ Threshold on 2" recovery up and down Dune Rd. Quality.

  • 29m 12s
  • 1690.00 meters
  • 01m 44s /100 meters

I listened really carefully to one of the Swim coaches at the USAT course. Implemented everything he showed us about his stroke; completely entirely changed my stroke - and BAM... lower stroke count, much less effort, and a huge PR.

Effectively, I've traded swimming with 'Power' for swimming with 'Technique'. For me, this alone was worth the cost of the clinic. I have hope I can now go close to 30 mins flat, or perhaps sub 30, at the Poconos lake swim.

USAT Level 1 Course - WOW was that A LOT of information in a small amount of time.  I'm burnt out.  So burnt, I drove 40 mins past the New London Ferry exit and missed my 7 PM ferry!  Luckily I caught the 8 PM ferry, which is the last one, by a whopping 2 mins.  USAT course was a big eye opener for me.  It was like going to OZ and pulling back the curtain; only the Wizard(s) were impressive.  The presenters were all elite coaches who have been coaching for a long time, sharing the un-sugar coated nuts & bolts of how they train athletes using the latest science along with proven concepts and models.  Good stuff.  

What I quickly learned is that I eat and train pretty inefficiently.  Lots to tweak and change.   

USAT Level 1 Course in Providence, RI.  Had lunch with Kathy G. :)

*Plan was to BRICK today, but I'm exhausted.  So the workout became a NAP.

Happy Birthday to me.  Big three eight.  Only twenty-four more months to the dreaded four zero.  Ditched my swim this morning with Ian.  Needed more sleep.  Wife's guinea pig bit the dust and the wife was a ball of tears, so once again I found myself digging a grave by flashlight.  Puppy is tiring me out, too.  And my kids have been fighting and driving me crazy, to boot.  All lovely bullshit excuses - sad but true.  I'm tired.  I sort of get a break as I leave tonight for Rhode Island and won't return till Saturday night.  If driving to Orient Point and then up to Providence to sit in information-packed presentations for two days, then driving back Saturday night is a 'break'?  Spending my birthday today at DMV renewing my license and getting new tires on the Camry.  Who's got it better than me? ;):)

  • Health data: Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 2

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