Run #1
  • 42m 48s
  • 6.28 miles
  • 06m 49s /Mi

OA 205/4572
AG 20/330

Great race. Superb weather - mid 60's, overcast, light breeze. I executed well and maintained good form for 5.5 miles. Lost :46 seconds compared to last year; but I'm 100% fine with that cause this year I'm 20-days removed from an Ironman. I compared my splits to last year and I was actually faster on some flats and downhills (first mile downhill was a 6:05!), but lost two :20 second chunks on two of the tougher climbs - probably cause I didn't do as much hillwork lately with IMLOU being flat and all.

Psyched for my friend and running buddy Bill who shattered his previous 45:01 Cow Harbor 10k PR with a 43:13. And Big Shout Out to Mrs. Ted with a 1:01 in only her 2nd road race ever! :)

Run #2
  • 10m 37s
  • 1.15 miles
  • 09m 14s /Mi

Cool down run a mile uphill.

Got a nice stretch last night from James at True Sport Care, followed by 40 mins in the MVP Recovery Pump pants.  Legs feel pretty good for this mornings race.  Like Mr T. said in Rocky IV - today's prediction is: PAIN! 

    • RACE DAY: Great Cow Harbor 10K Run
    • 28m 38s
    • 1690.00 meters
    • 01m 41s /100 meters

    Wildwood Lake with Derrick. Made another slight tweak to the stroke, for the better, and shaved off a minute from the last two swims with the new stroke.

    Super-ridiculously stoked that I'm flirting with 1:3X per 100m pace and it's based on technique and form; not effort. As of right now, I cannot swim with this technqiue fast enough to feel like I'm above a 6/10 RPE. If I push above that RPE, the stroke just falls apart and I start swallowing water - so looking forward to doing a lot of SKILL work in the pool this winter. This new stroke, and a few pounds dropped, could be my ticket...

    • Stretching
    • 1h 10m

    45 mins in the Recovery pants. 25 min stretch/massage from James.


    Feelingly nicely fatigued.  Goal is to engage in some short Active Recovery today.  Need to find a leotard for my daughter.  Tomorrow morning I'm swimming with Derrick.  And then Friday eve I'm getting a short stretch at True Sport Care and spending 40 mins in the Recovery Pump pants to prepare for Cow Harbor on Saturday.  Cow Harbor 10k is a nationally recognized 10k with roughly 5k participants and the 1st wave always includes olympians.  This will be my 7th consecutive time toeing the line there, and it marks my 7th Anniversary of racing as Cow was my first race ever, of any kind, back in 2006.  Sunday will be more Active Recovery, and then Monday a bunch of us are going out to Montauk Point to do one-loop of the MighytMan Bike and Run course, for my last endurance, race-specific brick workout.  Then it's time to taper. :)


    • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2
    • 1h 30m 49s
    • 30.24 miles
    • 19.98 Mi/hr

    Race Specific Prep

    Flower Hill to Mill Rd out & back. Tried to keep it around 85% of Threshold, only I don't have a powertap (and I couldn't find my HR strap) so just did my best with RPE. Took rests at lights and on a few short sections.

    If anyone as an *extra* powertap back wheel they want to sell for cheap - send me a PM.

    • 20m 23s
    • 2.92 miles
    • 06m 59s /Mi

    Race Specific Prep. Quick change Transition Run. Focus on Form. Deep rythmic relaxed breathing. Quick cadence.

    CRAP! VET just wieghed him at 75 Pounds~~!!


    Remember those stuffed animals called Pound Puppies.  Yeah, that's what I have - only Roscoe is a sixty-pound puppy. :)  What a day I had with him yesterday.  He came in from outside and me and my daughter, while eating breakfast, were overcome with the most rotten, disgusting smell.  Turns out Roscoe rolled around on a dead bird in the backyard.  Giving him a bath was an adventure.  Later he chewed an expensive area rug, and then later when I came home from running errands, he was so happy to see me he jumped up and peed all over my arm.  I love the dog cause he's just so grateful to have a home and be alive; cause the next stop for him was back to the kill shelter - but nevertheless, a sixty-pound puppy that acts a puppy, is a lot of work.  :)  Today's adventure is our first visit to the vet...


    • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
    • 29m 24s
    • 1690.00 meters
    • 01m 44s /100 meters

    Wildwood Lake w/ Derrick. Once again, focusing on the new stroke. Lake was actually choppy with some waves.

    • 58m 05s
    • 7.79 miles
    • 07m 28s /Mi

    Focus on Form and Speed
    5' Dynamic Stretching WU
    Aerobic w/ 6 X 50 yard strides @ 6:45 - 6:50 pace.

    • Health data: Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
    • 2h 15m 12s
    • 46.13 miles
    • 20.47 Mi/hr

    Bike with Wynn. 6 X 10'@ Threshold on 2" recovery up and down Dune Rd. Quality.

    • 29m 12s
    • 1690.00 meters
    • 01m 44s /100 meters

    I listened really carefully to one of the Swim coaches at the USAT course. Implemented everything he showed us about his stroke; completely entirely changed my stroke - and BAM... lower stroke count, much less effort, and a huge PR.

    Effectively, I've traded swimming with 'Power' for swimming with 'Technique'. For me, this alone was worth the cost of the clinic. I have hope I can now go close to 30 mins flat, or perhaps sub 30, at the Poconos lake swim.

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