• 57m 58s
  • 5.99 miles
  • 09m 41s /Mi

  • 54m 28s
  • 6.29 miles
  • 08m 40s /Mi
  • 1h 51m 26s
  • 33.45 miles
  • 18.01 Mi/hr

Bigger Loop | TR: Ochoco
187W Avg

  • 1h 56m 55s
  • 49.50 miles
  • -----

ZSUN Base Builder
215 AVG Power

Ate ice cream last night and felt like pure garbage on todays ride. Coincidence -- unfortunately not.

  • 57m 50s
  • 6.26 miles
  • 09m 14s /Mi

  • 54m 47s
  • 6.23 miles
  • 08m 47s /Mi

Hate when my weight goes up.  Had some extra salt yesterday so attributing it to water weight.  Legs are a touch sore today -- aiming for a super easy Run and TR Pettit, so active recovery day fo' sure!!

Bike #1
  • 09m 28s
  • 3.41 miles
  • 21.61 Mi/hr

WU. Wanted a longer warm up but the dog wouldn't come in and I had to chase her...

Bike #2
  • 59m 39s
  • 23.29 miles
  • 23.43 Mi/hr

Tour de Zwft Stage 7 | Jungle Route 4 Laps
278 AVG/ 293 NP / 3.6 w/kg
AVG HR 136

Stayed w/ 1st group and got popped at 12’. Stayed 2nd group till 23’ — popped again on climb. Stayed with 3rd group until 5k to go. Raced with another Evo rider to the finish and SMOKED him on the Sprint! Mu-hahahahaha.

  • 55m 11s
  • 6.25 miles
  • 08m 50s /Mi

Sidewalks around the lake are covered in snow again. Luckily it's only about a total of a half mile stretch where I literally am running on a busy road with NO SHOULDER. The shoulder is literally a single white line. But I wear my uber bright neon yellow Sugoi jacket, and so far no close calls.

I'm into the teens for Runs left!!! Feb 22nd is in sight!

  • 56m 27s
  • 6.30 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

To quote Dr. Ellie Arroway: "I'm okay to go!"

Slept a solid 10 hours and feel pretty good this morning.  I was tempted to reach for the Sugar Pops cereal or the M&M pancakes my wife had made... but I chose my organic oatmeal instead.  I really want to keep my upward trajectory of Bike/Run fitness and strength going.  My weight has leveled out at 172 pounds but my waist has gotten considerably smaller, so I'm certain I gained muscle -- so the leveling out is fine and another weight drop will come in time.  

I'm tempted to start doing squats with weight (I do air squats as part of my Run WU) but I'm going to wait the 19 days till my 100/100 Run challenge is over and then I'm going to build more bike-specific strength with weights.  I MUST get back in the Pool. Targeting next week. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
Bike #1
  • 12m 10s
  • 3.69 miles
  • 18.20 Mi/hr

WU on Harrogate course. 175 watt avg. Deciding to keep 70% Trainer Difficulty ...or not. Heck, it worked last race. Let's go with it again.

Bike #2
  • 40m 53s
  • 17.55 miles
  • 25.76 Mi/hr

Zwift Racing League | WTRL EMEA E1 Div 7 (B)
AVG Watts 287 / NP 301
341 Watts for 5'
318 Watts for 10'
299 Watts for 20'
11th OA in the Race. 8th first Sprint; 3rd 2nd Sprint


This was the breakout race performance I've been hoping and waiting for, it seems forever. But as I look back, it was bound to happen and it was slowly building.

In November and once in December I raced 4 Innsbruckring in C Category and won 1st OA in three of them and 2nd in the other. And I did it with not much effort. Then I took 6 weeks off from Zwift racing from 11/26 to 1/8 racing only once. During that time I rode consistently doing my TrainerRoad workouts; doing badge hunt long aerobic efforts; and was in the process of losing 5.2 kg to date.

In my first race back on Jan 8th @ Crit City (C) I got 1st OA and set new PR's 279 Watt avg/ 303 NP, 3.5 w/kg AVG ... but it was only a 16 minute long race. But I knew I could've held longer and I drafted the whole race so this still wasn't my full potential -- and I'd won handily.

Then Zwift Racing League started and I'm still a C Rider so joined a C Team. The first 2 races it was moderately easy staying at the front, even in the opening minutes. And I only pushed on the short climbs, and demolished everyone when I did. But the courses were both fairly flat so I was playing tactics of conserving energy and just exerting myself for Points and the Finish. And I finished 2nd in first two races.

Then came the 3rd ZRL race and it was my ol' faithful 3-lap Innsbruckring flat course followed by the Innsbruck KOM climb. A formidable 20' + long climb. Finally I was going to see where my fitness was really at. I drafted the first 3 laps, but I went very hard on the Leg Snapper and the Sprint right after, even winning the Sprint on the 3rd lap. Those efforts really gassed me and I was unsure how I'd do not the climb. Long story short, I gave it 110% on the climb and did 271 Watts for 24' (after 40' of flat racing and 6 short hard efforts). And ZwiftPower had enough of my shenanigans and booted me up to B Rider. *** And Rusty/ Tankboy had called it. He knew I couldn't hide on that climb!!!

So a week later here we are with me at my first legit B Race, on the saw-tooth elevation profile that is Harrogate. I made my pain cave as cold as possible, fan blaring, trainer difficulty at 70% so I can grind the climbs, drank my C4 pre-workout with 150 mg of caffeine. I hadn't run in 29 hours (ran 7 AM the day before). Wore my Zoot Recvoery tights the day before and slept in them. (And couldn't help but notice my quads were curved and sculpted like I've never seen them in 10 years of pulling these tights on! I actually thought to myself, there's gotta be more power in there.) I did some Yoga. Hydrated well and ate super clean. Everything was Recovery-focused (other than some snowblowing.). And BOOM = BREAKOUT RIDE!!

There was no soft-pedaling whatsoever on this ride; except for the descents. I used my Zwift racing skills to make sure I stayed top 20 at all costs, because a smaller group never breaks from 20. I spun hard and went into the KOM hard each time to keep contact. I lost contact not the first KOM climb, but again since I was top 14 or so, the group eventually came back together. First Sprint I went very hard and actually hit my peak power for the race (777 Watts). Then a lap later, because the tempo was high and everyone was tired, on the final sprint I was able to take 3rd cause no one wanted to try as hard for it with the finish just a few kilometers away. I knew I wasn't contesting for the win so I took the Sprint points for my team.

On the final finish stretch I'd kept my feather for the 10% kick up. I had my son deploy it who was watching and rooting me on. I held on to the very back of the group the best I could, but I had nothing left. I was letting out loud shouts of pain. I was secretly hoping to hold on and then Sprint for a Podium. And that's what I did. Sort of. When the countdown mileage showed 200 meters... that's normal when I go into ANIMAL MODE and just go mental trying to rip the cranks off the bike. But instead of just tried to hold the wheel of the rider in front of me, and waiting to 150 meters cause the gas tank was on fumes. I managed 673 watt peak, and looking at the data my HR only got to 150 (Max HR is 161 normally on a Sprint)/ so clearly I was gassed and this was all I had. I'd have to settle for 11th. But really, I was THRILLED to just be contesting for the Podium in my first B Race.

  • 57m 02s
  • 6.25 miles
  • 09m 08s /Mi

E is for Empty
HR 115

Body felt strong, legs are super used to running after hard hard or long trainer efforts now. But I was very depleted of energy. 2 miles in I popped a Clif Mocha Gel and I felt much better.
And once again the damn sidewalks aren't shoveled so I have to run in the road and jump into the snow when cars come. As long I'm vigilant and paying attn it's fine.

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