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hill workout at LA Fitness on tread. Forgot test strap but at least had hr from wrist. Got some super high readings, but I *think* I was in the proper hr zones. Really never do grade work on the tread so it was "fun" to do something different. Cough. Suck fun lol.

  • 20m

bodyweight wo

  • Golf
  • 1h 12m

Imported from API Another 9 in the warm and wind with Sherry at Cypress Links. Just love this little par 3 9 hole course. So many birds and some longer holes so not all super short. Got a par this time and hit some nice shots. :D

the boys had a blast and caught fish on the boat they rented. Glad Dave is feeling better and having fun.

The boy is going to Richmond to look at a car. Le Sigh. I am stressed out that he will not have one by the time I get back to the mitten and I have doc and mammogram appointments, plus they both have their schedules. UGH.

Run and bodyweight stuff was good. Had fun golfing, got the house cleaned a bit and we had supper at the Joint. I ordered a big fat burger and damn it was good. Its such a fun little bar. Super cheap eats (not just bar food either...Sherry had scallops) and drinks. Then we hit the beach for a walk and sunset. Never ever gets old. I'm a very lucky girl.

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