The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 2h 30m 17s
  • 42.53 miles
  • 16.98 Mi/hr

30' wu then 3x5'z4,4' z1/2 with a 15' build to z3 after. rest to time z2.

Not a good feeling ride. HR was high(felt high?) first hour, neck hurt, glute hurt, knee hurt. Bah. Shifting was clunky even though I got it adjusted yesterday. Meh. Not really a confidence boost at all.

Icing on the shit cake, low speed avg. I repeat, Meh.

  • 30m 43s
  • 2.81 miles
  • 10m 56s /Mi

3x3' z4+, 4' z1/2. Ooof. Not fun. Temps were very nice though.

bike got new tires and chain yesterday, and Ron worked on derailed? Shifting seems clunky today tho.

Decided to ride solo and go to Island Lake for more elevation since I reread my camp notes and race report. Lots of climbing up to 12% and I have not ridden at IL but a couple times this year. Man, I am not feeling ready. Neck bothered me, right glute bothered me, had a few twinges in my right knee, hr seemed elevated again for the first hour and on the run too. Not confidence building.

Chose to shut it down at 2:30 vs 3:30. Just didn't see the point of riding more with the pains and what not. Did manage to do the prescribed work though so I at least have that going for me.

Brick run was ok. Had z4+ so not easy, but focused on form and did what what prescribed.

Crap, next Sunday is gonna be a long assed day.

  • 1h 26m 57s
  • 3679.01 meters
  • 02m 22s /100 meters

wetsuit in lake. worked a little harder than normal on way back. Mostly flat water. Left shoulder was cranky for about 1000 yards, then fine.

  • 1h 13m 14s
  • 6.00 miles
  • 12m 13s /Mi

hot and run was meant to be z1/2. HR crept up a lot, so I walked a lot. Bah!

  • 1h 16m
  • 20.00 miles
  • 15.79 Mi/hr

the light switch v2. Lots of z5 with equal recovery, spin to 120 at end. Pretty spicy since all I've done is z2/3. Legs liked it.

  • 24m

  • 1h 15m 45s
  • 3141.98 meters
  • 02m 25s /100 meters

switched to gps/glonass and no difference in yardage. Yep, I'm really this slow

  • 1h 13m 55s
  • 6.36 miles
  • 11m 37s /Mi

nice and cool. Post swim, but I had a snack. Legs felt very meh.

  • 1h 07m
  • 21.10 miles
  • 18.90 Mi/hr

builder bike. rode late afternoon as I slept in so late this am. Bummed to miss chatter and wish Jeff well at 70.3 worlds.

  • 35m 17s
  • 3.03 miles
  • 11m 38s /Mi

brick outside. to m59 and back with a little side road

had a "dream" about the race. Sat at a cafe and had a snack for 30 minutes before going into T2 and then saw Sister on the run in an all white rock n roll ensemble...white jeans, long glittery feathery sweater thingy and bling glasses. My brain is super weird.

Face is still swollen and now I have turkey neck from the situation. So weird. Icing and Benadryl. Riding on trainer (slept through group ride!) cause I don't trust my reaction time. Bah humbug.

I also will be missing Potters gathering. It is being held by his wife at their home on 9/25. Sad to be missing this, even though it would be hard. I think I may change into my Potters Platoon shirt for the run. Have not decided yet.

  • 42m
Still swollen, and it is "spreading" somehow? My lip is even more swollen and sort of down my neck. Hurts less though. Sucks. It can last up to a week. Gross.

  • 1h 20m 13s
  • 6.92 miles
  • 11m 35s /Mi

humid but cooler. ran from home. z1/2 for 60' then z3. Wore tall compression socks. Run felt fine.

Got my run in early with the game today. Face is HIDEOUS. Swelled a bunch overnight. Even with more Benadryl at night. I had Dave google what to do. Took more antihistamine and ibuprofen to help with pain. Spent tailgaiting covering my mouth. Dave kept calling me the elephant man jokingly. He's not far off! UGH

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