• 44m 43s
  • 12.92 miles
  • 17.34 Mi/hr

45 min ride
15 wu
3x2' race pace effort w/ 3' ez between
15 cd

  • 03m
  • 0.33 miles
  • 09m 05s /Mi

quick t2 practice from house up and down the street

  • 20m

hip,knee, glute pt

I think I went harder than race pace during the intervals...but if felt good and I hit 27 mph at one point...Sweet!  It was windy out so that was good...I know it will be windy on Sunday in the farmland!  Felt good on the teeny tiny brick.  I used body glide on the tri shoes, but I still struggle getting them off.  I'll practice this again later today, and tomorrow too.  I am NOT gonna have the bonehead  shoe move from Kensington on Sunday...maybe a new one, but not the shoe issue!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 43m 52s
  • 12.68 miles
  • 17.34 Mi/hr

Sylvania tri sprint bike course

  • 24m 37s
  • 2.27 miles
  • 10m 50s /Mi

Sylvania sprint run course...sorta!

I met up with Rottieguy, Two hearted and Ranger to ride and run the course for this weekends tri in Sylvania.  I really like to ride/run the course before a race...I know lots of people would think it silly to drive all that way, but it really helps me out.  It's a nice flat course for the bike and run.  What a nice switcheroo from Kensington!Laughing  I think the weather will be a switcheroo's gonna be hot...

Steve was our tour guide and we got the ride right, but when it came to the run, we followed the map to a T and it was about a mile short...don't know what we did wrong, but it will be marked for the race, so no worries.  Oops...forgot to tell Ranger we were running, so he chilled and waited for us...Sorry Ranger!  I'm so glad I get to race with Karen and Steve again!  We are going to have a blast Sunday! Cool

I hit Costco on the way home and totally forgot my car had the bike in it...Mmmmm, how am I going to fit all this food AND papertowels in the car?   Hmmmm.  All the rearranging of the dishes I do to maximize the dishwasher capacity...this skill finally came in handy! ;-)  I got home in time to help with dinner, shower and turn right around to take Kaity to her bass lesson.  When will that girl get her license??? The worst bit was I had planned to have her drive home, BUT she forgot her glasses, so no go.  Yell 

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.75
  • 1h 04m
  • 2800.00 meters
  • 02m 17s /100 meters

WU 500, 8x50 15" rest
MS TT 1000,100 easy, 3x200 @ TT effort on 15" rest
CD 200

  • 20m

pt for hip, glute and knee

Crampy, crabby, sleep deprived...don't want to swim.  Pffffft.  Off to the pool. 

That was evil.  I totally did NOT want to be there and after doing the whole thing, I got the mother of all calf cramps in my left leg as a parting gift.  Nice. 

20:24 for the TT 1000, 4:06,4:13,4:21 for the 200's (the last one had a pause at 100 when the evil calf cramp tried to take hold)


  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 5
  • 1h 47m 45s
  • 34.42 miles
  • 19.17 Mi/hr

Felt cottage to Bay Port and back
15 wu
4x15' 65-70 cadence with 5 minutes recovery
10 cd

That was a trip down biking memory lane!  It was great to ride flat  M-25 along the lake again today!  It's been years since I've ridden it and it was fun to see what's changed and stayed the same.  The shoulder was under's being widened to the width of Hines Drive which is cool, but made for lots of orange barrels to avoid and gravel on the black top.  It was a perfect place to do the big gear intervals I had scheduled though.  I've never done them before, and I was surprised at the mph I could hit in such big gears and low cadences.  It was good to ride someplace so flat with Sylvania coming next Sunday and being a flat bike route.  I had a NASTY headwind on the way out to Caseville and Bay Port, and had hoped to really be cruising on the return trip, but alas, MR. HEADWIND decided to become a CROSSWIND and I really didn't get the push I was hoping for.  It was still a REALLY good ride though.  I could ride out there forever!

After I got back to the cottage, I bs'ed with Mary's family a while, then hit the beach for some sun (and unfortunately, to be pelted a bit with sand and all that wind!)  There were lots of whitecaps and it was so relaxing listening to the waves crashing while reading and watching Bri and his new buddy Justin swim.  Then, the food...lots and lots of food.  Fudge is a family tradition and I had my fair share...and blueberry pie, and cookies, and brother brought LOTS of candy...UGH!  Dave stopped to get corn on the way home from a farm stand, and low and behold...rasberry pie!  Yes, I tasted that when I got home...he insisted...and it was quite yummy!Thank goodness it's back to reality in the morning!  MOO! 

Finished off a great day with Jogo and red wine and Army wives.  Yep, I'm a lucky (full of sugar) girl! ;-)

Lake Huron this afternoon!


  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Hours slept: 8

  • 1h 54m 33s
  • 33.64 miles
  • 17.62 Mi/hr

1 loop Kensington with Buno, 1 loop ILRA, East boat to Buno and back

  • 30m 21s
  • 3.18 miles
  • 09m 32s /Mi

15 minutes out and back at Kensington

I was ACTUALLY on time...its a miracle!  I had to wait for someone for a change!!!  Yay for being on time!!!

Man, I am so glad those guys had 2.5 hours in the saddle by the time I showed up...YIKES!  I had my painful ART appt. and was feeling a bit tired, but Ranger, Steve and Steve are BEASTS so I HTFU and got going!  I felt pretty good (surprisingly) at Kensington , but slowed down a bit at the back of ILRA.  I rode with Steve (Rangers buddy) and Ranger for 30 minutes after Steve (rottieguy) pulled off to run to hit my time on the plan.  It really was a great day to be riding.  Big blue puffy clouds and mild temps.  Very nice indeed! Another great day of training with Ranger and Crew! Thanks guys!  I had a great time!!!!

The run went pretty well considering my long run yesterday and the hilly route for the bike today.  My running is definately coming along.  Now if I can just stay injury free and healthy...that is the tricky bit!Laughing

I'm off to Port Austin...Big Fat Rest Day here I come!  Woo Hoo!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.75
  • 1h 15m 02s
  • 7.81 miles
  • 09m 37s /Mi

from house...dropped h20 bottle at end of to it just about half way and needed the water.

  • 29m 30s
  • 1250.00 meters
  • 02m 22s /100 meters

Trout wetsuit

  • 43m 45s
  • 12.50 miles
  • 17.14 Mi/hr

1 loop ILRA with Carol from fast

Did a long (for me) run this a.m.  Felt pretty good through out it.  Glad I dropped a bottle at the end of the street, cause after 4 miles I needed it.  The left achilles and right knee were letting me know they were tired...not painful, but aware of the issues unlike the beginning of the run.  Good thing I get ART tomorrow! 

Looking forward to fishy and riding tonight.  A nap may be in my near future! Pffft.  Yeah, right. 

*took a 20 minute lay sleep, just rest.  Then headed out to ILRA, but forgot my swim bag...DOH!  I had extra goggles, my mini towel for transition, and Jason lent me a lid!  THANKS JASON!  I forgot to start the watch on the way over, so I guessed at a little slower than on the way back for my time.  My bike computer was wonky for the first part of the ride (GRRRRR) and of course, I didn't start the watch at the beginning of the ride, soooooo, it is a guestimate based on the avg speed the bike did record.  I had fun chasing Carol tonight!  She was speedy!  I missed Runnergirl (BOOOO FOR WORK) and had a nice time catching up with MSU Dan, and meeting Detroit Dan!  Many Dan's tonight!  The icing on the cake was on the way home...I got to enjoy the most beautiful evening made me smile!*

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 7

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