• 1h 34m 40s
  • 28.28 miles
  • 17.92 Mi/hr

3 loops of Stoney with Nature Center (not golf course)
zone 1 and 2
avg 145 watts
max 304 watts

  • 30m 09s
  • 2.97 miles
  • 10m 09s /Mi

30 minutes zone 1/2 run...mostly 1

  • 20m

core and half itb work...floor

I rode and ran at Stoney today, but I am determined to figure out the bug that won't allow me to update garmin stuff.  I will post it when I've figured it out.  Rode the zipps and used the powertap...sweetness.  Not really any faster, but now I know how hard I'm busting my arse when I hit a headwind going uphill! Yell

*YAY!  It worked!  Big Smiley Face!   Now about the ride...right knee and piriformus bugged  me the whole ride, and a little on the run, my lady parts were very unhappy (I was totally comfy on the 60 mile ride in shorts, but not in tights?  Wtf?) and I was a bona fide booger machine.  I don't think I've ever spit or made more snot rockets than on that ride.  EWWW!  I did the run after changing out of the offending tights and my shins were none too pleased either.  Hmmmm.  I don't remember having any shin issues at Willow.  I guess I just need more bricks to toughen up the sticks.  

I need to get an ART adjustment...can't keep putting it off!!!  My parts won't let me.  I was supposed to swim 3500 today, but put it off to Tuesday cause I woke up will a pulled something in my lat.  How do you pull your lat while sleeping?  I must be very talented. * 

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6
  • 25m

full itb and core work

Ate and ate and ate and ate.  Then I ate some more. :)  Slept in, had coffee delivered to my bedside table, read my bike mag in bed for a bit, had brunch and laughs and a nice walk at my sister in laws (to make room for one more brownie!), got taken to the movies to see Iron Man 2 by Bri guy and Kaity made us steak dinner (under the supervision of Dave, so it was actually tasty!)  Finished this fine day off with wine at the neighbors and a little boob tube time, our usual routine.  Pretty much a perfect day!  Laughing

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Hours slept: 8.5
  • 50m
  • 1800.00 meters
  • 02m 47s /100 meters

guess on meters...sighting, buoy turning, stroke mechanics

  • 24m 38s
  • 3.07 miles
  • 08m 01s /Mi

Run tt Race like a Mother 5k

  • 25m

core and full itb exercises

Well, I should have left Tricia's earlier, but I was having too much fun.  :)  When we got home Dave and I were laughing about some silliness during the evening and Kaity shushed us from her room.  HA!  That made us laugh even more cause of the role reversal! Hee Hee! 

The alarm rang way too early, but the swim was weird and fun.  We swam 10 laps of the perimeter of the pool for warm up and then our stokes got picked apart a bit.  We worked a lot on glide, timing of stroke, and not dropping our arms when breathing.  Then it was time to swim to the "bouy's" ...then the buoy's moved, then he had slower swimmers go out and faster swimmers catching and passing.  Last was a sprint to buoy 1 and moderate to the rest (that moved dag nab it).  Then it was time to swim the perimeter again working on turning around the corners without breaking rythm.  I can actually do that! :)

Next I headed to "Run like a Mother" with Patty, Ann, Jackie and Eric from the team, knowing Rottie and Two hearted were in for the 10k and would be there a little later.  I caught up with them before the race, but didn't see um after cause they have a packed day.  Congrats to Two Hearted on her brand spanking new PR at the 10k!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  And  Rottie gets more hubby bonus points for running interference with that nasty nasty wind!!!

I had 2 wardrobe changes (adding was flippin' windy and cold!) and warmed up with the Fraser folks.  Finally we were running...I had a good first mile, decent second mile and HARD third mile straight into the nastiest headwind I've ever encountered!!!  Holy Headwind Batman, it was 30mph!!!  I tried to draft off this girl in front of me (she was drafting off a dude in front of her) but she wasn't big enough to really help so I just kept chuggin along!  I'm really happy with my new pr time considering the wind and my short sleep.  I took the advice given by Jhag, Fromer and of course Ranger...thank you, thank you, and  thank you!  I ran hard, and it went well!  :)  I was 27th overall and 1st in my ag (yes it was a small race) but check this out...for $20 entry fee I got a tech shirt, they had massage (yes...I got me one of those bad boys...10 minutes of heaven!) a good post race spread including hot dogs AND I won a cute little Red Wings hoodie in the raffle!  Sweet! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 5.25
  • 20m

core and half of the itb stuff..floor work

Day off from the big at Tricia's and lots of laughter with a couple beers for good measure! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 5.75
  • 1h 09m 55s
  • 7.02 miles
  • 09m 58s /Mi

run en hr for 60 minutes rolling/hilly course...includes wu/cd jogging

  • 25m

full itb exercises, core routine

  • Walking
  • 10m

wu/cd walk for todays run

It was very pretty out, but I was not feeling the love on this endurance paced run.  I had a change of plans for my day so I ran from home...not exactly hilly or rolling, but I took the most rolling areas I could for the time I had.  I just didn't want to go...I kept stalling.  So I finally hit it after eating some gu chomps cause I knew I'd be hungry if I didn't, and I was pretty much still hungry the whole run.  :(  My hr was too high according to my charts for pace (but it pretty much always is) and it was kind of a drag trying to keep it down.  I did enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, lilacs and the beautiful sky, but not the actual running.  Big sad face. 

I took a nap this afternoon cause after I'd eaten my lunch at 1pm I was totally pooped.  Totally pooped from a slow hour of running.  Me thinks I need to catch up on my sleep. 

Tonight will be a late night for Kaity's final OYO concert in Lake Orion.  They have lots of announcements and awards for the seniors, a soloist and an afterglow.  Another late one for sure...good thing I gave in to the siren call of the couch.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 1h 30m
  • 27.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

wu 30 mins ar,en,ar,en,te,ar
3x :30 all out, 2:30 recover
1:00 all out, 5:00 recover
5:00 all out 10:00 recover
20:00 all out tt
10:00 recover

  • 1h 05m
  • 2600.00 meters
  • 02m 30s /100 meters

wu 100 archer,100kick, 100archer, 100kick
3x500 tempo :45 rest
50 kick east
100 pull w/ buoy
cd 500 focus on form easy

  • 15m

core sets...bicycles, pilates roll ups and planks, plus a little work on itb stuff at the lab after bike test.

Man, I hate test week.  I had to test alone for the most part today. :(  Vince rode at 12 and was encouraging me for the last 5 minutes of hell.  Bless him!  I know my number is gonna drop big time.  I gave it my all, but it just wasn't as much as March.  I wonder how long till my legs are back to full strength...4 weeks till my half...they better get steppin'!

Sooo, I got my new wheels today!  Woo Hoo! bike needs some cable love and it's still at Fraser.  I am giddy with excitement about trying those bad boys out!  I got a new chain today, the cable is gonna get fixed so I can turn the bike to the left with out moving the derailer and Ron even ordered the new heal pad for my shoe that fell off!  ( and he fixed my cleat too!)  Come on Friday!  I wanna ride!!!

Tonight I swam and it was ok.  I focused on the syncopation again and seemed to make it work for most of the sets.  I have to really think about it, but I hope in time it will become more natural.  I like 500 sets.  You can get a rythm going ya know?  I ran into a teammate in the locker room who was there for the master swim class.  It's run by an Ironman triathlete and Jackie really likes her.  Maybe I'll give it a whirl one of these nights. 

Brian had his first track meet and it didn't go so hot for him.  He only did long jump and fouled all three tries.  He was seriously bummed.  We told him not to worry...this is his starting point.  You can get mad and do nothing or get mad and find ways to improve.  I hope he chooses door number 2. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 20m 33s
  • 7.21 miles
  • -----

AC track work
15 walk/jog wu
5 Sets of:
2x200m at AC pace w/ 1:30 recovery, 1x400m at AC pace with 3:00 recovery
15 Jog/walk cd

  • 20m

2 core sets and 3 of the itb exercises

Darn that late swim!  I didn't hit the hay till WAY too late.  I did manage to take a nap this afternoon before my run for about 30 minutes though.  Thank goodness.  I needed all the umpf I could muster for that work out.  It sucked.  Plain and simple pain.  I screwed up the rests a bit, but it looks like I averaged the AC pace from my chart on all of the intervals.  I walked all the recoveries6:48 pace does not come easy to this girl.  My butt is sore already!!!  My right periformis and knee were grumpy till I got warmed up and the right hammie wasn't happy with the effort towards the end.  Boo.  I need to do my itb stuff daily again along with my core work to keep myself healthy! 

I did manage to score 3 new endurance speedo swimsuits on sale today for what I paid for 1 suit at Duhnams last summer!  Sweet!  I'll leave one at the lake, and have 2 to rotate here at home. love a bargin! 

Tomorrow is stacked with crazy.  Bike power test in the lab, Brian's first track meet (away of course) Kaity's last rehearsal for OYO in Lake Orion, and swimming while she rehearses.  Plus I want to snag my zipp wheels and I'll need to figure out how the garmin works with the power tap (lord help me please!)  I started to fall asleep while reading the manual today!!!  I wish the technology fairy would sprinkle me with her magic fairy dust, and I could become a techno weenie overnight! 

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 4.5

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