• 2h 04m 56s
  • 35.37 miles
  • 16.99 Mi/hr

2 laps ILRA, 1 Kensington park road with Trixie

  • 22m 51s
  • 2.41 miles
  • 09m 29s /Mi

From Kent lake to underpass and back with Trixie

  • 41m 23s
  • 1200.00 meters
  • 03m 27s /100 meters

3 laps spring mill with breaks in between, no wetsuit

What a gorgeous day to be at the park!  Finally!  A Thursday where I could attend!  I met Trixie early as I had a 1.5 hour bike /1 hour brick run plus a 1 hour ows on my schedule.  I chose to bike more and run less because of the butt, which was a good choice I think. 

Man, I've forgotten how much energy it takes to climb the hill by the farm! And since we skipped Buno road, we headed straight up the climb to Maple beach!  I was flashing back to my first tri on that puppy!  Ranger was right...ILRA and Kensington had a good off season of training too! ;) 

The run was hard for was awesome to have Miss Trixie to chase, cause I would not have run that fast on my own.  As usual the conversation was stimmulating and she saved my ass with her extra helmet! 

Then we headed to SMP to meet up with the Bt gang.  It was soooo good to train with everyone again!  The water was fine (except for the fisherman who tried to hook KL).  My shoulders and arms were pretty toasted from last nights 1000 yd of pulling, but still ok.  Focused on long and wide, moving more water.  It always seems harder to do that in open water, so that will be my focus moving forward outdoors. 

KL had a mechanical, so I bailed on my short recovery ride and picked the lady in distress up in my car.  :(  So bummed she had a mechanical on her new rig.  That puppy is light though!  Then when the gang got back, MSU Dan and Gdog fixed her flat on her car...(YES...she had a poopy night at ILRA!) and bunch of us went out for chow afterwards.  YUM!  FOOD!  I think Dan was a bit shocked at my clean plate club member status.  He needs to come out and play more...everybody else knows how much I dig my food! :)

  • 1h 30m
  • 21.75 miles
  • 14.50 Mi/hr

24 wu
2x10:00 threshold 2:30 ar
7x1:00 85,100,95,105,90 alt ar/en
6 cd

  • 50m
  • 2286.00 meters
  • 02m 11s /100 meters

8x125 75 swim, 50 drill
500 straight pull buoy/paddles
5x100 descending on 2:30
500 straight pull buoy/paddles

Tired from working on house most of yesterday, working in my garden till ten at night and going back to the house for more today.  My arms were pooped from scrubbing windows and bathrooms even before the pool tonight. 

The course tonight was really hilly.  Not the best course for spinning after threshold.  Yea, 5.8 grade is kinda hard to push a 105 cadence on.  And I even have granny gear.  So a couple sets were just grinding along till the grade changed. 

Swimming was a bit weird...Dominoe was swimming in our lane with his feet bound,  swimming the length underwater doing the dolfin kick,then he was diving for bricks and running along the bottom of the pool...which is a weird thing to see when your used to just looking at the black line.  Then when I finished the last 500 I see a bunch of the guys including Domino and Tony (in his tshirt and shorts) walking on water...sorta.  They were running on mats that they'd tossed into the pool till wiping out.  Which if I'd had any darn energy left, I'd have tried.  It looked like fun!  Next time.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 6.25
  • 56m 53s
  • 5.59 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

10 wu
4x4:00 threshold 1:00 ar
2x3:00 vo2max 3:00 ar
4x:30 ac 1:30 ar
5 cd

Damn it.  Tweaked the left glute/piri on the first ac, scrapped the rest and just ran endurance home.  Crap.  Every time I try to push myself my focked up vintage parts disagree.  I'm rearranging my schedule to push the next speedwork to Saturday.  Hopefully things will be feeling fine by then.  I guess I should be thankful it was only a hard tweak and not a blow out.   Big pouty face. :(

On the good news front, the house should be ready to go to market this weekend, and my partner already has an interested party in the property.  Sweet!  Now, it's up to Kaity and I to get it looking polished for the future buyers!  :)

Lunch got cancelled today, but I did get all my stuff burned onto a disc for the new prez.  Ahhhhh, the pressure of OATH is officially off my shoulders! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 1h 30m
  • 22.75 miles
  • 15.17 Mi/hr

24 wu
4x4:00 vo2max w/ 4:00 ar
isl drills
7x1:00 left, 1 min both, l:00 rt, 1:00 both alternating ar and en pace
6 cd

  • 50m
  • 1700.00 meters
  • 02m 56s /100 meters

300 wu
12x50 balance drills
with :20 rest/feedback
100 free
8x25 underwater stroke drill
500 free form focused

The reward for a good race?  Vo2max intervals.  Note to not in after race euphoria ask my coach to help me to go harder/faster.  He will hear me and take it to heart.  Oy.  He was pushing me tonight and I was HURTING!  BADLY!  That was some serious discomfort on the Bianchi.  I don't think we've done these since March and they SUCK!  AND, we will be doing lots more in June and July.  AWESOME! 

I almost didn't get the pleasure of the full workout.  I forgot my shoes at home (still attached to the bike hanging in the garage...DOH!) but my Pamela came to the rescue!  Yesterday she lent me a cute top to wear over my bathing suit at the picnic, today she lent me her shoes to ride in (how exciting!  We wear the same size shoes!) and tonight she gave me shampoo at the pool cause all mine leaked out of my container.  Hmmm...I'm the mom, but she's been taking mighty good care of me lately! :) 

I wore my new kitty cat bathing suit to the pool.  FUN!  It was drill city tonight. After that butt kicking in the lab, that was fine by me. 

I got some very sad news swim buddy won't be in the lab after June until the fall.  And he's not going to the pool in July either.  Super sad face!  :(  He has Muncie coming up, then travel with his wife.  I will miss my Scott swim buddy.  :( times 100!

Picked out some nice subway tiles in tumbled stone to do the back splash under the cabinets today.  It's going to look really nice in that kitchen.  Tomorrow it goes in. 

I have lunch with the director of orchestras at Troy High to pass on info to the new president.  I'm looking forward to handing off the last of my files and being officially done.  Then it's get that house cleaned up and on the market and plan the grad party final details.  :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6
  • 10m 26s
  • 500.00 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters

Motor City Tri Sprint Swim

  • 33m 21s
  • 12.16 miles
  • 21.88 Mi/hr

Motor City Tri Sprint Bike

  • 28m 27s
  • 3.37 miles
  • 08m 26s /Mi

Motor City Tri Sprint Run

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 5
Volunteered at the kids tri on Belle Isle today!  It was so much fun to cheer them on!  I was stationed on the bike course and the kids were working so hard!  Lots of them had their swim caps on UNDER their helmets!  HOTTTTT!  Poor things!  I loved seeing my teammate's daughter who is a tiny 7 year old spinning away on her bike with streamers and training wheels!  Too cute! :)  

Just like a big kids tri, there was a mechanical, a crash and stories after the finish.  A great time. 

After that, I was patiently waiting for registration to open up.  I had to pick up my packet and get out of there for graduation.  In my haste I forgot to correct my team status.  Ooops! :)

Graduation was long (as expected) but nice.  The principal is a great speaker and gave a funny, relevant speech.  After photos we had a very nice (but kind of late) dinner with my brother and sister in law.   Then we popped over to Jo and Bills to have a glass of wine to celebrate the girls graduation as they headed to the high school for the all night party.  Then home to pack for the race and picnic afterwards.  A very very full day...the kind of full that makes you smile all day! 
  • 25m
  • 500.00 meters
  • 05m /100 meters

swim buoy to buoy at belle isle with Coach and some teammates stopping at 3 spots out and back, practiced wetsuit removal

  • 1h 01m 24s
  • 16.20 miles
  • 15.83 Mi/hr

3 laps around Belle Isle with the team

Looking at the bike and run numbers for the year...I'm within striking distance of putting to bed last years totals this month.  I'll get the bike for sure, and the run by next month.  Saweet!

Busy day on tap (for like, the next 3 weeks straight!) I need to get birthday/grad gifts, a cup (Brian is playing paintball in the morning) items for the house, groceries and downtown to Belle Isle by 5!

The granite looks great at Farhill, but working on a bigger house means lots more clean up for me.  Good thing I have Kaity in tow to help me a bit. Hopefully we can get it to market next week! Someone is going to have a lovely home on a gorgeous lot in that place.  All those windows I've been cleaning look out to a great big lush yard!  

*Fun on Belle Isle today.  Good swim with coaching by Tony, nice and easy ride of 2 laps, but I passed on the run.  My knee was still bothering me, so I am played it safe and went for one last loop if the island, which had ganja in the air, hookers chatting up cops and LOTS of partiers getting ready to have their Friday night fun.  I was happy to have Tony and Justin as escorts on that last lap, and be on my way back to boring old Troy at 7:45 I tell ya!*

  • Health data: Sleep: 3

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