• 1h 04m 03s
  • 17.97 miles
  • 16.83 Mi/hr

4x1:30 vo2max, 3:30ar
20 cd
avg rpm 82
avg watts 120

  • 33m 21s
  • 1600.00 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters

Lake Erie...2xshort break wall

Windy as all get out when I hit Willow.  Had to cut the ride a tad short, but got in all the taper repeat prescribed.  Last one was into the freakin' wind and pardon the pun...blew.  Got it done though! :)

And what was I thinking?  Swimming in Lake Erie when the temp was 64.  Holy head freeze Bat Man!!!  That was some seriously chilly water.  I only did 2 laps with Marie.  I was shaking and cold in my core about 10 or so minutes into the swim.  Curt and Dave swam 4 laps, the studs.  I was still cold when they got back to the boat!  Marie and I just sat below deck and chatted.  She is getting geeked for Kona (and warm water) and I was being all goofy about IMFL. 

Then as usual, we went to eat.  Russ and Steve met Dave and I there.  Russ was a nice surprise! :)  I knew I hadn't worked as hard as usual cause I couldn't kill my pancakes.  That's never happened before! LOL! 

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 3h 06m
  • 50.91 miles
  • 16.42 Mi/hr

With Ranger, Trixie, and John L from Fraser! Loopdy loop at Stony with the nature center

Got my cheerleader on for all my teammates, Aerobaldness and a some virgin triathletes!  AWESOME.  It was great to be a cheerleader, wetsuit zipper, cowbell ringer...not a racer today! :)

After chat and congrats Ranger, John , Trixie and I hit the road.  We had a few mechanicals...Trixie's frankenbike isn't quite put back together from it's travels to Scotland and her wheel tried to come off (thank goodness nothing bad happened), I dropped my chain and Ranger's rear bottlcage decided to part company with his seatpost.  Other than that it was a great day to get my ass handed to me by Ranger.  He was riding strong and I was happy to bring up the rear....all ride! :) 

Tony and I did have a moment post race....that OMFG moment.  We were talking timeline about IMFL...and my stomach dropped to my toes, and my hand clasped over my mouth!!!  The eyes...mine and Tony's...WIDE.  It was exciting and terrifying!    The color is changing in the trees...I rode in an underarmer is fall and there is no stopping the march of time.  November 6 is breathing down my's not some abstract far away date that know.  FAR AWAY!!!!  Holy Shit.  I'm doing an IRONMAN!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.25
Run #1
  • 46m 12s
  • 4.31 miles
  • 10m 43s /Mi

With John and Diane at Stony...spliting long run...ok'd by coach

  • 1h 33m
  • 24.18 miles
  • 15.60 Mi/hr

rode the oly course for the Stony tri with Tony and the gang

Run #2
  • 37m 57s
  • 3.85 miles
  • 09m 52s /Mi

with Tony and Steve at Stony. Rest of Long run!

Nice day of training with my teammates at Stony.  Split my 1.5 hour endurance run in to 2 halves (with coaches blessing) so I could ride with everybody too.  It was great to run with Diane and John.  It's been a long time since we've run together! :)  Then we all got out on the bikes and rode the oly course.  It's a nice course!  I've never ridden out of the park there.  Drivers were getting pretty impatient on the way back in though...didn't care for that!  After we got back, it was time to do the last part of my run.  Steve only went out about 15 minutes with us due to a grumpy left foot, so Tony took me of the path and onto the mtb trail.  It was really nice back there!  Kinder on my tired legs (my shins let me know I've not run any rollers in a loooooong time!) and we had a nice talk too!  Oh, and we did a negative split.  Sweet! :) 

I didn't plan on the 1.5 hour bike, but it was ok cause I did cut a couple rides short this week.  Wow.  LONG WEEK! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 2h 20m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 10m 22s /Mi

2x35 mins endurance, 15 threshold, 20 ar at Stony

  • 32m 09s
  • 8.15 miles
  • 15.21 Mi/hr

recovery spin after run at Stony
avg rpm 90
avg watts 102

Woooooo Hoooooo!  I did NOT wimp on the run today.  My legs felt decent considering the week I've had this morning, but come round 2 of the workout, oy....lead legs big time.  I'm so glad I got all three key workouts completed.  Soooo glad.  I know there will be lots more before IMFL, and I figure if I can survive them this week, I'll be ok.  *fingers crossed* 

I did cut my recovery ride short, but Steve and I felt recovery food was a better plan! ;)  Nom.  Food.  I made a pit stop at Yates Cider Mill for increadible fresh cider and warm sugary donuts after Steve and I parted ways. MMMMMMMMM!  I haven't had them in years and I drive by the Cider Mill every time I go to Stony...but today I was so pleased with being done with the hard stuff for the week, I decided to stop.  Totally worth the wait in line!  And my carmel apple after dinner tonight (a big fat steak with wine and veggies) was delish too! 

My brother is right....if I ever stop doing tri's I'm gonna get FAT! LOL!

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 30m
  • 26.40 miles
  • 17.60 Mi/hr

3x10:00 endurance, 10 threshold, 10 endurance

Race report is finally up!  Now it's time to run...ugh.
*Run was rained out, so I left the trailhead and headed to Fraser to get my "quality" (read PAIN) workout from tomorrow in today, so I can run tomorrow.  I was warned by Coach in August that the quality work can not be skipped.  Good lord, my legs are ready to strike, but I know I'm tearing them down so they'll be stronger come 11/6.  Still....evil stuff.  Add to it that I was riding alone, and BOOO is all I can say.  I did get to chat up Chris for a few who spent the summer out at the Olympic training center in Colorado, and that was fun. 

Tomorrow is gonna suck big time, and I've a 1.5 hour run on Saturday to follow it up.  I hope it's just perfect running weather and the sunshine makes me smiley.  Yep.  That's what I'm hoping for! 

Thank goodness for my zoot compression tights, shorts and socks.  I think my legs would have fallen off by now if it wern't for the sexy garb.  Seriously.  Fallen off!*

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6
  • 1h 30m
  • 22.80 miles
  • 15.20 Mi/hr

2x 15min endurnace,15 threshold,15 endurance

  • 45m
  • 1463.04 meters
  • 03m 04s /100 meters

300 wu
2x300 en :20 rest
2x300 tempo :30 rest
2x100 threshold :45 rest
200 cd
100 form with andi


Had a great time at lunch with my very first tri friend Laura today!   She brought me a gift...her chickens lay eggs, and now I've got a dozen in my fridge!   Can't wait to have breakfast tomorrow!!! 

I knew today was gonna be tough.  Yesterday was a challenge on the run, but it ended well. Today' work is one of 3 key workouts to prep for IMFL this week, so I had no choice.  To quote my husband..."this is what you wanted".  Laura told me something her 2x IM husband said to her.  You have to decorate your pain cave.  I was Martha Stewart in the pain cave tonight.  That second set was TOUGH!  No warm up like usual, no spinning out the legs like usual...just endurance and pain.  But by the time the last endurance set was over, my legs felt ok.  Considering.  Then it was off to the pool.  My wo in the email today was kick sets, but I got to do some speed work instead. Including threshold.  Yippee.  Actually, it wasn't too bad.  I worked a bit on my stroke with Andi totally eyeballing me from the pool deck, and I think I got the point she was trying to make.  Now I just have to keep practicing to make it a habit.  Pam filmed me swimming so I could better understand what I was and wasn't doing.  The we had some fun taking pictures under water with Lil Trish, and Andi stuck her face in the drink too...she didn't want to be left out of the fun!  

  • 1h 10m 06s
  • 6.98 miles
  • 10m 02s /Mi

zone 1-3 un on rolling course

  • 45m 45s
  • 11.78 miles
  • 15.45 Mi/hr

recovery spin in the hood
87 avg rpm
108 avg watts

Holy crap I soooo did not want to run.  Quads were bitchy and I wore my zoot tights till 2.  Finally decided to put on my running skirt(in my head I run faster in a running skirt...I know.  It makes no sense!), compression socks and get my arse out there.  I did stop at lights, but holy cow...whose quads were those?  I had the most consistent neg. splits I think ever on a run.  That was cool!  And I actually felt decent the last few miles!  Yeah...the quads are still barkin' and tomorrows threshold  bike is gonna suck, but I'm pretty happy about this run!  The bike was so so.  I was hungry, it was windy and I just pooped around the neighborhood.  I cut it a bit short cause I had a meeting at the middle school to get to after dinner,  and I needed to clean up.  15 minutes short won't kill me.  Coach might though! ;)

Lap1 11:02
lap2 10:39
lap3 10:25
lap4 10:10
lap5  9:57
lap6  9:14
lap7  8:48

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