• 44m 34s
  • 5.09 miles
  • 08m 46s /Mi

Was supposed to do a threshold/ac repeat wo with a build at the end. Did 5x2:00 th repeats (instead of 4:00), no ac and a low to high tempo finish. Grumpy peri and knee early in the run so I didn't push it. Wonky high hr at end of run, but not accurate of course.


rolled well after run.

I had so planned on being good and getting my run in at the gym and trying to get some swimming in.  But then I slept in and didn't eat a real breakfast.  Just a nana and coffee, and before you knew it, I had no time to get to the gym to do a full hour run.  I ran from the house and ran for 45 minutes.  I figured I'd get the threshold repeats in and a couple ac repeats, but my knee was a tad grumpy and my butt was too in the warm up and first repeat, so I cut it to 5 x2:00 with some higher paced recovery, then ran as I felt which ended up being a strong tempo pace.  My hr was very elevated on the last mile or so of the run, but I knew I wasn't "really" working that hard.  It is so frustrating that I can't get reliable hr data on this fancy pants watch!  I'd like to know what my hr is, not just know it's not 185 or 225. At one point I was running low tempo and knew that my hr was lower than when I would run 10:00 miles.  That is very motivating for see where my fitness has improved on the run.  But when the garmin is being fussy, I just get cheesed. :-<

Our buddies from Buffalo came over, we headed to the soccer fields to get the grand tour and then went downtown to beat the dinner rush at Slows BBQ.  But was PACKED!  AT 2:45!  We waited almost an hour for a table (6 is a big number to seat in that joint) and it was soooo worth it!  I got a smoked chicken dish (sides of mashed sweet taters and home made mac and cheese) instead of ribs today, and a killer Founders Pale Ale.  Nom!  Oh, and Brian and I shared a Chuck Norris for dessert...the description goes like this "a warm brownie topped with Ray's coffee icecream and Sanders Hot good it will kick you in the face"!    It was quite yummy!  I loved showing our friends that Detroit still has some fun in it!  They enjoyed the food and vibe at Slows.  I can only hit that place about 2 times a year tho...any more and I'd be HUGE!   It was great to see them, and now it's our turn to hit up Buffalo!

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • 2h 00m
  • 35.80 miles
  • 17.90 Mi/hr

Kensington, ILRA, Kensington to first hill on Buno and back to the car
avg watts 159
max watts 359
avg rpm 93
max rpm 246 (WTH?)

Got the house picked up for our guests and decided to move around my workouts to ride with Pat and Simon at Kensington.  The sun was out, and I need those hills! We rolled at 1:15 (opposite day...I was early and Pdub was late!)  and I politely asked the boys NOT to rip my legs off.  :)  Pat and I ride about the same power, but that Simon....he teased me that when I left they would relax and stop showing off.  The guys are doing IM St. George in 2 weeks and were getting in a century. 

I was happy to be riding at a better pace with the calmer winds than last Friday.  The booger factory was however, open for business and production was high.  :(  Even though the wind was down, it was still chilly and required full finger gloves and my feet once again froze.  But not as bad as last week.  My body was more comfy on Fiona and the legs once again were feeling pretty good.  I drank just about all 40oz of the infinate I had in the speedfil and had no tummy or energy issues and never felt hungry, which sometimes happend on the bike with IM Perform.  It should be interesting to see if I can go longer with no food and just the infinite.  Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the electronic shifting.  LOVE! :)

Our friends are in from Buffalo and we had a great meal at Kona Grill.  Mmmmmm, salmon! No drinks for me though as I had a board meeting to get to.  So a longish day for me, and tomorrow we play with the Buffalo crowd!  Yay!

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 1h 00m
  • 2650.00 meters
  • 02m 16s /100 meters

300 Swim AR-EN, 100 Kick AR-EN, 50 Drill AR-EN w/:30
2 x 4 x 200 @ 4:00 (repeat the following 2 times. These are 200s nonstop but changing of effort. Each 200 is on the interval above):
#1-50 TH, 150 EN
#2-100 TH, 100 EN
#3-150 TH, 50 EN
#4-200 TH
100 AR
8 x 25 with fins @ :45 (Odds-AC kick, Evens- EN swim)
100 AR-EN

  • 1h 30m
  • 27.01 miles
  • 18.01 Mi/hr

5xILD 1 both, :30 lf,1 both, :30 rt
5 ar
30 tempo (held mid tempo throughout)
5x1:00 AC w/ 3:00 ar
cadence pyramid 80-120-80 1:00 each
6 ar cd

Huge thunder woke me up thinking the house had been hit by lightning!  YIKES!  The storm kept me up for quite a while.  Then when I did get up this piddle in the bathroom to greet me. Those dogs are lucky they are cute.  Just sayin'.  Got Brian to the ortho, dropped off at school and hit the pool.

200 set times: had a long break between sets...saw Terese and shared the workout with her! The times are for yards, so I took about :20 seconds or so of rest after each 200.
3:52,3:52,3:51,3:49 (really fell apart on the last 200!)
Then I did 8x50 instead of 25's. First couple I did ac kick there, swim back. :-/ Then I finished them out at ac kick for 50, en swim for 50. All on about 1:00. Yesh. ADD and the pool do not mix! LOL. 

Dave comes home today!  Yay! :)


*good ride again tonight. Held mid tempo for the main set.  Nice!  Rolling right into a minute of AC (318watts or higher) with no ar after tempo was TOUGH.  My legs were pretty glad to be done by the 5th set!!!  The rest was all good.  I'm happy with how the legs are dealing with this weeks work so far. :)*  

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 00m
  • 6.73 miles
  • 08m 55s /Mi

5 min wu walk to jog
40 tempo (10@7.0,10 @7.1, 10@7.2,5@7.3,5@7.4mph)
5x:30ac (9.3)1:30 ar
5 cd jog

  • Core Training
  • 20m

6 ab ripper exercises 15-20 reps depending on how WEAK I was at doing them.
planks: regular, right side stacked, regular,left side stacked. Ow.

I got a lot done today. :)  Moved the run to the afternoon because I had to take Brian to the ortho...NOT because I was stalling! :)  Yay! 

The run was good! (I don't know where that high HR came from...the highest I saw was 178!) I did one leg squats and hip swings to warm up and rolled a bit too.  Started at the bottom of my tempo pace and THOUGHT I'd end up at the top with 10 minute bumps...but no.  My brain does not do simple math anymore, so the last ten had to be split to reach the top!  :)  Last 15 minutes required some focus, but still felt really good.  The AC's were very doable and I just focused on relaxing during them instead of forcing fast leg turnover.  Worked well! :) 

I wanted to do the ab ripper stuff Bonnie had on my schedule, but the link was not in my TP account like I thought.  I youtube'd it and found half of the exercises, which were hard enough to do on their own WITHOUT my dogs attacking my legs and dropping toys and tennis balls on me!!!  Gahhh!  That stuff was hard, and I am SOFT in the middle!  And the pups did NOT help mommy! Lol!

I had a nice dinner out with Brian, our last night without Dave. We ate at Kims, the crappy Chinese place.  I got my sizzling rice soup which is full of lean protein and veggies...everything else there is icky!

  Florida boy comes home tomorrow. :)  He was kind enough to let me know he was in South Beach today looking at boobs.  Nice. Lol!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.75
  • 53m 20s
  • 2450.00 meters
  • 02m 11s /100 meters

3x150 swim/drill/swim by 50 :20
6x50 te on 1:15
all threshold
100 2:00
200 4:00
300 6:00
400 8:00
200 cd

  • 1h 30m
  • 28.48 miles
  • 18.99 Mi/hr

5 ar
5x ild 1:00 both, :30 rt, 1:00 both, :30 lf
5 ar
3x10:00 threshold, 2:00 ar
cadence 60-120-60 1:00 each :30 at en, :30 at tempo
14 cd

Totally didn't want to swim.  Again.  Finally made my way to the pool and got it done.  I had faster times prescribed for the threshold sets, but they were based on yards, and no way was I gonna make them in meters.  I pushed as best as I could and did ok. Stupid goggles left nasty marks.  Looked like I got punched in BOTH my eyes.  Sexy...NOT!

Brian's track practice got cancelled from the snow...(grrrrr) so I had to run him back up to LTF and walk next to him while he did his couch to 5k plan.  We grabbed quiznos (rip off...but he got cheesed out of dinner yesterday since he didn't come to Kaity's concert with us.  I let him pick!) ate, and I headed to the lab.

Killer threshold ride.  As in I felt great and killed it.  Was in mid to high threshold for most of it and felt really good throughout.  That was a nice surprise.  I really wasn't geeked to ride, but am so glad I did.  Must have been the few minutes in the bubble tub. ;)  One bonus of swimming at LTF....I love me some bubble tub time! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 2h 00m 01s
  • 12.10 miles
  • 09m 55s /Mi

from house in nasty winds

Tried to run at my Vdot long run's 10:09's but was a little fast.  Not much though.  I did the cadence drills as prescribed in the second half of the run.  Those felt surprisingly good.  Stupid bra bit me twice.  Moving Comfort really is NOT all that comfortable.  That's 3 bras of theirs that I'm having issue with.  Those things weren't cheap either.  :-<  Boys have it bras to deal with, and no shirt either if the weather cooperates...or you are Pdub. Lol!


  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • 40m
  • 4.20 miles
  • 09m 31s /Mi

brick runs...first 5 min tempo, 2nd 5 ar

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.10 miles
  • 17.10 Mi/hr

brick ride 5 tempo, 5 ar, 5 tempo...straight to run

Woke up 4 times. :(  Eyes were puffy and sore this am.  :(  Don't know if my new mascara irritates them or not.  Could have been all the tearing up on the ride, but my left eye was sore a bit yesterday too. :(  Maybe the running nose and puffy eyes is allergies?  I've never had them before, but maybe? 

Good brick session.  Legs were a tad heavy this am even though I slept in my zoots.  But...after warming up they were happy to go at tempo on the bike and run.  :) 

Keeping my fingers crossed for calm winds for all my friends running the Glass City half and full marathon in the morning.  Especially for Ranger in his BQ attempt, and Miss Nell on her first full!!!  NO WIND!!!!  :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7.5

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