• 30m
  • 3.01 miles
  • 09m 58s /Mi

just a quick easy run to loosen up the legs. started ar, went up to high en, then back to ar

  • 26m 53s
  • 1250.00 meters
  • 02m 09s /100 meters

super easy straight swim focused on head placement, rolling hips,length of stroke

My week is wonky because of testing on Thursday on the bike.  Its supposed to be a build week, but I was told not to do vo2max running before the test.  Soooo,  I ran easy and short, followed by an easy continuous swim to work on my form and loosen up the back. 

I was supposed to do core, but the day got away from me.  Doing it first thing in the morning tomorrow!!! 

Brian has his first track meet tomorrow.  He's running the 800, doing long jump and shotput.  I hope he has fun and does well.  And I hope it doesn't rain on us. Fingers crossed!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 49m 10s
  • 2150.00 meters
  • 02m 17s /100 meters

3x150 swim/drill/swim x 50
6x50TE @1:15
Th ladder
100 @ 2:00 (1:46)
200@ 4:00 (3:49)
300@6:00 (5:45)
400@8:00 (7:39)
(200@4:00 ran out of time..adjusted from 500)(4:05)
200 cd

  • 1h 25m
  • 22.88 miles
  • 16.15 Mi/hr

hilly course ar/en ride...going to test on Thursday so subbed in this ride for threshold.

Busy day today...almost puked on the last set of threshold, but not due to exertion.  My stomach is being a pain and it was off again.  Trying to eat clean so I don't get any frickin' heavier!!!  But no matter what I eat, it gets grumpy.  Not cool. :(

Swim went well otherwise.  Focused on head position and staying long when swimming faster.  A work in progress for sure.  Swim stroke was 18 or less when drilling and focusing, and in the 20's when swimming harder.  Working on being more mindful in the drink! :)  I took a super quick soak to stretch before showering and heading to the lab.  I had a threshold workout on the plan, but Bonnie was there, we talked and I will be testing later this week on the bike, so I had an en/ar ride..  Hilly course, which was fun, which was good cause I rode alone today.  I'm getting excited to work on my racing with Bonnie.  It's gonna be a year with lots of changes, but good ones I think. :)


Holy crap...TTT is just weeks away.  Holy crap!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Soreness: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 3h 06m 16s
  • 56.61 miles
  • 18.24 Mi/hr

Metro Grand Spring Tour with Kate, Jedidiah, Dale, Wolf and Steve
Wet roads, 3 sag stops, a little rainy and windy at the end
HR was super low for part of the ride, and high for part...I want real data!!!
avg watts: 146
avg cadence:96

Quads are sore from running hard yesterday.  :)  Yay!  I like that my bum isn't sore, and my quads are...means I was doing it right! ;)

Took 600 mg ibuprofin to quell any back pain before it started and my back was fine on the ride.  My stomach was not.  I had some nasty cramps during the ride...gassy.  Yuck.  I've had this for two days now.  :(  It didn't stop me from eating my Chris Cakes (Chris flips the pancakes at you and you have to catch them with your plate!) at the first stop, or a cookie at stops 2 and 3.  With a half banana of course.  Other than it being a totally crappy drive to Willow and the roads being wet (I consider the mud bath Scribner's rooster tail gave me as a spa exfoliation!) it was a good ride.  It got a little windy at the end and a little rainy, but never bad.  Jedidiah flatted in the first half mile, told us he'd catch up to us (he didn't know we stopped for pancakes) flatted again at about 50 miles in and beat us back to the parking lot!  Other than that no casualties. 

The bike got lots of lusty looks today....that Di2 shifting sure is sexy.  I think I'm going to have to get used to people gawking at Fiona. :)

Kate, Dale, Jedidiah and I all went for burgers and bs after the ride at an Irish pub in Northville.  I watched as they all had a drink.  I found out how cheap a date I am yesterday, and saved my celebration for wine at Joannes, our usual Sunday night red.  ;)  A great day in the saddle.  I love love love my bike!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Soreness: 3 Hours slept: 7
Run #1
  • 23m 37s
  • 3.14 miles
  • 07m 31s /Mi

Lets Move 5k in place of a run test.

Run #2
  • 13m
  • 1.13 miles
  • 11m 30s /Mi

ran out slowly to run Dave and Brian in. :) Yay Marshall Boys!

  • Stretching
  • 30m

rolling and stretching post race after cleaning up! Ahhhhh!

Slept badly...had some bad dreams and didn't want to oversleep.  Got the boys up and drove to the race after my usual breakfast.  I didn't plan on getting pulled over, or a speeding ticket, but that's how I started the day. :-/  I was hoping to get away with the speeding ticket, but on the last day of the month, they got quotas and I guess I just helped him meet his.  I was going 15 over though, and he only wrote it for 5. :-(  My bad.  

We ended up having plenty of time to get to the start and say hello to Jogo, Jen, Holger, Handsome John and Diane!  I did a very short warm up with a few strides and it was time to start. I gave Brian and Dave kisses and some last minute advice (HAVE FUN!)  and it was go time.  If I were running alone, I'd have placed myself closer to the start, but since I was with the boys and it was their first race we were mid pack at best.  I had a lot of weaving and bobbing to do in the first half mile or so.  I used the virtual pacer on my garmin set to 7:25's for the first time in a race.  I figured out about half way that I was reading it wrong. Doh!  I thought I was a tad ahead, but was behind.  That helped me refocus and keep pushing.  I think I'll play with that feature some more.  Pacing is NOT my strong suit! :)  I had a decent kick for the finish and felt pretty good (for racing hard and having the wonky back...) overall in this race.  I did get a new (albeit SMALL) pr so that made me happy. I ended up getting the masters overall female 40-59 award which was this nice trophy...the biggest one I've ever gotten!  :)  Since it was an inaugural event, the fasties weren't there,still, I was happy to get an award! :)

I turned it around after finishing and grabbing a water to go find the boys and run them in.  Brian was struggling when I got there, but was glad to have some water.  I was his domestique! :)  We took one walk break then ran the rest of the way.  He was running a full minute faster than he ran on the treadmill for his training, and ended up going further at the same overall pace of 12:28's.  I'm really proud he pushed himself to race (his lungs were being grumpy too) and that I caught him bragging to his friends later in the day about running a 5k!!!   Dave said immediately he could do a 10k.  Whoa big boy!  I told him he could no doubt aerobically, but he's 51 and needs to build up to the distance so he doesn't get hurt!  We will be doing another 5k next weekend so he can run his pace and see how that goes.  He's excited to go!  Yay! 

The race schwag included a beer, which made me tipsy and I enjoyed it very much.  So much I was lazy and didn't do anything else but stretch exercise wise.  A great day with the boys. :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 6.25
Just stretched and rolled today.  Super busy picking up Kaity from U of M, getting her home and getting the guys ready for the 5k in the morning.   Went to packet pick up, exchanged my wrong sized run skirt for a cute new one (thanks Bauman's running shop!) and drove the 5 k course so Brian (and truth be told, me) would know what to expect. :)
  • 1h 32m
  • 26.60 miles
  • 17.35 Mi/hr

just nice and easy to loosen up the legs and back

  • 31m 30s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 02m 06s /100 meters

focused on long stroke, rotating hips, head position and starting catch earlier...nice and easy pace

Moooo.  That is all.


Couldn't take not doing anything again today...soooo, I went to the lab to spin out the legs and get some blood flowing.  I tried one spin up and NO WAY could I have tested today.  Nope, not happening.  I did get to cheer on Charlie though.  I used my bun warmers  in the Edge there and back and that felt really good on my back.  When I got home from picking up Brian from track Dave was just getting ready to got to the gym.  I had my bag all packed for a swim, so I joined him.  I'm really glad I swam.  Just took it super easy and focused on form.  Felt really nice to stretch it out in the pool.  Hit the bubble tub for a quick stretch and then home to make supper.  I am trying to not be a weight keeps creeping up in the wrong direction, but I was sooo hungry, I overate at dinner.  I know better.  More snacks tomorrow (if I can manage while moving the bassist back home from AA)  Water  or tea for the rest of the night. It's NFL draft night...Dave's all geeked! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Sick: 2 Hours slept: 9
  • 15m
  • -----
  • -----

Shit.  Woke up a bunch of times to readjust my side/hip.  Ow.  Still in pain. I'M PISSED!  I've not had a back pull in AGES!  It better heal up because I was planning to run test at the Lets Move races with the boys, then run back to get them.  I'm very angry with my body at the moment.  


*went to the pool to just drill a bit and soak in the bubble tub, and saw lots of familiar faces!   Jo, Jeff, Mike, Jon and my old swim instructor Sudheer.  Did more talking than anything (who me???) but the few drills I did felt nice in the warm short side of the pool, and the bubble tub felt really good on my back.  Oh, and we are all signed up for the 5k on excited for the guys!*

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Sick: 2 Hours slept: 6

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