• 1h 30m
  • 25.20 miles
  • 16.80 Mi/hr

30 wu
ILD :30l.1:00 both,:30rt, 1:00 both at ar, en, te, en, ar
6x:15 sprints, :10 standing, 5 seated w/ 5:00 ar between
rest ar

  • 1h 00m 39s
  • 5.96 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

10 min wu
2x50m strides walk back
6x400 at 10k pace, 1:00 recover
rest easy

Lab ride was good and there were quite a few of us there!  Kim tested for the first time, so we got to encourage her along her 2x20!  :)  Got lunch, then worked on Fiona at the shop.  With Ron's help of course, I changed the tire out, (crap crap crap...he makes it look so easy and damn if I don't have the hand strength to do that last little bit of tire!!!)  and then took the cogs off to clean them all up.  I really enjoyed standing at the bench just cleaning up my bike.  I love Fiona and am starting to feel somewhat proficient at the bare bones of care for her.  Ron retaped the aerobar for me, fixed another little issue.  He is SOOOO patient with me.  Words can't describe how cool that is.  I keep telling him I just need a "Ron" pocket in my race suit to put him in so if I have an issue, I'm good to go! ;)  So, Fiona has two new tires (glass and cuts in both...grrrr) taped bars, clean cogs and just needs a bath and she's ready to rock with her B10 triplet sisters at Motor City this Sunday.  Mmmmm...gonna have fun on that bike course!


So, I finally get to Stony for the speed workout with Pats running coach and of course I was late (stupid assed traffic!) and they were gone.  It was a blessing  though cause there was no way I could have held pace with the longer repeats at 10k pace that was their workout.  I did what coach wrote for me and that was struggle enough.  I did hit my paces even with the scorching heat, so that made me happy.  BUT, it felt HARD!  I know the heat played a big part in that, and the race should be much cooler, so I'm hoping I will be running hard and feeling a tad better, or at least be faster! :)  After I got home I took Brian to DQ.  I've had it on my brain for about 4 days, and after that run I really didn't want to eat.  I had a nice vanilla cone with butterscotch topping just like my Mom used to get me when I was little.  I was missing her, sitting on the curb next to my handsome son eating icecream, wishing Granny Grump could be with us. :(


Kaity is in hog heaven at the ISB convention in San Fran.  I keep getting funny texts from crushes, meeting famous players and professors of the bass,being inspired to work hard being around so many talented players, lusting after 250 year old Italian instruments and super expensive bows, complaints of the cost of food (and everthing in Calfifornia).  Welcome my it is expensive, and Mamma and Papa are NOT gonna pay for it all.  Just sayin'!   :)  Hopefully a fire has been reignited under her lovely 18year old fanny regarding the bass and working.  Fingers crossed!


Trying to get quotes on the lake house for painting and it is proving difficult.  Really?  In this shit economy here in the D I thought I'd have no problem getting quotes at least.  I've got company coming in a month and a big party in 2.  Time to get steppin'!!!  Fingers crossed for progress by the weekend on that front. 


  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • Yoga
  • 48m

Sage Roundtree's yoga for athletes build phase. awesome...

cut my swim short after my morning spun out and my lunch  date approached.  Damn.  I gotta stop doing that with the swim already!

Had a great lunch with Pdub hearing the tales of St. Georges IM and sharing my own of TTT.  Good times!

Did yoga just before bed....most excellent!

  • 2h 27m 29s
  • 46.76 miles
  • 19.02 Mi/hr

Stony creek with golf course and nature center

20-30 wu, zone 2/3 for rest of ride.

Lower back and right glute were still cranky and my lady parts soooo didn't want to ride,  but I did get it done.  I thought I'd do a brick afterwards since I bagged half of the run (and all of the hard bits) yesterday, but um, NO!  I wore my team bibs thinking my parts would like the extra cush and non moving pad.  No, and no.  The extra cush was not enough to take the edge off of the crap parts of the park road, and the non moving pad moved.  Enough to give me seam chaffing on my butt of all places.  WTF??? 

Overall I'm happy with the pace on this ride.  I tried to climb smart and in aero, stay in zones 2 and 3 and not be a baby and cruise it.  I did just that.  As perscribed.  Yay!  But...over riding for the moment.  Posted on FB in the lot at Stony.....Fiona and I are on a mini break! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Soreness: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 5h 19m 32s
  • 103.30 miles
  • 19.40 Mi/hr

Belle Isle with my Fraser Peeps...10 mph winds to help on half and challenge on half. Gorgeous day to be riding!

  • 24m 53s
  • 2.28 miles
  • 10m 55s /Mi

3 small loops with Diane in the bloody heat...we were spent and bagged the rest of the run. No regrets on that count!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.5
was supposed to swim and didn't.  Bad triathlete. :-/
  • 2h 40m 26s
  • 15.00 miles
  • 10m 42s /Mi

WU: 20' AR zone 1, then 2 X 30' EN zone 2 -mid to high zone 2 with 5' easy in between. Then 2 x 12' at TE zone 3 with 5' easy between. Then 10' at TH zone 4.
CD: 6' very easy remainder of time.

Paint creek trail for this run...super challenging for me to stay in the zones and mentally know I'd have to go harder at the end.  I did well up until the threshold.  I'd told myself it's only 10 minutes, that this is where I improve, that I can do threshold for a lousy 10 minutes...and I was definitely in TH hr, but not pace for the whole time.  I could have quit at 9 minutes because I came upon a light, but I turned around and pushed that last minute.  Small victory, but I'll take it.  :)  Groin is sore right where my legs and torso meet.  Not too happy about that, but whatcha gonna do.  Beautiful day to be out running. 


Also, got a call from the docs office...all is well with the stress test.  Yesssss! 

  • 14m 30s
  • -----
  • -----

Stress Test at Beaumont...hell yes, I recorded this run! 18% incline at the end for heavens sake!!!

Horrible night last night.  Kaity was in terrible pain and Dave ended up taking her to RO Beaumont ER.  She got a perscription to help with her pain, but needless to say, not a good nights sleep. 

So I read the protocol for the stress test I had today after getting Brian off to caffine for 12 hours pre test and no food 4 hours before.  Great.  They are trying to kill me before I am hooked up to the bloody machine!  Ended up taking a nap for about 1.5 hours after doing chores this am what with no coffee and barely any sleep last night. 

Finally hauled myself to Troy Beaumont for my 2pm test.  All went well.  My heart is beautiful!  I saw it at work before the test on the ultrasound.  Very cool!   Got all rigged up for the test and was told afterwards that I stayed on the mill longer than any other female that the tech had tested before. (me thinks perhaps I may have been her first ironman female she has tested lol)  That and my heart function was off the charts...that of an 18 year old. (can I have the rest of my body be like an 18 year olds too please!)  Hopefully the ultrasound didn't find any weirdness I will have to deal with.  Fingers crossed. 

This is my rest day this week.  Not as restful as I'd like.  18% grade on that treadmill...felt like running at the TTT again!

  • Health data: Sleep: 1 Stress: 1 RHR: 42 Hours slept: 6

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