• 2h 35m 18s
  • 50.07 miles
  • 19.34 Mi/hr

30 wu
10x1' vo2 max, 1' recover
1:30 at tempo
10' cd

  • 18m 38s
  • 2.01 miles
  • 09m 16s /Mi

short brick to test out new kicks...liked um!

Weight is swinging back up again.  Pissed.  Don't know what is going on, but I don't like it!  Travel next week certainly won't help my waistline.  Crap. 

Feeling better, but haven't eaten yet.  Fingers crossed.  Gorgeous day at least.  Hope the ride goes well, and I can try a little brick in my new kicks.

Bike went well, but I was having a hard time holding tempo at the end.  Legs felt surprisingly good on the lil brick.  Warmed up on the bike with Cath and Brian, then bricked with Brian.  Underfueled on the bike...was very hungry last half hour, and my toes got a bit numb on my left foot.  Either the temps or just time in the saddle I'm guessing. 

Dinner out with Billy!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 53m 26s
  • 2300.00 meters
  • 02m 19s /100 meters

200 wu with shark drill
2x300 t+3", 20" ri
4x200 t+3" 15" ri
5x100 t+3" 10' ri
200 cd

  • 1h 01m 44s
  • 18.94 miles
  • 18.41 Mi/hr

17 wu
2x15' z4, 4' z1
rest to time z1/2

Swim was tough in the 5x100 for sure.  Mostly those were feeling like threshold.  Tried to focus on hip roll...had moments of flow.  But just moments.  Good news was no shoulder issues at all today. YAY.  Fun play time with John and Cathleen post swim in the bubble tub. gut is off big time.  I was really hungry so even though I'd (half assed ... forgot a bra!) packed to go straight to Stony to ride, I went home to eat.  And use the 4 times. :(  Did some banking that had to be done, then hit the park.  It was windy and COLD, and yes, my gut was still off.  Had a really really tough time in the first set.  Definately underperformed.  Did better on the second set, but got a little barfy after each one, and not from effort.  Got home, showered and immediately napped.  Which I rarely do.  Napped hard. 

Dave surprised me with salmon on the bbq for dinner, and my stomach felt settled enought to try it.  It was really delish.  And then my tummy started rumbling again. :(  Me no likey an upset tummy.  No.  No I don't.

Hoping I feel good when I get up in the am.  Long ride tomorrow, and I can't move it due to dropping Fiona off for her spring "spa" treatment...I will be gone all week, so I'm taking her to the shop for some love.  She is two years old after all.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 40m 10s
  • 4.31 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

Boston Run with the YPOM group at the Duck Pond
1 mile ez
rest z2 with 4x30" strides

  • 20m

myrtle exercises, hip and squat homework

Had a nice time running with Jo's run groups Boston Run with two gals who "finished" the marathon tonight at the Duck Pond.  Very emotional!

It was nice to see Ze German too! :)  Ran the 1.2 with Jo, then finished up my strides run on the trail and up Tienken and back.  Miss running out there...the river was really moving and it was very pretty. :) And running in new kicks is freaking awesome! Wheeee!

Jo gave me her veggies as she's heading to Big Sur tomorrow and I made a roasted veggie feast for a late supper.  Nom nom nom!

Dave got his new car today...a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Still haven't seen it, but he digs it. 

Last but certainly not least, my bassist nailed her juries today.  I'm so glad she did well!  Love that baby girl of mine!:)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 06m
  • 6.75 miles
  • 09m 47s /Mi

16 wu
2x1 z4, 4' z1
2x.5 z4. 2' z1
z1/2 to time

  • 53m
  • 2100.00 meters
  • 02m 31s /100 meters

400 wu
3(4x50) descend, 20,15,10" rest
3(3x100) descend, 20,15,10" rest
200 cd

Good run, crappy swim.  Right shoulder was a bit grumpy on Monday evening's swim, and very grumpy today.  I did 30 push ups yesterday so that may have agrevated the rotator cuff, but damn, it's gonna be tough to get faster if I'm broken. Super big sad face. :(  I guess it's time to start doing my shoulder pt from a couple years ago.  Sigh.

On a brighter note, I had a great "date" with my Pammy.  Just us.  I miss that girly girl.  

I am geeked to ride with Trixie next week in sunny Florida.  She is checking on a rig for me tomorrow, and I may even do TT when I'm there.  I've never done a straight up bike TT so that would be fun and new!  Suck fun to quote the fabulous Dave Potter. :) 

Sure hope the weather pans out for the weekend ride and run.  Fingers crossed we don't get any more stupid snow!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 06m 49s
  • 21.73 miles
  • 19.51 Mi/hr

16 wu
2x15' z4, 4' z1
rest to time z1/2

  • 45m 02s
  • 4.34 miles
  • 10m 23s /Mi

10' wu
hill repeats w/ full recovery
rest to time z2/3

  • 20m

pushups, drills post run

Another pretty good nights sleep. Wooo Hooo! 

Rode at Stony in the wind.  First outdoor ride with a plan!  Pretty tough to push with the terrain...but I know I'll remember how soon. :)  Run wasn't supposed to be so close to the bike, but I wasn't going to run later.  I was supposed to hill bound for 40", then sprint, but I didn't find a hill long enough, so I just doubled the repeats to get closer to the workload on the fit trail.  I really have to get to Hanson's for new shoes.  All my regular shoes are feeling past their prime. 

Made a great dinner and watched "The Impossible" with Dave.  Seriously, that was a stressful  film to watch!  Next time, I'm picking!!!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 51m
  • 2100.00 meters
  • 02m 26s /100 meters

400 wu
3(3x100) desc 20",15",10" rest
3(4x50)desc 20",15",10" rest
200 cd

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 30m

digging out the weird bed in the back yard

Best night of sleep I've had in a long while!  Maybe I should be involved in more Ultras lol.

Got a lot of little details taken care of, washed up the trail shoes and did laundry, worked in the yard digging up weeds and plants we don't want in the weird bed, and pulled dinner out of my hat (barely any fresh food in the house, but I pulled off a great mexican dinner!)

Finally got to the pool after cleaning up and yeah.  I'm slow.  It will come, but it sure isn't here yet! :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Hours slept: 8

So, while the training is blank, most of the run took place today technically.  :)

My job was to make sure they stayed moving and to do anything I could help along the way.  We walked all the hills, muddy parts and through the water.  There were a LOT of muddy parts and quite a bit of water.  One section had ropes you had to hang onto because it was so deep.  I probably got as deep as my knee or higher on that one.  Dave was feeling pretty good (he'd had issues with his ankles training for the race, but none during!) Beth was working a little harder to keep moving.  She was so sweet....she apologized for being grumpy.  And let me tell you, she was not being grumpy for a gal who had already run 67 plus miles that day!

I had a headlamp on my waist and one on my head and that was very helpful...Daves batteries died on both his lamps so I was able to hand one off till the next aid station.  We ran quite a while with a guy from Ann was fun to talk with him and learn how he got into the sport.  By hanging around the wrong people apparently! LOL.  I told him that Dave is known as the Kool Aide man around town in regards to IM! :)  At one point, I went to "hug a tree" and my phone popped out of my back pocket in my jacket.  We were within a mile of an aid station so I described the phone, and the ahem, tree I'd hugged and they promised they would look for it.  I was so bummed!  But I was not going to leave my charges to go back and look.  A few minutes later just as we were heading out (thank goodness it took Dave a few minutes to change those batteries!) Another runner and their pacer turned up with my phone!  Disaster averted!  Phew!

It was challenging to go slower since it was so cold.  And we got wet quite a bit, but it was such a great experience.  The moon was out and gorgeous, the owls were hooting, the grass was frosted and looked like diamonds.  The stars...I haven't seen so many stars since the High Bridge in Ohiopyle in Pennslyvania in my 20's!

After running my lap with the rock stars, I handed them off to Dave SR. and Nell for the final lap.  Ranger had me half convinced to do it with them, but hey...if I do my first ultra I want a damn medal for it lol! I toddled off to the bathroom to disrobe from the mud fest, rinse my feet and get dressed in warm dry stuff.  I fired up the bun warmers in the Edge, wiggled my way into my sleeping bag wearing my down coat, hat, gloves and got some shut eye.  About an hour and a half I think.  When I got up I tried to organize the tent a little to help with breakdown, but I wasn't able to do much...I had no clue who's was who's with all the gear in there!

I just felt so lucky to share in the experience with my dear friend who has been there to support, knudge, and encourage me... to talk me out of my (mostly irrational) fears, who always told me ... yes, you can! How many chances do you get to pay forward all someone has done for you? 

Ultras are such a different vibe than IM or tris.  Only 175 100 miler racers, and about 75 50 milers.  By the time Dave and Beth finished, at least 87 people had dropped out and went home.  They were the 32nd, and 33rd finishers crossing the line together in 28:28:XX.  No sea of competitors to share the journey with, no bright lights leading you to the finish, no crowds banging on banners, dancing or clapping, no Mike Reilly calling your name.  Just a few racers and their supporters clapping and cheering you in.  No one yelling out YOU ARE AN ULTRA 100 MILE MARATHONER... Just the race directors, your crew, and that damn buckle you ran 100 miles to get your hands on.                                         

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