• 1h 00m 17s
  • 7.12 miles
  • 08m 28s /Mi

had no plan...
2 miles wu w/ 4x30" strides
then, game ON!

  • 25m

drills, hip home work, squat homework, pushups and core routine x2 sets

Holy crap that was an awesome run!  I set out to just do 7 real plan.  Ran into the wind for 3 miles and did my strides to get to my favorite road in Troy...ran that in 8:12, then to the tailwind and slight decline for 2.5 miles...wheeee!  A guy popped out in front of me and I recognise him as a football coach at the high school, one of my son's teachers.  Game on.  I have never wanted to do this before, but I was going to reel him in!  I run sub 8 and feel fine, he's closer.  We come to a main crossing and he hears me, looks over his shoulder and makes a break for the traffic.  I wait at the light for the signal, and start reeling him in again.  I just about catch him (yes, he's looked over his shoulder to see where I'm at again!) and he peels off into the parking lot to turn around.  Wow...that was a gas and soooo fun!  I make my turn home for the last part of mile 7 and realize I can make it under an hour easily and slow down (now that my rabbit is heading the other direction) I do. 

What?  I've never run under an hour for 7 miles!  Wheeee.  THAT was fun!  Then I check the data...I ran the last 3.13 faster than my last treadmill test time. 

Yes, I had a bitchin' tail wind.  Yes it was 2.5 miles slightly downhill, but it WAS after running 3 miles into the wind, and one mile of rolling road at my threshold pace.  Damn.  I am loving the run right now.  I just have to stay healthy and hang on the the improvements!

Had dinner at my sissy-in-laws and it was yummy.  We walked the lake afterwards and that was nice.  The guys planned another dive trip while we walked off some of dinner.  Those two should not be left alone!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
Bike #1
  • 2h 00m 29s
  • -----
  • -----
Bike #2
  • 2h 00m
  • 36.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

30' wu
2x20' z4, 4'z1
1x15 z4, 4' z1
10' z1
15 z3
rest to time z1

  • 25m 08s
  • 2.47 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi

Terrible night of the sweats...worst in a long time.    Huge bike today.  Riding at the lab so I don't have another day like Tuesday.  Ready for outseason to be over!  Soon!!!

*awesome ride...felt strong, got stronger with each interval, power was higher and more consistant than last week and I felt better throughout.  BS chatted the whole easy paced run with Jen.  Very happy with today's results.  VERY HAPPY!*


  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Hours slept: 8
  • 53m
  • 2200.00 meters
  • 02m 25s /100 meters

4x500 focus on hips and finish
200 cd

Well, the bonus of getting to the pool was hot Kona guy swimming in the lane next to Cath and I.  Well, that and all paths lead to the hot tub post swim. :) 

Still feeling very slow and unfit in the drink.  Definatley noticed that my hip roll all but disappeared in the last half of the last 500.  All the sets were 10:29 10:25.  So not spectacular.  But it will come.  Hope to grab a wee bit more endurance before starting my next phase of training which will have 3 days of swimming with a lot of fast 50's and 100's.  Well, fast at the moment is a very relative term. :)

Hoping to get to the lake for a bit today.  If I can clear the deck of my todo list that is. :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 25m 52s
  • 23.42 miles
  • 16.36 Mi/hr

25 wu
12 z2
2(6x1/1 z5,z1) 2'z1
17' z3

  • 25m

myrtles, pushups (still lame, but coming along!) hip and squat homework

Well, we should not have returned to the casino floor this am...bad juju!  It ended up not being a "win" overnight in the gambling department, but definately a WIN in the date night department. :)

We got home and I got to work doing lots of chores that needed my attention.  I am a laundry ninja! Got my bike going and it went quite well.  No mental struggles today, but of course the work part is very short, so much easier to deal with .  I made an appointment to do my nasty assed ride Saturday at the lab.  I shall suffer with friends and hopefully not have a bugger in my head while I do it. 

The weather is starting (just barley starting) to come around a bit here in the mitten...looking forward to what will be my true speeds on the road that corrolate to my power on the trainer.  I hope that it goes WAY up!  If not, I'll be crying in my bike bibs for sure! :)

Watched Life of Pi tonight.  Beautiful story telling and cinematography.  Loved it. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 00m 38s
  • 6.08 miles
  • 09m 58s /Mi

wu 1.5? miles
1x800,2x1600,1x800 all at z5 w/ full recoveries
1.5 cd

  • 10m

drills at the track before running back to the gym and BUBBLE TUB!

Thank goodness for training partners!  Met Cath at LTF, ran to the high school track, and got to work.  Really happy with the splits today.  It was pretty darn windy for half of each lap, so there was the extra challenge for the day. 

First 800, spot on my 7:38 pace.  First mile, 7:33...surprised myself with that especially considering the wind.  Second mile, 7:30!  Say what!?!  It was definately windier this mile so I was very stoked.  Last 800, 6:57.  BOOM!  Great finish and a real confidence boost I needed after yesterday's stink bomb of a ride. 

I convinced Cath to do my drill routine after a mile cd (yes,we looked dorky!) then ran back to the gym for bubble tub thawing and bs.  Love that she made time to  run with me.  Love that she makes me work harder just by being her bad assed self.  Love that I return the favor on the bike. 

  • Health data: Stress: 2 Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 36m 26s
  • 26.51 miles
  • 16.49 Mi/hr

25 wu
1x12' z4, 4'z1
1x20 z4, 4'z1
1x12 z4' 4'z1

  • 25m 22s
  • 2.72 miles
  • 09m 20s /Mi

brick from home
8 strides ?

  • 10m

run drills

Well, that was the worst.  My teammate Bill has a ate the bear or the bear at you.  Today the bear feasted on Trish.   Absolutely no motivation on this ride at all.  Barely made my numbers in the sets.  Stopped 2 times in the 20' set and literally almost unclipped and went running.  Seriously...this sucked.  The only sunshine is that I actually pulled those numbers out of my ass getting the prescribed work in and I didn't quit.  Thats it!

The brick run however, was awesome.  I just was pissed and grumpy about the ride, and started to turn my legs (which felt fine) over and life got better with every single step.  Good music on the ipod, sun and wind in my face (yes, chilly wind) and some strides made all right in the world.  What on earth is happening to me??? I'm not a damn runner, I'm a damn biker!  It's George Kastanza Backwords World around here! But I feel good now, so I'll take it. 

Really really really hoping my sister can run with me tomorrow.  This training alone shit is getting OLD!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8
  • 40m
  • 1750.00 meters
  • 02m 17s /100 meters

3x500 w/ 1' rest focus on hip roll and finish (10:28,10:24,10:23)
200 pull
50 cd

  • 1h 00m

assisted pull ups, short core x2, med ball, squats, squats on bosu, biceps, tris, lats, (all free wts) pushups (LAME) hip homework, myrtles

May have done too much upstairs.  Glutes were pretty tired when I went down to swim.  Swim times are meh.  Not as horrible as expected, but nothing snappy either.  I was able to focus pretty well on the first 2 500's, but got flat in the water a bit in the last one.  I did "feel"  the zoom I've been working on with my finish, quite a bit in the second 500.  Now to just get it going to oh, say 1500 meters to start! Two months till my first tri...time to get back in the fishy groove.  Used my headphones and that made it not so horrible.  The pool deck was swamped with short people what with school being out.  Lots of noise and kids in the bubble tub.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 8

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