• 53m 30s
  • 2300.00 meters
  • 02m 20s /100 meters

200 wu with drills
8x100 50fast/50 easy 15" ri
3x200 neg split 20" ri
2x300 last 100 tpace 30" ri
100 cd

swim was fun, saw Cath, Bob and Kate.  Much fun.  Then lots of stress and NOT MUCH FUN.  I HATE when life sucks all the relaxation and endorphins out of a nice workout.  HATE IT.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 9
  • 1h 30m 20s
  • 9.75 miles
  • 09m 16s /Mi

25 wu
2x1 at z4, 4' z1
2x.5 at z4, 2' ar
rest to time z1/2

Met Cathleen at Stony.  She made me promise to run the nature center portion of the trail with her....I've been too chicken as there are a couple hills that are tough on the bike, and well, I'm a baby! :)  So, that just happened to be where we did the mile repeats.  The first one was spot on my pace.  I was pleased as it's usually my slowest and there was a hill involved!  The second one had the steeper incline, and Cath helped me with my cadence during it, and I ended up running it a bit faster. Whoo Hoo!  The .5 mile repeats were fast too.  I felt quite good after yesterdays chilly arsed ride.  The wind was up quite a bit (lil whitecaps on the lake!!!) and it made the last couple miles a challenge, but not horrible.  Cath finished out her run, I split, got cleaned up and headed to lunch at my sisters for a great day.  The boys got me flowers and tea, and I made a delayed Mothers day date with Kaity.  Finished the night at Jo's with wine and Ryan Reynolds.  Perfect end to a great day!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.25
  • 2h 26m 07s
  • 46.86 miles
  • 19.24 Mi/hr

20' wu
2x15 ftp 4' z1
8x 1/1 vo2/z1
1:10 z3
rest to time cd

Rode with Joe, Greg, Pat, Mike and Tim at Stony.  Pat was doing a RR (the poor bugger started at 6am in 39 degrees!) We met at 8 and man was it windy and cold!  Oy!  I'm glad I went early though, cause it just didn't warm up.  Joe rode my threshold with me, then he went back for Greg and after the vo2  and half of the tempo, I caught up with Pat, Mike and Tim.  I finished with Mike and Tim...they gave me choco milk and gatorade...such good dads!  :)  I was just sort of standing there cold....I must have looked like a lost puppy!  I felt fine other than the fact that I couldn't feel my toes!  The guys took off and I got changed to pop over to the MTB trail as I knew some teammates were racing.  I hung out for about an hour then headed home.  

Dave and I decided to do dinner out and a movie.  I pulled a "kate"...compression tights and heels. :)  We had a nice time out together.  Ate too much once again, but still a fun night. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6.25
  • 50m 29s
  • 2300.00 meters
  • 02m 11s /100 meters

200 wu
5x400 at rp 30" ri
100 cd

  • 45m 06s
  • 4.75 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

z1 easy with 6x20" strides on the TM at LTF

  • 45m

Bosu squats, back extensions, bis, tris, lats, roman chair, core circut

Swam first...no cramps today damn it!  Calf is still tender to the touch from those buggers on Wednesday!  Was a tad more consistent over the set today.  Not any faster mind you, just a bit less slow at the end. :)  Ran indoors since I rarely run z1 out side.  Figured I could set the mill to the slower pace, but a bit of fat for a change and be a good girl. :)  Played after running with weights a bit.  FUN! 

  • 1h 02m 40s
  • 19.89 miles
  • 19.04 Mi/hr

20 wu
8x 1/1 vo2,z1
15 z3
rest to time cd

Low wind and sunny!  Whoo Hoo!  Got bogged down at home, rushed to the park, got my ride in, showered at the beach and hit my appointment right on time.  Good to know I don't have to go to LTF post ride if I want to shower post ride anymore.  :)  Of course, the beach showers don't have the bubble tub. :)

  • 1h 02m 31s
  • 6.80 miles
  • 09m 11s /Mi

20' wu with strides
2x1 at z4' 4' z1
2x.5 at z4, 2' z1
rest to time z1/2

  • 54m 29s
  • 2450.00 meters
  • 02m 13s /100 meters

300 wu w/ shark drill
5x400 at race pace, 30" ri
(crap crap crap total crap, crapiest!)
100 cd

ran from home along livernois before swimming.  Run went well, although I felt heavy in the legs in the warm up.  I had about enough time for a snack and a drink before heading to meet Cathleen at LTF.  Much gabbing, then we swam.  And I got some bitching calf cramps in the 4th and 5th set.  Bad enough for the life guard to get up and walk the deck to check on me.  Damn.  I don't miss calf cramps!  Pretty much stayed consistent the first three sets, but at the beginning of the 4th I knew I was fading, then the cramp.  Nice.  Work to be done in the pool for sure. Sigh.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Hours slept: 6.75
  • 1h 05m 40s
  • 19.61 miles
  • 17.92 Mi/hr

15 wu
3x1/1' z4,z1
8x1/1 z5,z1
20 z3
rest cd

  • 47m 33s
  • 4.63 miles
  • 10m 16s /Mi

1.6 wu
6x50" hill repeat w/ sprint at end, ri downhill
1.5 cd

  • 10m

run drills post hills

late start to the day and I was crabby, but the bike fixes everything. :)  Forgot my socks for the run, and feet felt fine.  Hill was more of a slope, but I was working at the end hard at the end of every interval.  Ill take it for today!

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