• 44m 29s
  • 13.44 miles
  • 18.12 Mi/hr

felt really good on Fiona. Miss her! Had to wipe dirt, dust, dog hair and whatnot from her wheels and frame. Long time since I rode her...maybe since IMWI? PT battery was dead so no power, just hr and speed. Enjoyed being in my fav park!

just a few harder efforts after a warm up.

  • 40m 28s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 10m 05s /Mi

sockless brick post bike. 8 strides. Love Indian Springs! Colors are really starting to change and lots of leaves on the ground. Love this time of year!

  • 45m

foundation training. Looks so simple and isn't!

Craftsman tops have arrived, but no info on stone bases. Called and unfortunately they ship from Miami, so big delays. Fingers crossed we can get our product on its way early next week. The company will credit me the 8% rush fee we paid and still rush the order when it is ready. Bummed as I had hoped to get the bases in first. The tops arrived a week early. Bah! Contractors are supposed to be back tomorrow to (please baby jesus) finish once and for all. Lets just say I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Woke up with a horrible calf cramp. Was way underfed and dehydrated yesterday. Headache most of the day. Not my norm, being underfed thats for sure. :D

Celebration dinner tonight with T, Y and Sister. Should be fun to finally get together with the girls. Only been trying since last November.

  • 55m 26s
  • 5.27 miles
  • 10m 31s /Mi

finally just ran. Hit up the trail and loved every second. I always feel better post trail time! So needed to just do it!

Still not wanting to run. WTF?

Contractors were here early and left before finishing. AGAIN. Made it to the farmers market. All the produce is cleaned and prepped. Now about that run.

no excuse....should have trotted and lifted. Did have to deal with bullshit waiting around for the contractor who of course did not come. Getting seriously pissed about this. Got laundry done and spent the evening talking to the girl about her life stresses. cave for double header MNF.
walked twice on the beach, about 5 miles total. Beautiful! Slept like absolute shit last night though. Got maybe 4 hours? Maybe?

Wedding was perfect, enjoyed sharing it all with the family. Some stresses of course and no sleep due to said stresses. Some things I just don't know how to fix and it frustrates the hell out of me. Never easy this parenting gig.

Had a nice morning with the family in the rental house before all left for home. We stayed and watched the Lions game which thankfully ended in a win. Junk food on the way home and clean up/unpacking when we got here. Dave hit the man cave for more football. Too tired to swing my leg over the bike in the basement.
  • 42m 45s
  • 4.51 miles
  • 09m 29s /Mi

along blue star highway. beautiful!!!

  • Device Upload
  • 56m

2.5 mile walk on the shore. beautiful day in Western MI!

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.50 miles
  • 17.50 Mi/hr

zwift watopia. nice sweat. legs felt pretty good considering long run yesterday and total crap sleep last night.

house is half painted, contractors were a no show again (grrr) and will *come monday at the latest*. All packed and ready to go to the west side for wedding fun! YAY. Another wonderful woman will be in the family come Saturday! :D

  • 2h 39m 46s
  • 16.00 miles
  • 09m 59s /Mi

Indian Springs
5 z1
3 z2-ish
3 z3-ish
rest to time z1+ with last mile push.
chafed. :( Wardrobe change at mile 8 (long sleeve to short. was cool and windy at start!, and coolish and windy at finish!)
hr was kind of high for paces so while the plan called for th last two miles I knew that was not going to happen, so I decided to run steady with less walk breaks most of this run. Also tried to drink every 2 miles vs every 1 like IM training as there will not be aid every mile. Kinda bummed that hr was still so high with the cooler temps. It is so much lower indoors. Weird.

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