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  • 55m

LEG DAY! Was fun and tough. Getting a bit stronger and a bit less wobbly. I'll take it!

  • 1h 02m

steady state cardio. One station had my hr up very high. Arms and chest are SORE!

bought a dress for the it on sale too. Not happy about the size, but whatever. Its looks nice and its going to have to do. Got a new bathing suit (no, those don't fit me either) too. Makes my boobs look good. Daves gonna love it lololol.

  • 51m

arm day. ow

  • Golf
  • 2h 00m

OMG! Had a lesson last Thursday and golfed like total crap trying to implement the changes he wants me to make. Oh well, it was at Pine Knob on the Eagle course. It's so beautiful there, so at least there was that lol.

  • 1h 38m 22s
  • 28.36 miles
  • 17.30 Mi/hr

3 laps chasing Bobby. Man, his bike is back! Was super windy once again. Viva la Stony!

Run #1
  • 33m 54s
  • 1.07 miles
  • 31m 41s /Mi

walk with Bob. His heel spurs were grumpy right away so we walked.

Run #2
  • 28m 02s
  • 2.60 miles
  • 10m 47s /Mi

Ran after hitting golf balls (very poorly booo) just cause I had my mind set on a run. More activity than I've had in one day in quite a while!

  • 54m

  • 28m 12s
  • 2.61 miles
  • 10m 49s /Mi

to m-59 snf home very windy and hot. Post golf lesson and hitting balls. Was a bit thirsty!

  • 19m

in the basement-weighted squats, bis/tris/ shoulder presses, lunges

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