• 20m 46s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 06m 55s /Mi

About 37F and sunny. Breezy from SE. Not an overally hard run, jsut recovery becuase yesterday i felt like crap and tomorrow i'd like to go longer. Simple route, first mile 6:59 and last mile (wind at back) was 6:35 (might be a touch short). Flet ok, jsut a bit sluggish. I don't think i couldv'e done 5M today or even raced a hard 5K.

  • 23m 19s
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 02m 20s /100 yards

Flet like a plow going through water. Even the first 50-100 yds, was a struggle. Tried to relax and work through it, but wasn't happening. Stopped at 700 to check time/distance (hit watch wrong once) I knew that 1000 was my limit, should've settled for 800 and the run.

204/211/215/222 - 8:54
221/222/228/224 - 9:48

  • 23m 19s
  • 3.35 miles
  • 06m 58s /Mi

felt really sluggish. Whole day i felt lousy. Jsut decided on run 7 pace and look ahead to the weekend

My day off today - i drove to chicago to melissa and andy.  Ate lunch at oasis (taco bell and chicago hot dog) afternoon fell a sleep watching some StarWars movie.  Jsut had no energy, but decided to workout tontie becuase i missed last 2 days for various reasons.   I knew when i started the swim, it was a struggle.  I hoped for more on the run, but even that was rough.  Felt like a 1 Mile choppy open water swim followed by 5K run to transisiton through the sand.   This weekend, should be warmer and sunny, looking to get outside for some runs.  Next week is vacation, temps right now look like maybe mid-50's, i think i'll try to get in some road biking

    • 35m 30s
    • 5.25 miles
    • 06m 46s /Mi

    Treadmill run, started easy picked up pace, planned on swimming so I didn't want to go to hard, felt great, so i went a bit harder than planned. Need to back off next cpl days

    • 27m 50s
    • 1200.00 yards
    • 02m 19s /100 yards

    Swam after my run. First time i've done something like that. Not sure waht to expect so my plan was 800. The first 100 was fast - i was still somewhat manic from run and changing. I slowed down to more reasonable pace. I felt good at 800, so i went until my form fell apart and i struggled too much.

    158/211/217/221 - 8:49
    224/225/220/220 - 9:31
    220/222/224/223 - 9:30

    Run #1
    • 43m 09s
    • 6.50 miles
    • 06m 38s /Mi

    Hard wrokout today - i felt bad cuz I was lazy yesterday. Every other mile was incline, starting at .5 and increaing to next level every 1/4 mile this was at 8.7, 8.8 and 8.9 pace, the falts were at least 9.1mph. Felt really good. time passed by fast.

    Run #2
    • 10m
    • 1.50 miles
    • 06m 40s /Mi

    after my workout, i felt i hadn't had enough, so i jumped on treadmill again for 10 min. I fetl decent, so i pushed the pace a little faster than i had planned. In all it was a GREAT workout today. Now i feel better about missing yesterday

    • 30m

    bench press and upper body machines plus some dips and dumbbell work.

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