• 1h 31m 43s
  • 13.11 miles
  • 07m /Mi

Official time

It's Heeerrre! :) :)

  • Commuter Cycling
  • 20m

To work

So last night I passed a girl on the path running. The back of her shirt said, "We will gain your affections with our erections" and there was a picture of a crane on it. I so wanted to look at the front and see what company came up with that clever slogan, but I was afraid that she would think I was checking her out. I was, but I don't like to be that obvious about it Instead I laughed and went on my way.

Race tomorrow. Weather is not looking as good as it did earlier in the week. 60 degrees at start time, which is great, but a 50% chance of rain starting in late tonight and all through tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that we stay dry.

'09 Commuter miles: 108

  • 38m 22s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 07m 40s /Mi

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy

  • 54m
  • 2650.00 yards
  • 02m 02s /100 yards

wu: 100 free, 50 kick
ms: 50X50 @ 1:00

Fast lane was doing 50s @ 0:50 - that would have killed me. 1 min was too easy. Should've gone at 0:55

  • Commuter Cycling
  • 40m

to work and tri class

2 days. 2 days. 2 days!!!!

If you can't tell I may be getting a little excited for Saturday. Race morning temps look to be in the upper 50s/ mid 60s which is insane for an April morning. Hoping the rain holds off though.

Long day at work ahead though. I left early to get in the ride yesterday. If anything I should have stayed later to get some things done. Oh well, totally worth it.

'09 Commuter Bike miles: 104

  • 2h 56m 01s
  • 57.20 miles
  • 19.50 Mi/hr

Out: 1:28:39
Back: 1:27:22

  • Commuter Cycling
  • 20m

to work

Okay, I am excited for tonight's ride. 70's and minimal wind. Oh and sun. Can't beat that. The plan is to duck out of work a little early and since Friday is a rest day I don't mind working a little late then.

'09 Commuter Miles: 96

  • 1h 10m
  • 23.08 miles
  • 19.78 Mi/hr

Steady 25mph wind with gusts up to 45 kept me in on the drainer

  • 40m

Core, arms, and schtuff

  • Commuter Cycling
  • 20m

to work

Last night on my way home from the gym I ran into this at a stoplight:

She knocked on my window and informed me that she was giving away free pizza slices from the local pizza joint. Hungry triathlete? Free pizza? You betcha!

'09 Commuter Miles: 92

  • 51m 24s
  • 6.92 miles
  • 07m 26s /Mi

7 X 0.5 mi @ Saturday's race pace

  • 48m
  • 2400.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

200 wu
500 (25 hard, 25 easy)
5X100 @ 1:45
500 (25 hard, 25 easy)
5X100 @ 1:45
200 cd

Two confessions to make on this lovely Monday morning. I did not ride in to work today. Its nice enough, 40 degrees, but I was feeling lazy. I will also drive to the gym to swim to save some time. I will bike commute the rest of the week I promise.

Secondly, I shaved my legs for the first time last night. Yes, you heard that right. I am now that triathlete. I'll have to admit it actually feels kind of good. Satin bedsheets, smooth legs, what a combo ;)

  • 1h 13m
  • 3600.00 yards
  • 02m 02s /100 yards

300 wu
300 cd

  • 2h 02m 38s
  • 33.20 miles
  • 16.24 Mi/hr

Out: 1:14:16
Back 48:22

Scary, unfun ride. Cut it way short after nearly getting blown over several times

Oh thank goodness the weather is actually going to cooperate with me for the long ride today. No rain till late afternoon. Still gonna be windy as hell, but what else is new. Oh and cold. I was really getting used to 60 and 70 :(

And I'm trying out the new speedplay pedals today. We'll see how that goes.

Off to the pool first though. Man, that recovery week went quick

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