• 40m

Set 1: 3 min
A) Seated Tuck Jump x2 every 20s

Set 2: 3 rounds/side for time - 9:48 - 45#KB rd 1, 35# KB rd 2&3
A) Power Clean x5
B) Split Jerk x10
C) Front rack split squat x15

Set 3: 3 min
A) Power Step Broad Jump x2 every 20s - Best distance = 92"

Set 4: Descending Ladder for time: 4:14
A) Plyo clap pushups x10,8....2
B) Feet Elevated Recline Rows x10,8....2
C) KB Russian swings w/ 65# KB x10,8....2

Bonus: 5 min AMRAP - 12 rds even - w/ dbl 35# KBs
A) Snatch x1
B) High Pull x1
C) Clean x1
D) Push Press x1
E) Front rack squat x1

I really wanted to start running again but when I'm not acclimated I'm kind of a cold weather wuss. In the middle of a nasty cold snap, Monday's projected high is -7. Supposed to be 30s by the end of next week so I'm thinking that will be a good time to start.

  • 40m

Set 1: EMOTM x6 min
A) Double KB squat clean + thruster x5 - w/ 35# KBs

Set 2: 6 min AMRAP - 5 rds even
A) HSPU x3
B) Double KB front rack drop lunge x6/leg - w/ 35# KBs

Set 3: For time - finished in 9:48
Every minute do
A) 10 sitouts, then
B) SA KB Power Snatch alternating arms the rest of the minute - 45# KB
Set is over at 100 total snatches

Bonus Friday Finisher - 10 minute AMRAP - 3 rds + A&B
A) KB Manmaker burpees w/ 35# KBs x5
B) Squat jumps x5
C) Pull ups x5
D) Toes to Bar x5
E) American Swings x5 w/ 45# KB
F) Bear Crawl x30 yds

Crazy fun workout today. That snatch set was a killer! 6 weeks ago just getting a couple of snatches with that weight was tough. Super happy with that progress.

I'm now convinced my Christmas day sickness was sugar related. Today is my cheat day so I allowed myself a donut at break this morning. My stomach was angry for a couple of hours afterward! No more sweets, but I sure did hammer down a large amount of sushi and egg rolls for dinner tonight

  • Stretching
  • 20m

Stretching, foam rolling, mobility work

Weird day at work today. They shut down production for year end inventory stuff so most of the plant was gone. It felt like coming to work on a Sunday with it that empty. Nice to be able to work uninterrupted for an entire day though

  • 40m

Set 1: 12 minute AMRAP - 7 rds even
A)Double KB snatch x5 w/ 35# KBs
B)Pistol Squat x5/leg
C)Split stance alternating KB rows x10/side w/ 35# KBs

Set 2: 10 minute AMRAP ladder
A)KB wide stance sumo deadlift w/ 80# KB x20, 15, 10, 5, 10, 15
B)Wall walks x2, 3, 4, 5, 4
1st time doing wall walks. Awesome exercise

Set 3:
A) Double KB squat cleans w/ 35# KBs x3 every minute
B) Burpees for the rest of the minute up to 100 total
This got tough in a hurry! Took me exactly 10 rds to get to 100

Loving the new training block so far. 1st 2 workouts have been fun!

  • 40m

Set 1: 3 rounds 50s work, 10s rest
A)Double KB clean and press w/ 35#s - 12/9/8
B)Spiderman Pushups on KBs - 23/18/16
C)Bulgarian Split Squat w/ front racked 45# KB R - 12/13/11
D)Bulgarian Split Squat w/ front racked 45# KB L - 14/12/12
E)Suspended plank w/ double knee tucks - 25/26/28

Set 2: 12 round 20/10 tabata
A) Bottom 1/2 burpee 8/8/7/7/7/7
B) Sit outs 15/15/15/15/16/16

Set 3: 2 rounds
A) SA KB Farmer walk w/ 65# + SA KB OH walk w/ 35# x ~80ft each side
B) 15 bottom 1/2 burpees
C) Plank, max time: 1:08, 1:17 disappointed with those times

  • Stretching
  • 20m

Stretching, foam rolling, mobility work

Not much going on today. Looking forward to the first Friday of the week tomorrow

Well the vacation is winding down. Great to have a week off work to recharge a bit. Taking a couple of rest days today and tomorrow before starting a new block of training with the GBB program. Should be good and ready to go come Tuesday!

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