• 30m

Set 1: UBB building block day 5: 2 rds, for time - 17:33
A) BB Squat Clean @ 95 x5
B) Burpee x10
C) BB Hang Squat Clean @ 95 x5
D) Burpee broad jump x10
E) BB Power Clean @ 95 x5
F) Burpee over barbell x10
G) BB Hang Power Clean @ 95 x5
H) Burpee + tuck jump x10

Set 2: 4 rds, for time - 9:05
A) Box jump @ 24" x4
B) BB Squat Clean @ 115 x2
C) KB Power Snatch w/ 53# KB x 7/arm

Rolled back into town late last night.  Nice to get back into the routine this morning. Quick four minute "wake up" workout. Now I'm off to the grocery store since my fridge is bare!

It was a long week of data collecting at work.  10-12 hour days of running the same test over and over and over.  But I did have the chance to meet a lot of people and I had lunch with the head of R&D and the head of the Product Planning group (the group that decides what R&D works on). They both are very interested in getting me out there because there are just a ton of projects coming through the pipeline and they are very much understaffed.  It would just be a matter of getting my position backfilled in Ames.  They suggested a summer timeframe, but like before I'll believe it when I see something official.  I can remember when I was told by the end of fall last year....

  • 30m

Set 1: Descending Ladder
A) Triple stop pushup x8....1
B) Sumo Squats x8....1
C) Outside Mt. Climber x8....1

Set 2: 2 rds, 30s ea movement
A) 1 leg glute bridge
B) 1 leg glute bridge (other side)
C) Switch Pushups
D) Switch Pushups (other side)
E) Bodysaw
F) High knees
G) T Pushup
H) Wall squat x60s

Set 3: 4 rds, 20/10 work/rest
A) Prisoner Squat
B) 1 1/2 rep pushup

Set 4: 3 rds, 20/10 work/rest
A) Reverse Lunge + knee up
B) Plank

Set 5: 3 rds
A) BW squats x 20s
B) BW squat hold x10s

  • Stretching
  • 30m

SMR, AIS, Mobility work

Unintended rest day today. Every few weeks the sound on my phone decides to stop working and I have to shut it off then the back on to bring it back. It just happened to cut out today so the alarm never went off this morning. Woke up in time to get to work but no workout this morning

  • 30m

Set 1: 3 rds
A) Prisoner squat jump x10
B) Triple stop pushup x12
C) Crossover lunge x12

Set 2: 3 rds
A) SL RDL x6/side
B) Close grip pushup x20
C) Squat jumps x20

Set 3: 3 rds
A) Spiderman climb x10/side
B) Bicycles x10/side
C) Bodysaw x15

Set 4: 5:00 AMRAP
A) Burpee + spiderman pushup x3
B) jumping jacks x10
C) Burpee + x-body Mt climber x3

Another early morning hotel room workout. Unfortunately been working till 6 so no time to get out and enjoy the mountains

  • 30m

Set 1: match set - 1st exercise sets the reps for each movement - 4 rds total
A) Pushups - 30, 21, 20, 15
B) Squat jumps
C) Leg raise to hip up
D) burpees

Set 2: 5:00 AMRAP - finished 3 rds
A) walkout to x-body Mt climber x3
B) burpee x6
C) Prisoner Squat x9
D) Shuttle sprint x12

Weird schedule this week. Got go sleep in till 6 and still had time to knock this out before work

  • Cardio
  • 11m 08s

Went to the park and knocked this out before heading to the airport:

10 rounds
A) 50 yard sprint
B) Explosive close grip to wide grip pushups x10,9,8....1
C) Squat jumps x10,9,8....1
D) Burpee x10,9,8....1
+ 1 more 50 yard sprint to top it off

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